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    7 reasons that prevent loss weight

    A few tips that helps you to understand what are the reasons who prevent you loss weight:

    Why you cannot lose weight?

    Why you cannot lose weight?

    You quit smoking recently

    If you have recently quit smoking, then the chance of losing weight is zero. According to studies, one of three women who quit smoking get fat by 3-4 kg, and 10% of them over 10 kg. Nutritionists say that nicotine in cigarettes stimulates burning calories in the body. When you stop smoking, this burning is reduced by 200-300 kcal per day. So if you keep a diet, you quit smoking and yet don’t lose weight is to blame nicotine. The solution is to make moving day and wait several months for your body to break free from nicotine addiction.

    Excessive eating of salad

    Even if you its sound paradoxical, lettuce consumed in excessive amounts, can cause weight gain. Why? Because lettuce leaves themselves when they taste bland and are tempted to add more oil and salt, foods that have more calories and stimulates water retention. In addition, the absence of meat protein is not good for the figure cies because of fatigue and lead to a massive loss of muscle tissue.

    You drink plenty of light drinks

    If you always choose light drinks, believing that they are allied with your figure, you’re wrong. Of course they are preferable to the ordinary, but the best would be to not include them all in your menu. This is because more than 500 ml per day drink light stimulates the pancreas to secrete more insulin. This hormone slows down fat burning and increase appetite in the following hours. So if you want to lose weight, choose still or sparkling water with a slice of lemon.

    Your meals are hypo caloric

    If at breakfast or lunch you ate who knows what… is normal for the rest of the day to consume all kinds of snacks to get full. Biscuits, chocolate, cereal bars, each of these foods contain more calories, fat and carbohydrates than a regular lunch. The solution? Eat your full breakfast and lunch and choose a fruit or yogurt for snacks.

    You take hypotensive pills

    Beta blockers drugs for people with high blood pressure or other heart problems reduces the power consumption of the body, slowing down the weight loss process. If you follow such treatment, but your doctor may recommend foods that stimulate the burning of the body.

    You have entered menopause

    No, it is not a myth that menopause is always accompanied by weight problems. The two years preceding menopause and the two years following this process causes hormonal chaos. This causes a significant increase in appetite and water retention, which makes impossible any diet. Nutritionists advice? Although it seems to be very hard, closely monitor your diet menu and hold a full installation only after menopause, when hormonal balance processes.

    You have thyroid problems

    When functions are slow thyroid (hypothyroidism mention here), the body burns less calories, resulting in weight gain. Any diet you try, it will not work because the burning of the body is slowed. Only your endocrinologist may recommend treatment to help you. What are the signs of a thyroid problem? A constant feeling of cold, bowel problems, impaired concentration and memory.

    So if you keep tried a diet and didn’t work. See what’s going on with you. Gloria Agostina will also help you a little bit. We will place in the future delicious recipe of salads, to help you make your diet more delicious!

    So…don’t give up! :)

    A delicious salad recipe.



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    Black & white Minimalism

    Black & white Minimalism

    If you see the world (fashion) in black and white if you like cuttings architectural and structured materials such as leather, wool, silk crepe, gives volume skirts, slacks, casual, and dress thinners silueata proposed in this season designers and BCBG MAXAZRIA, Takoon, Proenza Schouler and Edun.

    Resist the temptation to join your outfit black & white shoes or other accessories in strong colors. This season, minimalism translates with keeping color consistency.


    You can choose a stylish white and black watch for your outfit .


    Or you can start a black & white minimalism outfit with this kind of dress.

    And if you want just a touch of this trend you can choose a corset that look like this .


    For a elegant , sexy and gorgeous style this kind of dress is just perfect .


    And this black and white bag can be the perfect touch for you minimalist outfit .

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    Most expensive shoe in the world

    Most expensive shoe in the world

    A high-heeled shoe, classic white, created by a famous designer, became the most expensive shoe (in the singular because it has no pair) in the world, having been covered in diamonds.

    The shoe, which seems detached from a fairytale, was covered by the highest quality diamonds and is worth 325,000 euros. ‘Diamond Shoe’ was created by designer Kathryn Wilson, from New Zealand, with Sarah Hutchings, the company Orsini Fine Jewellery.

    It took more than 50 hours to create exclusive shoe made of diamonds of 21.18 carats and lace.

