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    Maxi dress fashionable in any season

    Maxi dress fashionable in any season

    There are some parts that are found in proposals and designer collections each season among these is the maxi dress.

    For the most iconic names in fashion such as Elie Saab and Valentino and to large retail chains, all I recommend a particular maxi dress.

    From textures and patterns and inspiration to cut, all these details make the difference between a trendy maxi dress and one obsolete.

    For winter that relies on colors and prints for the variety of sources of inspiration lets you play with figures.


    Absolute refinement is the maxi dress with long sleeves made of silk that are printed semitransparent stylized floral motifs. Preciousness of such pieces recommend for an evening really special, maybe even New Year’s Eve.

    A simple dress, which follows body line, black, will confirm the amount of time that allows you to wear it very often without seeming like you’re repeating. With accessories you can radically transform every outfit.

    And because we are in a season where designers have played with colors, you can always choose a maxi dress in shades of bluish most powerful cobalt and emerald green. Type of material they are made in the context that you require and you can wear them. Models cotton, jersey or knitted slim fit perfectly relaxed office or out on the town. For work, you can create a complete outfit or adding a simple cardigan jacket.

    If you prefer silk or very fluid materials then need to evening wear only on special occasions.

    For those who do not have a very enviable waist model is best suited empire. It can highlight the neckline and hide the less preferred areas.

    Those who have an impeccable silhouette, a long dress, perfect-fitting is one of the sexiest possible choices.

    The brave ones have the opportunity to try a very cool combination but also less common animal print maxi dress and a leather jacket with metallic details and cut rock. Such a combination will make you feel like a diva!


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    Sandals with fur a guilty pleasure

    Sandals with fur a guilty pleasure

    Whenever I saw a woman wearing a fur shoulders and feet heeled sandals, I was amazed necessarily in the best sense of the combination of seductive, provocative. I had occasion to wear, and I was amazed. I imagine Tom Ford women are fane of this mix. To understand what I mean, I entice you with a picture of Kate Moss.


    The effect is the same if not before sandals, you pulled your leg stockings, be they from the finest silk or lace, or socks.

    Returning to my guilty pleasure that is called sandals with fur, I must admit that it was triggered by Sergio Rossi Creative spectacular.


    Do not neglect the little that is seen in the photo and imagine how to continue outfit up. Leg pants, ironed creases are part of a deux-pieces whose top means a costume waist, sleeveless, very well-cut. The idea of continuing the costume pants and not yours? It should also go a plain black shirt or a silk blouse, but still simple. It is clear to everyone that we have a statement accessory and the rest we have to “master”, right?

    In addition these sandals with fur, for effect or drop dead gorgeous wow we are talking here, is a must to be some quality. Can you imagine what would be on the street if it would transform into a mass trend?  However, remain with some beautiful pictures in your head! Here are a few in the gallery!

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    How to wear bra in sight

    How to wear bra in sight

    To  know first of all, that you do not wear it after necessarily seasons. Even in winter, your bra, appeared shy under a stylish jacket, velvet, or as an oversized sweater can give your outfit a sexy note. But in summer you really can not pass up your preferences not show the wider world in terms of bras or not give him the opportunity to make even an idea, however small, in this regard. This summer is the best opportunity to showcase lace, net and your bra straps that transparencies are trendy and nobody can condemn you’re a bitch. If you write the fashion magazine that so worn, then it does not matter anything. May we kidding, of course – do not wear anything you do not like or is not you favor.

    If a totally transparent blouse, veil or tulle, it’s too much for you, stick to your classic T-shirt, low-cut, under wearing a black bra or an interesting print if you’re not convinced that goes under the white black. When wearing the shirt, open another button until you see your bra easily, especially after your wavy movements.

    For the most daring of us bra outfit full view, overshadowed only by the thin veil or a fine lace crop top, if all we relate to trends, it would be a “big deal”, but a current look cool summer alike. Other variants for fashion victims would be cut or backless dresses, overalls or bustierele sporty, all worn with matching bra underneath. I want you to say that Prada has made sensation this season bras worn over blouses, so you can choose your favorite outfit with bra in sight.

    For the most daring of us bra outfit full view, overshadowed only by the thin veil or a fine lace crop top, if all we relate to trends, it would be a “big deal”, but a current look cool summer alike. Other variants for fashion victims would be cut or backless dresses, overalls or tube bra sporty, all worn with matching bra underneath. I want you to say that Prada has made sensation last season bras worn over blouses, so you can choose your favorite outfit with bra in sight.



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    His shirt, your benefits

    His shirt, your benefits

    Before makes you think of what you can do with the new article of clothing in your wardrobe, enjoy a most rewarding time: a new garment for you by itself. Then read below to see how far it can go array of advantages.

