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    Little black dress. It said everything about it?

    Little black dress. It said everything about it?

    Yes, for sure.

    Since 1920, when it was invented before, stories and stories about it were written with all utensils possible, was approached from all angles, with all eyes, was blamed and praised but, above all, worn .

    If you’re a fan of them, and you certainly have your secrets with this dress. You need to have it. Think of all the events, occasions when you joined and brought you joy.

    I remember a recent event, at which It was quite fancy, with enough beautiful dresses that make me a top of preferences. I’m not lying when I say my favorite dress (and was not just mine) was a little black one. It was perfect for the person who wore it. They were perfect together. Why? The dress, as I said, was a black, simple enough as to not ever go out, after the body line, ends below the knee and have the sexy camisole. In turn, we, the women of the event in question, we came over to Ms. little dress and black perfect and we brought both of our offerings verbal modern as can be “wow, wow, wow.”

    Review: The little black dress recently turned 100 years of history, some file being written by the most famous personalities in the fashion world: Coco Chanel, Hubert de Givenchy, Audrey Hepburn, Lady Diana. Dresses theirs were auctioned over time fabulous amounts approaching one million dollars and are now museum exhibits.

    The little black dress is, as the name says, simple dress, black with a classic, not trendy, sometimes shorter, but not necessarily, evening or cocktail versatile when it accessorize according to the occasion on which you can use. The little black dress or LBD is a very short piece every woman must have in your wardrobe and get magical powers when it has a story. Yes, a black dress is iconic little black dress it has history. Wear it, live it!


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    Balenciaga – Nicolas Ghesquiere

    When the great Cristobal Balenciaga closed the doors of his coutoure house in 1968, he lamented. There is no one left worth dressing. For decades, the house lay dormant, until 26 year old Frenchman Nicolas Ghesquiere was appointed creative director of Balenciaga in 1997 after the departure pf Josephus Thimister.

    Since 1995, Ghesquiere had quietly freelanced for Balenciaga’s licences. Three year later, Ghesquiere won the Vogue VH1 Avant Garde tribune called him the most intriguing and original designer of his generation. Through relatively unknown when he was appointed to Balenciaga,  his a life in fashion. He won work placements at Agnes B. and Corinne Cobson while still at school in London, central france.

    At 19, he become an assistant designer to Gaultier and then Mugler, before a brief tenure as head designer at Trussardi. But his great achievement has been his revival of Balenciaga. His green silk crop combat pants for Spring/Summer 2002 were the most copied garment of the season and Neoprene mini skirts and dresses for spring summer 2003 kept Balenciaga on the edge, creatively and commercially. In 2002, a menswear line was launched, a year after the house of Balenciaga was bought by the Gucci group.

    For Autumn/Winter 2005, he showed A-line leather dresses trimmed with pale ostrich feathers and sleek tailoring fitted with chrome fastening. He was elected as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World by Time magazine in 2006, and awarded the prestigious Insigne de Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres for his continued creativity in 2008. Under his influence, Balenciaga today includes seven extremely lusted-after diffusion lines.

    Balenciaga Edition, a collection of items inspired by Cristobal Balenciaga haute couture archives Balenciaga Denim, Black Dress and Silk. Former Gucci CEO Domenico de Sole has said: Balenciaga has one fantastic asset. He’s called Nicolas Ghesquiere.

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    Top sheer wedding dress

    Top sheer wedding dress

    The top wedding gowns with this season’s hottest trend: sheer panelling

    The 2015 bride knows all about sheer panelling in her big day outfit. Whether it’s across the chest, down the back or adorning her midriff, having a little flash of flesh is certainly all the rage.

    For another 2015, 2016 trend that flashes a bit more flesh, check this out!  http://www.gloria-agostina.com/en/49-sexy-wedding-dresses-from-gloria-agostina

    Therefore without much ado, feast your eyes on the top sheer wedding dress styles for 2015, 2016:

    This stunning number from the Gloria Agostina collection 2016 uses sheer panelling to create an exquisite sort of ethereal look that will complement any bride. The panelling at the front eliminates the need for jewellery as the delicate embellishment evokes a feel of couture-meets-classic in sweet harmony.