    The creative process included a thorough job of attaching the shoe diamonds, one by one. Wilson and Hutchings explained that they wanted to create a shoe that symbolizes luxury and seem detached from Cinderella tale .

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    Swimsuit for your silhouette

    Swimsuit for your silhouette

    Has only just started to smell a bit of summer and we are with the thought of holiday. As though she could not leave it’s charming if you do not find a day to give away to the seaside or to enjoy the sun on the edge of a swimming pool.

    However, swimsuits can give us enough headaches because no matter how good they look in the window, sometimes not fits body all you do. Or it are crooked, you get a whale or coast knock your whole mood of the beach.

    Therefore, we have chosen for yourself swimsuits that suit you best. For a prominent bust, choose a swimsuit that support your breasts well and not be forced to pull the bra that will not slip. Also, it is recommended to have one full cups, there halves.



    If you want to give the impression of a bigger bust, bra swimsuit can be a push-up, but in this case you have to be very careful closing its methods. You can also opt for ruffles or floral patterns.



    If you are unhappy with your hips, choose swimsuits that elongate the silhouette. Avoid horizontal stripes or colors too light.



    If you’re a fan of swimwear from one piece, you can choose a swimsuit that you put in your body and you will shape your silhouette.



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    Hollywood sunglasses

    Hollywood sunglasses

    Every summer, we face the dilemma: what glasses to buy this season?

    We searched the coolest trends and we have asked ourselves the question: mirror, mirror , which are the most trendy sunglasses in the country?

    Amazingly, the question already contained the answer: glasses with mirror lens!

    If snow white would live in the 21st century, would definitely wear sunglasses aviator with colored frames and mirror lens.

    Therefore, only hesitate and go to purchase a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses, Police, Tommy Hilfiger or DG.

    Guaranteed you’ll look like Hollywood stars who have already adopted this trend: Katy Perry, Halle Berry or Mary-Kate Olsen.

    Have a sunny summer!

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    Pale yellow




    The trend: pale yellow

    Brighten up your outfits accesorries with a pale yellow . Color ear wheat fits both white and other pastel colors. You can wear an accessory to an outfit yellow single or in combination with a song with a bolder print, such as the floral.


    You can accessories your outfit with this great looking bag , very trendy and stylish .


    Also you can buy a great looking coat in pale yellow for a one of a kind style .

    Or for a sexy look you can have a gorgeous high heels shoes in this pale yellow for brighten up your look .

    You will surely find an article of clothing or an accessory in pale yellow that will make the world around  looking at you with admiration  and say that you look very good and stylish.

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    Natural vitamins from fruits


    What natural vitamins you can take from fruit ?

    Besides the delicious taste, the fruits are an important source of nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, fiber and water. Vitamins in fruits and other foods are essential for the proper functioning of the body, intervening in many vital processes. Our body cannot synthesize, isa, all 13 vitamins, except Vitamin D, as a result it is necessary that they be provided through food.

    • Liposolubile, which are soluble in fats, and in this category are part vitamins A, E, K (also, and vitamin D, but is not contained in fruits);

    •  water-soluble, which are soluble in water, and shall include the complex of B-changer and vitamin C.

    From fruits you can get : Vitamin A , E , K , the complex of B vitamins and vitamin C . It’s very important that the fruits to be very fresh and eat them as unprocessed, ideally eat them as is or in juices.

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    Perfumes that made history



    Perfumes that made history

    Released in 1921, Chanel No. 5 is one of the perfumes that have written history, but not the only one with a fascinating story behind, whose notes of jasmine and vanilla continue to remain among the most popular perfumes in the world. Among the spices that they wrote history and opium which belongs to the House of Yves Saint Laurent, Shalimar from Guerlain perfume or Le Vainqueur, created especially for Napoleon Bonaparte, in 1795.

    The word “perfume” comes from the Latin “per fumus”, which means “smoke” and that is because in ancient times people parfumau your hair, skin and clothing when passing through the smoke released by the burning various resins and oils. Origin perfume lower than in the course of time after 4,000 years even and it would seem that art preparation of perfume was born in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt.

