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    Dean and DanCaten of Dsquared know a thing or two about mixing and matching. Not only did the now 40 years old identical twins leave their native Canada in 1991 for Italy, the homeland of their parental grandmother(Caten its short from Catenacci, while the maternal side is English), they’ve managed to turn the fashion world on its head with a ballsy blend of American Pop culture and superior Italian tailoring.

    The Milan debut of their men’s line in 1994 garnered fans such as Lenny Kravitz, Justin Timberlake nd Ricky Martin for its cheeky, MTV-ready ebullience paired with precision craftsmanship. Soon after words the duo further solidified their fashion credibility by creating the costumes for Madonna’s Don’t Tell Me video and the cowboy segment of her 2002 Drowned World Tour, as well as the outfits for Christina Aguilera’s 20003 Stripped Tour (the diminutive diva was later recruited to walk the catwalk for the Spring/ Summer 2005 men’s collection. )

    The launch of women’s line in 2003 saw supermodels Naomi Campbell, Eva Herzigova, Karolina Kurkova and Fernanda Tavares saunter out of pink private jet in unapologetically sex-charged regalia.

    For Autumn/Winter 2005, the brothers, who spent their childhood as born-again Christians, looked to a higher power with skinny ties stitched with John 3:16 caps, and T-shirt printed with the word Angel and sweaters emblazoned with Jesus Loves Me. or, on one notable cardigan, Jesus Loves even Me.

    Apparently, even fashion designers know God is in the details, a well-worn principle that, along with baking from the Italian conglomerate Diesel, hat short sales for the erstwhile party boys into the heavens. In 2007, their long -awaited 5400 sq ft Milan store was opened and they also launched their first fragrance.





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    These avocados are stuffed with a flavorful southwest mixture of tuna, bell pepper, jalapeno, and cilantro. No mayo necessary here! This is straight up healthy. You mix in a bit of the avocado itself to add that creamy factor you need. This is an easy, tasty lunch, snack, or even dinner. I ate two, but you could totally get away with eating one for a light lunch or snack.


    • 4 avocados, halved and pitted
    • 3 (4.5 oz) cans tuna, drained
    • 1 red bell pepper, diced
    • 1 jalapeno, minced
    • 1 cup cilantro leaves, roughly chopped
    • 1 lime, juiced
    • salt and pepper



    1. Scoop out some of the avocado from the pitted area to widen the “bowl” area. Place the scooped avocado into a medium-size mixing bowl. Mash it with a fork.
    2. Add the tuna, bell pepper, jalapeno, and cilantro to the mixing bowl. Pour lime juice over. Stir it all together until everything is well mixed.
    3. Scoop the tuna into the avocado bowls. Season with salt and pepper.
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    Strawberry Avocado Spinach Salad

    Strawberries, avocados, red onions, walnuts, and feta cheese all tossed with fresh baby spinach and creamy poppyseed dressing. | Creme de la Crumb:

    Strawberry Avocado Spinach Salad





    • 1 Avocado, whole pitted and sliced
    • 6 cups Baby spinach, leaves
    • 1/4 Red onion
    • 1 cups Strawberries


    • 2/3 cup Mayo

    Baking & Spices

    • 4 tsp Poppy seeds
    • 6 tbsp Sugar

    Oils & Vinegars

    • 8 tsp Apple cider vinegar
    • 1 tbsp Oil

    Nuts & Seeds

    • 1/2 cup Diamond of california walnuts, whole or halved


    • 1/3 cup Feta cheese
    • 1/2 cup Half & half


    • 1 cup Balsamic dressing or poppyseed dressing (store-bought or homemade )
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    Funkelnde Akzente

    Funkelnde Akzente

    Welcher Stil passt zu Ihnen? Kurz Schmuck and Uhren präsentiert eine Facetternreiche Kollektion für einen Glänzenden Herbst. Farbenfroh und opulent, gewagt rockig, oder lieber betont schlicht?  In welche Rolle wollen Sie Schlüpfen?

    Kurz Schmuck und Uhren hat ausserwöhnliche Schmuckstücke kreiert, welche die aktuellen Modetrends widerspiegeln, und zudem immer den Anspruch an hochwertige Schmuck qualität beinhalten. Der aktuelle “Boheme Style” ist ein opulenter Mix aus Chiffon, Samt und Seide , Stickreien, Applikationen und Prints. Geschmückt wird dieser Look mit langen verspielten Ketten aus Qurz, Saphir und Topas oder zauberhaften Ringen aus Ebenholz mit markanten Farbedelsteinen.

    Zum grafischen Mustermix von “Mix and match” passt bunter Schmuck in den Farbkombinationen der 60 er Jahre. Die organischen Formen erinnern an die natürliche Gestalt der Steine. Die Saphire erstrahlen in ungewohnten Gelb Rose Weiss Blau und Violetttönnen. Durch die klassische Facettierung funkeln diese Einzelstücke dezent und geheimnisvoll. Ein modischer Matchpoint! Gleichzeitig sieht man ornamentale Mode mit barocken Formen, viel Gold und Brokat auf den Laufstegen. Bei diesem Gold Rush trägt frau natürlich auch Schmuck im gleichen Stil. Kreationen, die an vielfältig geschliffene Edelsteine erinnern, durch die unereartete Wahl der Materialien aber ein überraschendes , modern akzentuiertes Aussehen erzeugen.