    Even though she may deny it, Kate Middleton is definitely a fashion icon, therefore since donning her beautiful sleeved wedding gown at her nuptials, sleeves have been in, and will continue to be in for a long time yet. This Gloria Agostina collection 2016 collection piece beautifully uses sheer to create a delicate sleeve which complements the overall delicate look this dress evinces.

    Brides and their tastes come in all different shapes and sizes and it is obvious that Gloria Agostina recognises this fact and has brought it to life in this sizzling hot wedding dress. Through the use of sheer panelling, a delicate balance between risqué and modest has been achieved, which the non-conventional bride will love!

    Nothing says spring like bursts of colour, flowers and shades of pastel that create a balance in the blends of colour. Claire Pettibone thrills yet again with this piece from her 2015 Spring Collection. Noteworthy is that the panels create a blush effect that compliments warmer skin tones to give a glorious glow.

    Another piece from the Claire Pettibone’s Spring Collection combines chic with rustic through the use of sheer panels to create the perfect wedding dress for the unconventional bride. Although it combines the elements of spring, this number can easily fit right into a wedding to occur in any of the seasons. This piece is definitely timeless.

    One of the main reasons designers take delight in working with sheer is that looks all the romantic anf flattering. Sheer panelling facilitates the enhancement of a relatively simple dress because it lends itself to the use of delicate beads and appliqués, as pictured here to create a beautiful gown. This piece will undoubtedly fit very well on the petite bride whose style is more on the conservative side.

    Very few dresses manage to toggle the fine line that separates simplicity in artistry from plain weird. This Gemy Maalouf Spring 2015 piece combines sheer with embroidery pieces to definitely sit squarely in the realm of simplicity in artistry that any bride will love.

    There can be no denying, after looking at this amazing Gemy Maalouf Spring 2015 piece that sheer has the power to completely transform styles we have seen before into glorious, modern wedding dresses. The sheer panel in this piece will cause the onlookers to take a very good look at the bride, for she will be stunning at the front and intriguing at the back.

    Once again the Gloria Agostina collection 2016 collection shows why sheer is the designer’s joy to work with. There is no other fabric that could be used to achieve the look of this piece without causing one feature or the other to be lost. The use of sheer here facilitates the showing of gorgeous floral detail without being crowded out by excess fabric underneath.


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    Kate & Laura Mulleavy – Rodarte

    Kate & Laura Mulleavy – Rodarte

    And the winners are: Rodarte.In Zürich November 2008 , Kate and Laura Mulleav  won the presitgious Swiss Textile Award and much needed injection of cash. Kate and Laura have been familiar name on the fashion award nominations roster in the last few years. Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation Award 2005, nominated to CFDA Swarovski Emerging Womenswear Designer award 2006, runner-up in the CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund and star awarded the Star Honoree Award from Fashion Group International 2011.

    The two sisters born in 1979 and 1980 grew up with unconventional parents in the post hippie paradise of Santa Cruz, California, before studying liberal arts at the University of California, Berkley. After graduation the two sisters moved back to their parents home in Pasadena, where they founded Rodarte named after their mother’s Mexican maiden name. When american Vogue editor Anna Wintour spotted their special talents in a Women’s Wear Daily feature, the girls were airlifted to New York and presented their first runaway collection in 2005, which was an instant success.

    Buyers from Barneys in New York to Colette in Paris were among the first support team. Their special mix of theatrical and cinematic fabrics, colours and artisan techniques combined with a naive, almost amateur enthusiasm has created their own personal fan club, Somewhere between sci-fi , salvage and culture, each collection launches a wave of copycats, which may amount to some idea of flattery.

    Rodarte created costumes for the film Black Swan. Nominated for Best Costume Design for the 2011 Critics Choice movie award, Kate and Laura designed the costumes for the Swan Lake ballet, as well as other iconic pieces worn by Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis in the film.

    Rodarte’s creations feature complex manipulation of materials and other meticulous techniques evocative of haute couture through an American lens. The Mulleavys deliver emotionally powerful, dynamic collections that interweave extremely hard and delicate elements simultaneously. “The Mulleavys’ instinctive approach and lack of traditional fashion training give their collections a fresh point of view while always managing to be sophisticated and experimental; something completely unique within American fashion,” said Gregory Krum, director of retail at Cooper-Hewitt, who is curating the installation along with Susan Brown, assistant curator in the Textiles Department.