    We’ll start with the functional and will conclude with one emotional:

    Dear lover shirt to go worn with almost any pair of pants in your wardrobe, including those breeches. Fully or partially put in trousers, tied at the waist or on the hips, front or rear, with sleeves rolled up immediately, the boyfriend shirt is most common in the combination.

    The same piece of clothing can implement and complete skirts and various models of your closet. It is true that a shirt of yours would go as matching schic the same?

    What you will say abour men’s shirt that can become a more than feminine dress ?!

    Discover extraordinary situations coupling between your lover shirt and pants, skirt and your body. It feels easy task remains only to twist threads souls of man and woman. Good luck!

    We  have not forgotten the emotional advantage, but I forgot it. :)
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    What to wear to the wedding in the summer of 2015

    What to wear to the wedding in the summer of 2015

    I know many people who make plans for summer weddings depending on who should participate and some, unfortunately, even give up vacations because they are obligations above all else. “Well they came also to our wedding” is very good explanation and if it is choosing them. Therefore I think that some recommendations of outfits for the wedding does not hurt.

    The first advice is: do not invest money in a dress that you have every chance to wear it once. The weddings that go you meet often with the same people because they belong to the same group of friends and do not like to be seen dressed as often.
    Second advice:  opting for versatile items that you can wear them subsequently held street or office. Last but not least, choose comfortable outfits in which to move freely and to dance as much as you want. If all give up vacations in favor of weddings, obligations, at least do everything possible you can have fun as much as them.
    I can not move further on, until you do a little warning related to matching partner. Rather than too studied, better not. If you are dressed in the same style both enough, do not bother too much because you can take the ridiculous exaggerations.
    This summer, that you attend a wedding as a guest, you could opt for a dress with thin straps, simple version or in all kinds of back links. Wear it with sandals or heels and strap pay on foot. A suitable accessory would be a fine wreath on your head. A navy blue lace dress, sleeveless, it will never go out of style. Choose one of a wedding to go and wear it with silver sandals. If everything is shiny textures gate this season, why not invest in a golden dress, right knee, short sleeve slightly wider, which sandals to wear with silver?

    An elegant overall is the ideal option to look stylish and feel comfortable at a wedding. The harder point its when you have to go to the toilet, but even not a test against which all others must pass a woman look good.

    Have a lot of fun!

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    Lace dress for daytime

    Lace dress for daytime

    Not long ago I was in Belgium I had the opportunity to touch some extremely beautiful lace patterns, that  fixed in my soul permanently this material. Yes, the Belgians are famous, among others, for the production of lace. They manufacture lace for wedding dresses, or production of silk, and like italians can have one of the best soft textile.

    When women like something, they do “magic” and manage to bring “the something” as much in their lives. So it was, most likely, with lace that something beautiful could not be carried only in evening to the most special occasions.

    Wear the  lace in the day, but keep in mind though my advice! Choose one day, something from  heavier lace, thicker, not the best quality, not the finest. The length is not important, but hte accessories are. Fewer, more discreet, better; we already have lace outfit that is the star.

    If it’s still summer, all white trend its on the rise and we like lace, I chose 3 lace dresses, just to make you desire….. Have a look!


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    Sport style, the hottest look of the moment

    Sport style, the hottest look of the moment

    For several seasons Designers propose reinterpretations of tracks designers sport. Brands like Nike, Asics and New Balance have become symbols of style and made the transition from niche products to desired products all fashionistas.

    Smart fabrics, which offers comfort and help you shape your silhouette, were transposed from sports halls in street fashion. Unusual combinations and until recently considered shocking and long dress, elegance, worn with sneakers has become common in street fashion. The biggest proof that sport is the coolest trend of the moment represented a show and Chanel collection. Karl Lagerfeld has built a universe of consumerism in which women wear the most colorful sports suits in cotton or technological materials cohabit harmoniously with the classic tweed Chanel. Sport shoes ultra precious, but also extremely expensive, they became a true must have of the season.

    Other designers like Michael Kors and Alexander Wang is famous for systematically inspire from the world of sports. Cut tops, shorts or bomber jackets adapts urban casual outfits. Stars like Rihanna and Rita Ora turned to crop tops, sports pants, cotton, and hoodies XXL in parts that can help you look sexy. It’s all in the game overlaid discovered that they have mastered it perfectly.


     Accesoriile metalice sau din pvc completeaza perfect un  outfit cool, confortabil si in tendinte. Colierele supradimensionate din  plexiglass transparent se potrivesc unei tinute alcatuita din jeansi  boyfriend, pantofi sport New Balance, un maiou cu perforatii si o parka  super lejera. Asa vei obtine un echilibru stylish intre feminitate si  libertatea de miscare.

    Combina o fusta conica din bumbac sau denim cu un tricou  polo si o jacheta bomber, iar accentul de care ai nevoie sunt o pereche  de pantofi stiletto colorati.