    Ein weiterer Look wird von einem Starfotografen geprägt: Kein anderer hat die Frauen so stark, vital und sinnlich dargestellt wie helmut Newton. Sein Frauenbild der 90 er Jahre feiert nun ein Comeback. Avantgarde Mode mit viel Leder, aber immer stilvoll inszeniert. Dazu passt massiver Silber und Gold Schmuck mit Nietendekor, chic und elegant, mit einem Touch Rock-Glam. So sexy und verführerisch  wie nie zuvor! Die Must-Haves für diesen Herbst sund ab jetzt bei Gloria Agostina erhältlich.






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    Bandage dresses – Elegance and style

    Bandage dresses – Elegance and style

    Bandage dress is one of the most sexy clothing for women on the market today. This type of dress is made of elastic strips fastened together, hence the name of bandage dress and very elastic material outlines and highlights of every woman’s voluptuous forms.

    This type of dress was by designer Herve Leger invented in the 1990s and initially dresses were composed of material-type bandage, along with other compositions of materials. This type of gown soon became a very popular model, being worn by various celebrities from Cindy Crawford in 1995 and 2016 to Kim Kardashian.

    The main feature of this type of dress is shaping body and is also an article called body shaping, integrated into a dress. Thus, bandage dress can be worn by any woman, regardless of her body, dress as a help to highlight only what is necessary, and to hide small imperfections.

    From classic long sleeve models at the shiny and sexy bandage dresses can be worn on different occasions where you want to have a look that will stand out femininity and style. Thus, for an office outfit, you can easily choose a Bandage Dress from Gloria Agostina, who along with a stylish jacket and some discrete accessories, can give you a unique style.

    For more special events such as a wedding or baptism, you can opt for bandage dresses seductive and very bright. A model suitable for such an occasion as Coco bandage dress, which due to golden color and material that fits the body, you will denote an air of elegance, style and femininity. With shiny appearance that comes out easily, even dress can be accessorized with little or no and everything will look great on anyone wearing.

    In conclusion, any woman stylish wardrobe should have at least one bandage dress, because who does not want a dress to wear when they do become a fabulous woman? You try one now!

     Fashion dress


    Dark red sexy v neck bandage dress


    Style colored blue sexy bandage dress


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    4 outfits perfect for women with small breasts

    4 outfits perfect for women with small breasts!

    4 tinute perfecte pentru femeile cu sanii mici. Poti arata exact cum iti doresti!

    Nature has not blessed each woman with a generous bust. And as those who have not large breasts and would like bigger ones that are not too fitted in the upper body by deep necklines dream to wear to impress any man.

    If you are among women with small breasts we have good news. We achieved a perfect collection of several outfits to be worn by those like yourself without anyone not notice this small inconvenience. Here’s what this is about:


    Once you discover tuxedo dresses, happened, you become a real fan of them. Gate under such a dress, which normally has a V-neck, a short top that just mask your bust area. If you are slender, then you can wear under this dress pants skinny. Yes, pants!

    Draw attention to your neck and shoulders. Raise your hair in a bun and wear long earrings, which you shape the neckline.


    When you go night out with friends in a bar, is counting on a crop top. The advantage of this is that masks the lack bust perfect for that role is rather to emphasize the waist. Further emphasizes the hip line with a high waist jeans and secure with a strap. Accessorize the outfit with a stylish backpack, style 90s.


    Well, ladies, do not be afraid to wear bustier. Because they are not only for those with bust, but for women less endowed in this area of the body. You wear a blazer over it slim, to settle better on you. You can leave undone or, if you’re more conservative way, it completed a jacket button. The beauty is that anytime you give up easily heat the atmosphere in this jacket.


    Want to feel like a princess super sexy even during the day? If you are a bridesmaid at the wedding of my best friend for sure that you were worried the idea right outfit. Take advantage of the fact that you are not forced to wear a bra with straps and opt for a dress with bustier and bare shoulders.
    A tulle dress is perfect for such an event. Basically, it will draw attention to legs and shoulders rather. An elegant necklace neckline is perfect in this case.

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    Show them the princess in you!

     Show them the princess in you!

    All girls dream of princesses and fashion season now lets you fulfill a dream.

    Among the best moments in life are those when a woman wears a precious dress that makes her feel feminine and delicate.

    When you think of a princess dress come to mind several materials that give life to an idea and a silhouette. Overlays veil of silk, embroidery and tulle thorough the endless are the ingredients of a fairytale look.