    The sisters confidence is growing with every accolade, opening up their shyness and opportunities to expand their international clientele. Their collection is currently available at over 40 world premier fashion outlets.


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    Tao Kurihara

    Tao Kurihara

    Comme des Garcons Tao Kurihara is one of the most exciting young Japanese designers working today. Born in Tokyo in 1973, Kurihara moved to London when she finished school to study fashion at Central Saint Martins. In 1998, one year after graduating, she began work at Comme des Garcons, and in 2002 was appointed designer of the Tricot Comme des garcons line. She spent the next eight years working closely with Junya Watanabe, before launching her own label under Comme umbrella in 2005.

    Kurihara rose to challenge, presenting her debut collection Tao for Spring Summer 2006 to instant critical acclaims. Working with knitwear, lace and lingerie, the small concentrated collection of corsets, shorts and babydoll dresses notched up more editorial than other new designer could hope to achieve in a lifetime.

    Always true to her own vision, Kurihara fiercely pursues her own path, claiming she doesnt make clothes she thinks people will like, but rather clothes she like herself. In just a short time number of years, she has risen up the ranks from showing off schedule to being one the most hyped and talked about shows on the catwalk schedule, with journalist and buyers falling over themselves to gain attendance. From her wedding dress collection to her vast twisting and voluminous silhouettes, Kurihara clothes continues to challenge the imagination as much as she wants to challenges.

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    Michael Kors

    Michael Kors designs pure American opulence: luxurious perfectly tailored sportswear in contrasting textures of leather and cashmere with a cheeky flash of pelt. Growing up in deepest suburbia, Kors (born Long Island) always had a healthy focus on fashion and the city of New York. After studying design at the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, by the age of 19 he was designing and merchandising for Lothar’s boutique. The attention this received by the fashion press led him to launch the Michael Kors label in 1981.

    The Michael Kors bridge line followed in 1985. After launching a capsule menswear collection in 1997, Michael Kors, was named the first women’s ready to wear designer for the house of Celine. By February 1999, he had become creative director of the luxury label, overseeing all women’s products.

    1999 marked the beginning of a remarkable period for Kors: he received the CFDA Award for Womenswear Designer of the Year, followed by the Menswear Designer of the Year in 2003. His contribution to the world of accessories was also recognised, with Kors being nominated five years in a raw 2001-2006 for the prestigious Accessories Designer of the Year award. He has also had success in the fragrance world, launching his signature scent in 2000, a cologne Michael for Men 2001, and the Fifi award winning Island scent in 2005.

    White 2004 saw Kors make his TV show Project Runway a role that he continues to hold for the programme’s ten series. With celebrity like Jennifer Lopez, Charlize Theron, Liv Taylor, Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelica Huston and Madonna, Kors continues to design to a sophisticated ethic, a sexy American Dream.

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    10 ways to be the coolest bride ever – from your future bridesmaid

    10 ways to be the coolest bride ever – from your future bridesmaid


    Dear Future Best Bride Friend,

    I’m so excited that you’ve chosen me to be your bridesmaid! If I’m in your bridal party, I promise to always stand by you and support you as you plan your wedding day. As a good friend/sister/relative, I want to help make your wedding journey as enjoyable and un-stressful as it can be. But you have to try and do the same for me! As much as it’s your big day, I’ll be along with you for the ride, and we’ll both have a much better time if we’re both happy. With that in mind, I think you’ll be the coolest bride ever if you just follow these 10 simple rules…


    1. Give us color swatches to choose from, and then let us choose our own bridesmaids dresses. That way we’ll have something we love and is flattering, and you’ll have us looking just the way you pictured!

    2. The Decorista

    And if you don’t like our choices? Chances are we kept the receipt, just in case. But seriously, how cute are these mismatched bridesmaids? You know you’re into it.

    If you want us to wear heels, take care of our feet. We’ll put up with it for you, but we’ll be a little sad if we end the night with blisters or twisted ankles! Please don’t make us wobble-walk on grass – think about investing in heel-stoppers!