    Astazi nu mai e cazul sa te feresti de outfiturile  realizate din piese in stiluri diferite. Contrastul, curajul de a face  cele mai neasteptate combinatii si designul special al hainelor  te  ajuta sa-ti exprimi personalitatea.

    Profita de cel mai puternic trend al momentului si te  simti intotdeauna confortabil, cool si mai ales perfect adaptata  recomandarilor designerilor importanti.


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    How to wear the dress type lingerie

    How to wear the dress type lingerie

    Nothing looks sexier than some fine straps, thin, beautiful bronze tan that highlights the neckline. And this summer is their season, more than ever. Whether in the classical, shoulders, either unite around his neck and continue in T on the back straps are a must-have this season. Take advantage of sales period and dresses with thin straps, because I am firmly convinced that there will soon go out of style. If you’re at that stage to make outfits just with this type of slip dress, here are some alternatives that kept them from creating this garment.

    First of all i would recommend to leave jewelery ovesized aside. Turn to the fine equally or even more subtle than your dress straps slip type. The length of the dress can be easily above the knees, just under her or until the mid thigh. I will avoid mini and maxi lengths for now.

    How to combine

    Wear this type of dress  with shoes slip male cut and Accessorize the outfit with a pair of round glasses and a hat. The bag should keep the minimalist lines of all the other articles in general. Another option would be to wear slip-type dress with a pair of ankle boots. Here I would complete outfit with a fringed bag and I would be happy. No need for anything more from my point of view, but if you tie winks boho bracelet or accessory placed in the neck, light as a feather, do not resist. If you opt for a printed slip dress type, you can compose, starting from her sport chic outfit. Choose a pair of platform sandals, bag and or backpack. Evening dress wear type slip with a pair of heeled sandals and leg strap on a jacket top and most seductive attitude endowment.







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    How to choose the perfect swimsuit

    How to choose the perfect swimsuit

    The sales to swimsuit just start! I would like to start with this news because it always looked forward. In terms, however, the elements by which to guide you, when you start looking for the perfect swimsuit, this time it is very important, beacuse we start to look for new bathing suits, for pool, or for our next vacation!

    First of all it is a must to choose the bathing suit according to your body shape. The principle here is simple. If you have a perfectly balanced body, you can wear any swimsuit model. If you are, however, one of those less fortunate, but with a charm, and you, for example, are higher than the hips or bust around, then you have to keep in mind some tricks. In short, small breasts can be helped to push up bras or the volumes in cut, ruffles and fringe often and as small balances. Androgynous body needs a swimsuit as women, possibly enhanced by some very cheerful prints (dots, flowers). Big breasts should be well anchored so that a V-cut bra does a good job. The short legs may seem longer using high-waisted briefs. If you are fuller, stay away from prints.

    The second principle by which to choose your swimsuit are the season trends.
    This year, I would say absolutely worn all possible models swimsuit, from high-waisted retro to ultra-modern variants of costumes inspired by surfers. Transparencies and fringes, sites must-have of the season, is kept in terms of beach outfits.  There is no wrong if you choose a bra type with one strap, or a full suit with many cutouts. Take care, however, with the shadows when you tan. Sure you’ll  not appreciate the forms on your skin.

    Last but not least, I recommend you take advantage of the discount period, especially if you’re the kind of woman who never has enough swimsuits. Let’s shop with us!









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    How to look your best in white

    How to look your best in white

    Most women are afraid to wear all white outfits for extra volume imagine that would bring to their silhouette. Nothing wrong! Remodeling silhouette is done using smart cuts and accesories placed correctly.

    Like black, white represents the perfect recipe for an elegant, timeless and comfortable look.

    Choose simple pieces with impeccably tailored, high quality materials that will help you always look impeccable.

    For an urban look, a pair of white pants, slim, high-waisted blend perfectly with a classic men’s shirt. With large-scale game, you’ll get an elongated silhouette, endless legs and neck for extra volume. Use the accessories to get two different sites look exactly the same clothes. Opt for a pair of canvas shoes, bag and hat XXL ample straw for a casual style, and if you want to look sexy and stylish, wearing a pair of very high sandals in metallic shades, a clutch and an oversized necklace.Now you’re ready for a meal in the cool terrace in town.

    Holiday time is the year in which we can afford to experiment with fashion most. A white dress, silk or cotton, draped, reminiscent of ancient Greece, fits any figures. You elegance without losing in comfort and in addition, you feel like a true goddess after a long day on the beach.

    When you return to the office with tanned skin and want me to keep a bit of relaxation that you enjoyed the holiday, wear a white dress, midi, which follows the body line with a peplum detail and colorful accessories.

    Do not think that summer is the only time of year when you can wear all white outfit! For autumn, prepare yourself to stripe suit trouser, jacket arched top and a very delicate silk. With such an outfit give proof of a perfect style and a great trust you.

    Get out from the crowd! Wear White!







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