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    How to be a stylish winter bride!

    How to be a stylish winter bride!

    It’s true that not that many  squeeze to make wedding winter, but I firmly believe that those who do not respect the season as to organize this important event in life is love hard, first, and are lovers of nature , Secondly. I say this thinking of the bridal veil over cap and skis standing, who has cheeks flushed not by a blush, but happiness and cold on the mountain where she met him and who have now returned together and  tell each other the most sincere “yes”. Remember now that winter does not pass without at least a story about a couple who climb a mountain peak or ridge to marry?

    You like simple and elegant things? First advice, dont choose this type of wedding dress.

    Choose a decorated heavy taffeta wedding dress, full with lace and stone that imitated the ice!

    Well, winter wedding can happen even to the mountain or the city. You will be special anyway because, as I said, there are not many who makes wedding in winter. Dear Winter Bride, here’s what I give ideas to be stylish and at the same time to prevent freezing cold.

    A dress with long sleeves can be more sexy than a corset, especially if you have very low-cut back. This year is the goal shoulders sight. If you can not detach from this thought, I suggest a long dress, slip type, fluid, with fine straps that to dress with the most ostentatious fur. You will make furor. For more brides are no longer worn only white and only dress. If you do not have a mother and a very conservative mother, to whose opinions hold very hard and above all you like and tie idea, why not wear a costume inspired male, just white? The type pants with a stripe of satin tuxedo black. You will be very stylish, especially if you choose to wear only a bra on under the jacket of the finest lace to be seen here and there. Instead costume, you could opt for a sexy jumpsuit. You will be a unique wedding that play louder than anyone in her wedding because you have complete freedom of movement.

    If you’ve got your eye on a dress in which you afraid that you will be cold to warm you up and give a look stylish your outfit, I recommend you put over a leather jacket motorbike, one of jeans, a jacket or a sweater oversized pendant. Fur Bolero are so predictable, why not try something else?

    But for the one who are classic, here are a few ideas:

     French lace long sleeves sexy wedding dress

    Long sleeve special lace sexy wedding dress

    Modern long sleeve backless sexy wedding dress

    French chic long sleeve sexy wedding dress

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    Auf der schiefen Bahn hat man einfach viel mehr Spass. Das finden auch die Designer und nehmen”s mit der Ausgeglichenheit bei ihren Kreationen nich so genau. Angesagt ist der asymmetrischen Lagen -look inklusive 3 D Effekt. Damit ist warm hält, gern in Materialien wie Wolle, Samt und mehrlagiger Seide.

    Die Klamotten sind zwar cool, aber auch feminin und verspielt. Leicht und mädchenhaft trifft  seide und baumwolle- das is sexy Mode mit Attitude.


    Ralph Lauren

    Prabal Gurung

    Transparent game dress

    Gloria Agostina

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    Special Valentine’s Day outfits pros and cons

    Special Valentine’s Day outfits pros and cons

    What attitude can you get toward Valentine’s Day, celebration recognized in our country and the name of Valentine’s Day? Well, first of all, could you like and wait anxiously romantic date with your lover, for which you will spend at least four hours to prepare with clothes, makeup and hairstyle all this special day. As Valentine’s Day comes every year surely, we could be held up ideas on which we have already agreed that they must be first of all species. From here we go straight to trends, because they so different as from one season to another, will help you choose the best combination of clothing for Valentine’s Day.

    Choose an oversized pink coat. Beneath it you these 5 different outfits for Valentine’s Day present: 1. red leather skirt and a white top cut, waist sight. 2. loose red trousers and a burgundy silk shirt. 3. A dress velvet slip glossy type and a band of lace at the bottom. 4. camel skirt with feathers and a red backless sweater. 5. A red dress molded to mid ankle length.

    In your feet, a pair of sexy stilettos, irresistible scent on the wrists, a nice dinner and I guarantee it will take very little compared to what was to follow.