    And we’re definitely going to want to dance the night away. More comfy shoes are preferred, so we’re not trying to brave the dance floor in bare feet!

    3.  Loosen us up the morning of the big day. We want to celebrate with you, and be nice and relaxed for the ceremony! We won’t say no to some drinks, snacks, and extra pampering.

    4. Shower us with presents! While we love doing this for you, it’s nice to get some gifts for helping you out. We’ll want to party and celebrate, so it’d be nice to have kits for hangovers after the bachelorette and wedding day.

    Oh, and personal thank you gifts are always appreciated – it’ll give us a special way to remember being a part of your wedding!
    5. If you want us to rock crazy or complicated hairstyles for the wedding, offer to pay for it. Trust us – there’s no way that we’ll figure out these ‘dos by ourselves, and you’ll be happier if we look just the way you want.
    6. If I don’t know anyone, introduce me to all the bridesmaids beforehand so we have time to be friends. Fun outings, lunch, or nights out are a great way to get us together before the big day.
    7. Warn me of creepy groomsmen, or set me up with the hottie if I’m single! I’d love to have the best time possible at your big day.
    8. Don’t make me compete for your attention. I know you love your other bridesmaids, but things can get awkward fast if two best friends or sisters are vying for your time.
    9. I’m happy to help you out with most things – DIY projects, picking up dresses, or mailing invites are all expected. But don’t ask me last minute for my help, or resent me if I can’t make it. I have other things to do too!
    10. If you’re not stoked about the bachelorette party we’re planning, then please don’t throw a fit – this is our event to plan for you! Instead, hint nicely about one or two things you’d be excited to do. And if it’s a trip to Vegas that we can’t afford, offer to pitch in.
    I can’t wait to celebrate with you, and be a part of your bridal party! I promise I’ll be a cool bride to you too. Congrats, girl!




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    15 Photos That Prove You Don’t Have To Wear White At Your Wedding

    15 Photos That Prove You Don’t Have To Wear White At Your Wedding

    Whether you’re an alternative bride looking for a fun, unique wedding dress or your style leans more towards conservative classics, these colorful dresses will change your mind about sticking with something traditional.

    Here are 15 Pinterest brides that channel everything from Hollywood glamour to Disney fairy tales and prove you don’t have to wear white on your wedding day to look absolutely stunning.

    What can i tell for sure is that in the next years… Brides will give up on white… more and more…they already started with beige colors, pink reflections and so on, but the colors will become more and more daring, and bold.

    Happy to present you a few selection of this gorgeous wedding dress in many colors and styles. Enter in this fascinating world you can not watch enough. The details are amazing and the imagination of the designers is unlimited. Every season they come up with more sophistication.

    A mint skirt makes this two-piece wedding dress casually cute

    Florals are romantic and sophisticated

    Blush is an ultra feminine twist on white

    Look like a goddess in a statement-making gold dress

    This bride wears yellow for a sunshiney look perfect for spring

    The gold is the focus of this bohemian wedding look

    Black is elegant and unexpected

    Colorful appliques make for a fun, youthful dress

    The bows and floral detailing are swoon-worthy on this simple pink dress

     Add a regal touch to your wedding day with dark hues

    This rock and roll dress is punk and classy

    A stormy gray wedding dress is perfect for a fall wedding

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    Wedding Trends 2015-2016

    Wedding Trends 2015-2016

    Inspire yourself from the trends of the season 2015-2016 fashion designers and major proposals and come to the biggest wedding fairs around the world, between 10 and 24 August 2015, to choose your wedding dress of your dreams.

    What a Bride wearing in spring and summer of 2015-2016? Much as good as it is bold bride can choose even two outfits for the big day or a dress made especially for her to wear to her name! Materials are becoming more delicate, sophisticated tailoring that technology anytime and has already embraced even the classic wedding dress. Yes, there are digital programs and recommends that you scan your wedding dress. Test them and just take advantage of news and trends Bride’s Guide to Wedding Fair in February 2015!

    Also here in Switzerland we see more and more how the Bride change her style, becoming more a modern Bride. Wedding dresses in Switzerland was beef boring, classic and old style. Now between 2015 and 2016 Swiss Bride look like she start to open.. more and more, to the world, to the new trends. Which make me very happy. Because i love to see here also not only conservatism but also beauty, boldness, fearlessness.