     Chanel no. 5 , perfume of Marylin Monroe

    Released in 1921, Chanel No. 5 is, truly, a perfume who wrote history with notes of jasmine, rose and vanilla, one of the creations of which it says it will be adored by the ever-courageous women who know what they want and fight for the fulfillment of dreams.Chanel No. 5 is, by definition, symbol of femininity: An overpowering smell, beautiful, and the undefined, timeless pictures and mysterious, sophisticated, sleek and consoling. Attribute abstract of beauty, he relive the emotion, thrill that you release your skin heated by the hot summer sun or the silk touch of a nights hot.

    Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

    Since its launch in 1977, ‘Opium’ created controversy, especially as it was unveiled in a Chinese joint over New York. It is a strong fragrance, oriental names and outrageous flavors. A discrete spray ‘Opium’ notes scattered tangerine, plum, rose, myrrh, sandalwood and oppoponax.

    Shalimar, a tribute of eternal love

    Shalimar perfume is a tribute of love eternal, created in 1925 by perfumer Jacques Guerlain to celebrate the legendary love between Emperor Shah Jahan and his wife Mumtaz Mahal. Before becoming king, Prince Khurram met the beautiful Arjumand Banu and took her immediately to marry, changing its name to ‘Mumtaz Mahal’ which means ‘Jewel Palace’.It is one of the best-selling perfumes in the world, the magic that surrounds this creature is undeniable. The scent is one with oriental notes of lemon, bergamot, jasmine, vanilla, iris, musk and patchouli.



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    Ripped jeans


    It wears ripped jeans !

    At the beginning of each season, we convince more and more as fashion really knows no bounds. Trends that you thought was long gone, reborn, and the pieces of clothing that we would have ever imagined that we wear, get to become a must-have. Would you have thought 2 years ago as a fur coat will become one of the most popular items in winter? Or as shoes with pointed top classics and will take the place of stilettos pumps-with round muzzle and platform?

    Our tastes change as time goes by, and fashions change, bringing it into our stole the most unique item. After populating boyfriend jeans likely gates and you just at this time, it was inevitable that they don’t fall back in trends and ripped jeans.

    These jeans are not used look much considered ‘workers’ uniform’ and ripped jeans have become one of the most chic clothing items since last year. This season, ripped jeans mania grew and almost no fashionista wardrobe that does not have at least a pair of jeans as torn, either tapered or wide. And you want to invest in such a piece of clothing?

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    Olive oil for beauty miraculous effects


    Olive oil for beauty miraculous effects

    There are numerous creams and cosmetic remedies for skin and ready products are, indeed, convenient and easy to use. But the use of olive oil as such or in combination with other ingredients can make miracles! In fact, using both the glass olive oil soaps and herbal products and olive oil for skin care is as if you have the best of both “sides”.

    Olive oil has miraculous effects for your whole body, you can try to:

    • Hair soft and shiny. Olive oil rich in fatty acids can penetrate the hair cuticle, softening dry ones. Celebrity stylists and beauticians recommend to put a few drops of olive oil in your palm and rub until the skin begins to glow. Then massage your hair with oil from peaks.
    • Moisturizing skin. Apply every evening oil on the face, around the eyes and expression lines. You’ll see how the morning your skin will be softer and smoother.
    • Cleanser. If you wear powder eyeliner pencil, mascara and blush, as do the women to put their eyes out, surely you know how hard it is to get cleanser. A cleanser is easy to use in the kitchen cupboard! Apply a small amount of olive oil on a cotton pad and removing makeup around the eyes will be a breeze!
    • Softens elbows. It is commonplace to observe that the spring and summer of rough elbows. But why not watch all year aceastp ‘alligator’? So whether it’s time for the beach or just a dinner out, you’ll have one less concern regarding your physical appearance! Soften your elbows in a bowl of warm olive oil (you can heat in the microwave). Repeat the process as many times as necessary, and your elbows will be softer than ever!
    • Stretch Marks. Both women and men can face these small and depressing traces on the skin that appear on the abs , buttocks, hips, thighs or breasts. Although they appear most often on the abs , in the last months of pregnancy, they may be encountered and the persons who lose weight or lose muscle mass quickly. To remove these marks on the body, massage the area with olive oil at least twice a day and you’ll see that the results will not delay to appear!
    • Sexy legs. Because your legs become soft and fluffy, soak them first in a little vinegar, then massage them firmly with the olive oil. For a quicker effect, you can leave the oil to work overnight .

    Olive oil also can be used to do, which is not something new. Centuries ago, the Romans and Egyptians used olive oil for hydration during and after bathing in the tub.

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