    If Valentine’s Day its indifferent to you, I cure you, but if you loathe this celebration to the bone, you assume the role of bad girl and protesting against unbearable dose of “sugerness”. Black is the opposite of red and you abused him as you put up to protest. Start with a black pencil around the eyes and continues with:

    - A dress with high collar and long to the ground. On Valentine’s Day, many girls will show much skin, you hide it all.

    - A pair of leather pants and a black shirt in silk. Yeah, you have to open a few buttons to your shirt, you have no choice :)

    No matter what country you are in, please have fun! Even if Valentine says its only for the girls… dont forget that the first big day of your life!

    Try this special dessous for Valentines day..for the night that comes after dinner!

     Surprise sexy gift bow

    Valentine's day babydoll

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    Summer salat

    Summer salat

    I forget how much I like Israeli couscous. It’s airy, toasty, and kind of fun. Perfect for summer. This roasted pasta is shaped like little balls and popular with kids in Israel where it’s called ptitim, we know it here as Israeli couscous. It makes a pasta salad that’s light and not too pasta-y. Vegetables are the star, but the couscous makes it into a meal. A beautiful colorful healthy meal for a hot summer day…

    Chunky Lemon Basil Dressing

    • 5 lemon slices – 1/4″ thick, seeds removed
    • 1 c. basil leaves, loosely packed
    • olive oil
    • salt and pepper

    Chop lemon and basil in a food processor. Stream in oil until it reaches a chunky dressing consistency. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Serve at room temperature.

    Cook Israeli couscous according to package instructions.

    Boil an ear of corn for 5 minutes, let cool to room temperature, then shuck the kernels keeping them somewhat intact.

    Peel zucchini into ribbons with a vegetable peeler. Blanch in boiling water for 15 seconds, drain, bring to room temp.

    Toss thinly sliced shallot, sliced jalapeño, and halved cherry tomatoes with the chunky lemon basil dressing.

    To assemble: spoon couscous over a platter. Arrange wedges of heirloom tomato and corn around the couscous. Mound the zucchini ribbons in the center. Generously ladle the chunky dressing over the zucchini. Garnish with lemon wheel, basil sprig, and fresh chopped chervil. Hello!


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    A little red makes your day more beautiful!

    A little red makes your day more beautiful!

    Cold weather and dark days have affected your mood and appetite for life. Fashion is one that comes with the solution in this time!

    Try to do a little infusion of red in your outfits. From accessories and intensely colored prints or any other detail that attracts attention, makes you shine remembers passion for beautiful, red dose is welcome in your look.

    A red bag helps you to not take everything seriously and enjoying every moment more beautiful. This enhancement helps you stand out, but has no influence on how your figure is perceived. Choose a medium-size model, rigid structure with short handles. The versatility of this option is the main reason to invest in an expensive model.

    Any business wardrobe should include a jacket or a pencil skirt in intense shades of red. Even the most serious office outfit can look some sites transformed into a sophisticated color-coded.

    Combine a red jacket with a black long sleeves t-shirt, arched and shoulders accentuated to have the perfect mix between seriousness and seduction. Rate a minimalist red lipstick and accessories.

    Another success is the combination of denim and red in the same outfit. Reminiscent of American style and loosened teenagers, this combination fits weekend or if the dress code in the office allows, choose a darker shade of denim and color explosion fluid materials.

    Hats, scarves, gloves and, why not, the jewels are the details that can transform an outfit and make you look younger, energetic and positive.

    Any accessory in a shade of red should be of the highest quality because the color pigments highlight any imperfections.

    Female spring summer sexy OL high waist casual pleated ruffles plaid skirts cotton denim skirts plus size size  saias for women-inSkirts from Women's Clothing & Accessories on Aliexpress.com | Alibaba Group

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    Roksanda Ilincic

    Roksanda Ilincic

    Roksanda was born in Belgrad. First collection was shown in London 2005. Her distinctive style is using bold colors,  asymmetrie, playing with colors shapes and structures. The fresh yet young style can predict the future trends, but also being very pleasant for the eye. In general for the androgyne shape, she create also different coats with special colors and cuts.