    Courage necklines. The more deep cleavage, the better! The most daring brides can choose either the classical princess dress or jumpsuit dress with a transparent top and extremely brave. Trend favor brides who do not have a big bust. A dress with a brave decoleu is ideal for the wedding party, but did not recommend to the religious or civil ceremony … the obvious reasons.

    Lace reinvented. Lace elastic catch new forms and whether it is drawn by a laser, whether it’s handmade dresses offered by major fashion houses seem from a modern tale with princes and princesses of Hollywood. Keeping the classic lines, the new range from bohemian style lace at the Latin or minimalist.

    ACCESSORIES AND VOLUME. Classic princess dress forms and new wings catch by introducing bulky accessories, exaggerated shapes and unique clippings. We’re talking XXL bows placed on the back of the dress, waist or over one shoulder, vintage brooches with excessive volume, original forms that mimic the scorpion and peacock and necklaces of semiprecious stones sewn into the bodice gown. Is the texture of tulle, giving volume and suppleness dress, and a bride’s romantic and sensual air.

    NAKED SHOULDERS. Even long sleeve wedding dress falls off the shoulders in a nonchalant style and sensual. A discreet message that comes in various applications, either on a bare shoulder or on both, either through a dress shirt.
    MODERN MINIMALISM. Simplu means complicated. Modern minimalism proposes dresses seemingly simple, but can not be worn by any bride. Dresses that can match it only with great … personality. Proposals coming designers with architectural forms that hide fine lines or special delicacy. The cuts are daring, innovative design and sophisticated.
    COLOR. From red to white dresses spotted pink or red corset imperial color take over almost any collection presented at Fashion Week in Barcelona or New York. For spring weddings, designers propose pastel colors and variations on pink, blue or purple, for weddings summer classic white and color combinations in deux piece. But also gold gown explored in various shades of beige and cream.

    CORSET DRESS. Reference bodice piece remains in ceremonial dress of a bride. In 2015-2016 supports the dress bodice classic marriage – mermaid and the princess. The chapter raises glamor with precious stones applications, crystals and trimmings.

    You should know though that personality remains dominant trend in 2015-2016. The key is to choose a wedding dress in trends that emphasize your natural features. You wear the dress, the dress not carry you!


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    Wedding Table Décor Ideas

    Wedding Table Décor Ideas

    Wedding table décor always needs to be lovely enough to make your guest feel the joy and warmth of being invited to a celebration. Usually wedding tables need to be decorated with bright, beautiful, fresh and attractive things so that there isn’t any negative aura that spreads around the place. There are various ways by which you can make the wedding tables look attractive and some of which are listed below.

    The first most important thing in a table décor is the table skirt where you need to cover up the tables in a beautiful manner so that they look stunning and amazing. You can cover them in various colors and according to the theme of the wedding. Tables with table skirts always look much more attractive than ones without it.




    Place card:

    When you are arranging the table, place cards are another important thing where people will look forward to know their seating plan, and make it look unique and attractive. Place a teacup full of blueberries and a place card inserted in it, and don’t you think your guest will enjoy snacking a few?

    Chair décor:

    Decorate the chairs with various decorative things like a sashes, full covers, sequins, garlands, or just hang a jar with fresh flowers in it like shown in the picture.

    Napkin décor:

    Place setting adds more charm to the table and you can fold the napkin in creative ways, or even simple adorable fashion to make it look beautiful. This is a fanned napkin with a aqua color clasp around it.

    Flower vase:

    Unique and stunning vases like these are always a pleasant choice to consider, as they will look very attractive. This golden colored geometric shaped vase with red roses in it are something admirable and beautiful.

    Pink, blush, white, silver, gold wedding centerpiece, Very luxury with candles soft light.


    Gorgeous flowers centerpiece on prezidium table. Embellished with organza textile flowers.

    Tall centerpieces:

    Tall centerpieces are something that will make the entire table-setting look lavish and splendid. These tall crystal chain vases with white flowers add glam and charm to the tables.

    Floral table runner by colette. Luxury, royalty, exquisit.


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