    ROKSANDA designs are currently on display at the Women, Fashion, Power exhibit at the Design Museum.

    In November 2014, Roksanda Ilincic was named Business Women of the Year at the Harper’s Bazaar UK Women of the Year Awards

    Now she collaborate with big luxury brand website, and a few exhibition in major luxury stores. The first ROKSANDA store – a collaboration with architect David Adjaye - opened in June 2014 at 9 Mount Street in London’s Mayfair.

    The Brand has a The brand has a loyal VIP following, with recent appearances on Kate Middleton, Michelle Obama, Samantha Cameron, Cate Blanchett, Emily Blunt, Kristen Stewart, Amy Adamsand Keira Knightley.


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    Find the wedding dress shape that is right for your body. http://www.orlandomagazine.com/OrlandoWedding/January-2012/Whats-Your-Shape/:

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    Style superstar! Feather skirt for an extravagant look!

    Style superstar! Feather skirt for an extravagant look!

    I was always drew at atypical parts or made of unconventional materials or have been the biggest fan of character Carrie in the TV series Sex and the City!  Now you can enter in your wardrobe a track with which to express your personality, to stand out and look absolutely delicious. If the strength of your image are the feet, you have more advantage.

    The skirt of feathers and puff crazy is exactly the piece that sees you ever wearing it. Since we’re talking about a skirt that I wear only wear on special occasions, it can adapt all season.

    Search a mini model, which does not have very much volume and be in a shade that you can easily combine it.

    A complete palette of romance marked by Princess urban cool image that you are building material details.

    If you want to look stylish at the club on a night out, combine a feather skirt with a plain top and metallic accessories. The juxtaposition of shiny metal and fragile and delicate feathers is a stylistic choice that only the bravest dare to.

    Winter does not have to give up your favorite skirt; matt tights help you stay out of the cold and also to show interest.

    Another context in which a skirt of feathers may be the most inspired choice is the wedding. Whether you choose for a civil ceremony if you are the bride or a guest, you dance until dawn at the party, wearing a skirt so playful and feminine extravagance.

    For added contrast you can wear it with a jacket male, short and highly arched. Finally sandals with multiple straps and stiletto shoes are the most predictable options but you might as well wear a skirt of feathers micromini with a pair of rock boots with many zippers and metal details.

    So play with fashion and choose bold items!


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    John Galliano

    John Galliano is one of the Britains fashion heroes. Born in 1960 to a working class Gibraltan family, Galliano lived on the island until he left at the age of six for south London.

    But it was the young Carlos Antonio’s early life, with its religious ceremonies and sun-drenched culture, which has proved a constant inspiration for Galliano, stylistic eclecticism wedded to the Latin tradition of dressing up has become his signature.

    Having attended Wilson’s Grammar School for boys, Galliano won a place at Central Saint Martins, graduating in 1984. And it was that graduation collection- inspired by the French Revolution and titled “Les Incroyables” that was bought by John Burstein of Browns, catapulting the young designer into the spotlight. In 1990, after suffering a period notorious for problems with bakers and collections deemed “non commercial” because they dared to dream beyond the conventional. Galliano started to show in Paris, moving to the city in 1992.

    A champion of the romantic bias cut dress and the dramatic tailoring of 50s couture at a time when minimalism and grunge dominated fashion, it was announced in 1995 that Galliano would succeed Hubert de Givenchy at the dusty maison the couture. Two season later, and with an unprecetend four British Two season later, and with an unprecedented four British Designer of the Year awards under his belt, Galliano become creative director at Christian Dior, presenting his first collection for the Spring/Summer 1997 haute couture show. Since then, Galliano has financially and creatively revitalized the house, while continuing to design his own status of fashion royalty, who celebrated a decade at Christian Dior in 2007.

    Despite firmly cemented his place amongst Fashion Royalty, he regrettably hit the headlines for the wrong reason in 2011, when Dior announced that they suspended Galliano over alleged anti Semitic remarks in a Parisian bar.

    In July 2011 his close friend Kate Moss asked him to design her wedding dress for her marriage to Jamie Hince.



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    The most spectacular and profitable outlets in Europe

    The most spectacular and profitable outlets in Europe

    Cele mai spectaculoase şi avantajoase outleturi din Europa

    Outlet shopping centers are becoming increasingly present-n in major European capitals. It is impossible to go on vacation and do not take delight in the end with a well-deserved shopping session.

    Before you go to paradise reductions, you must have a budget in mind about. If you set limits, certainly you will not go home with an empty wallet.

    First of all, make a list of clothing items or accessories that are missing from your wardrobe. In this way you avoid impulse shopping and you will be limited to the parts that are a must-have for you.

    Think twice before you indulge labels announcing prices even 80% lower – it is likely to not need that thing, and his acquisition may be just a whim.

    View the photo gallery are the most spectacular and profitable outlets in Europe!

    Parndorf Designer Outlet este un loc foarte cunoscut pentru împătimiţii de shopping. Outletul este situat în apropierea autostrăzii care leagă Budapesta de Viena. Ţinând cont de faptul că dispune de aproximativ 150 magazine însumând 600 de branduri, dar şi spaţii de joacă pentru copii sau restaurante, acest outlet este o alternativă de luat în calcul atunci când vă gândiţi la sesiuni de shopping în afara ţării. Foto: www.burgenland.info

    Parndorf Designer Outlet is a place known for shopping kingdom. Outlet is located near the highway that links Budapest to Vienna. Considering the fact that it has 150 stores totaling approximately 600 brands, and playgrounds for children or restaurants, this outlet is an alternative to consider when you think about shopping sessions abroad.


    În capitala modei italiene, la Milano, Fidenza Village are oferte tentante pe toată perioada anului. Nu rataţi reducerile la branduri precum D&G, Valentino, Missoni sau Armani. Foto: www.madeinuvet.com

    The Italian fashion capital, Milan, Fidenza Village large tempting offers throughout the year. Do not miss discounts on brands like D & G, Valentino, Missoni and Armani.


    „La Roca Village” este un outlet celebru situat în Spania. Dacă se întâmplă să ajungi în Barcelona, nu trebuie să îl ratezi. Produsele sunt reduse până la 60%, iar retailerii spanioli vin cu oferte de nerefuzat. Foto: http://www.multivu.com
    „La Roca Village” is a famous outlet located in Spain. If you happen to get to Barcelona, you must not miss. Products are reduced to 60% and Spanish wine retailers with offers you can not refuse.
    Dacă vizitezi Florenţa, nu trebuie sa rateazi Prada Outlet Factory, locul unde luxuriantul nume Prada este mai accesibil fashionistelor datorită preţurilor reduse.Foto: samplesally.com
    If you visit Florence, you should not miss Prada Outlet Factory, where lush Prada name is more affordable due to lower prices for fashionistas.
    Roermond Outlet, situat în Olanda oferă produse foarte variate, de la haine până la genţi, accesorii, încălţăminte sau obiecte de design interior, cu reduceri cuprinse între 30 si 70%.Foto: www.southeasteye.org
    Outlet Roermond, located in the Netherlands offers varied products, from clothing to handbags, accessories, footwear or interior design items, with discounts between 30 and 70%.
    Vallee Village este un outlet exclusivist situat  în inima Parisului. Complexul satisface chiar şi cele mai pretenţioase gusturi: poţi găsi magazine de lux sau articole unicat semnate de designeri celebri.Foto: www.tonimikulka.com
    Vallee Village is an exclusive outlet located in the heart of Paris. Complex satisfy even the most demanding guests: you can find luxury shops and unique items signed by famous designers.


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