    End of year party gives you the opportunity to address this style. Model princess dress choose to represent you best.
    Classic version, with marked waist and flared skirt fits almost all silhouettes. Depending on your personal style can opt for a black dress with plunging neckline and to combine it with accessories in May rock or wager on refined elegance that exudes a dress veil in pastel shades and call the most delicate and feminine accessories.

    Another type of look worthy of a princess dress is right, which emphasizes the silhouette but cautions that they have precious details. From lace inserts and metal applications to all these elements turn a simple dress into one worthy of a princess.

    And because such outfit should be worn at a party, now you can even wear a tiara. If the atmosphere is truly one of celebration, everyone will enjoy the enthusiasm and definitely give you proof spotlight.

    You do not have to miss a pair of stiletto shoes or sandals fine jewelry with pearls or crystals and completes a picture that preciousness is the main feature.

    And because sometimes you do not need reason to wear a princess dress, inspire yourself from this style skirts and choose which ones to wear and the rest of the year or add sparkle to all your outfits using oversized accessories.


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    Make money as a model

    Make money as a model

    Did you know that our models can earn hundreds of euros a day on assignment?

    Every day, we receive requests for models from all types of clients: creative agencies, events promoters and businesses. Each and every one is looking for models to appear in advertising, marketing, promotions, conferences or exhibitions, and each assignment is a paid assignment for our registered models!

    For many of our models, modelling is much more than a fun day out or a chance to look great. It’s also a way to earn some very valuable extra cash. Even if you don’t become a top earner, paid modelling work can still be a useful supplement to your income.

    Don’t worry if you don’t have catwalk or film-star looks. For many assignments, clients are looking for ‘real’ models – people who their audience can relate to. No matter how you look, you could find paid modelling work.

    Of course, nothing is guaranteed, either in terms of assignments or earnings. We can only offer the work our clients provide. But we’ll put you forward whenever your look is called for, giving you chance to find modelling work that’s really rewarding – in every sense.

    If you’d like to apply to become a model and earn some extra cash, please subscribe to our website.

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    Consuelo Castiglioni – Marni

    In little more than fifteen years Consuelo Castiglioni label Marni has become a byword for innovative Italian design, charming its way into fashion folklore with an electric vision of femininity.

    What began as a stint of fashion consulting for her husbands fur and leather company, Ciwi Furs, has developed into a business that has produced some of the most cultish items of the last few years – ponyskin clogs, corsages, charm embellished bags, the cropped jacket – and a look that has helped define contemporary notion of prettiness.

    Marnie was launched in 1994 with an experimental collection produced through Ciwi Furs (supplier to Prada and Moschino). Treating fur like a fabric, Castiglioni removed the lining, and with it the bulkiness, of the usual rich-bitch fur coat.


    With each collection she gradually introduced new fabrics, mixing fur with perfectly-cut leathers and suedes, and by 1999 Marni had become an established line independent from its furrier origins. The arts and crafts richness of the Marni look comes from a considered mismatching of prints, cut and texture.


    The Marni girl wears a veritable haberdashery of luxurious and love-worn fabrics which are layered across the body and nipped in at the waist with a decorative belt. The Marni print from faded florals and mattress ticking stripes to 50 s retro and block prints – may have become an influential motif, but one that can distract from the slick couture finish that adds to the creatively haphazard look.

    Since 2000 Marni has undergone giddying retail expansion, opening 38 boutiques around the world, designed either by architecture firm Future Systems or around the world, designed either by architecture firm Future Systems, or Sybarite, and selling menswear, childrenswear and homeware alongside a successful line of accessories.


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    How to check if a product is from real leather

    How to check if a product is from real leather

    Fortunately, there are many high quality synthetic materials that can successfully replace natural skin, at prices more affordable. The downside, though, is that these materials are so similar to the skin, that it was expected that some will try to take advantage of this and sell them under the label “leather”.

    We suggest a few simple methods for identifying natural skin. Once you have learned verification system, certainly you will not fail again.

    1.   Be rational about product price!

    If a product seems too be cheap to be leather,it is most likely a fake. Walk through dedicated stores in leather and familiarize yourself with genuine leather prices.

    2.     Read the label!

    It happens that in haste or carelessness, wrong salespeople to inform you about the fabric of a particular product achieved. Read labels carefully and do not look at the country of production, but the specifications on the type of material from which it is done that product.

    3.      Check the weight!

    A leather bag, for example, will be quite hard, while one synthetic material will be very mild.

    4.      Check the smell!

    The skin has a distinct odor that can not be replicated in synthetic materials. It’s important, as I said above, familiarize yourself weight, smell, appearance of your skin before purchasing a product.

    5.      Touch it!

    Natural skin feels smooth and supple to the touch. Artificial skin is either too rigid or more elastic than the natural. Wrinkles, skin wrinkles that naturally creates some tension recover.

    6.      Check the reverse!

    If possible, check the inside of the product obviously must be suede.

    7.      Check pores!

    Artificial skin has pores evenly all over, while natural skin has pores distributed irregularly.

    8.     Get tested with fingernail!

    If you stick a nail in natural leather easy, you’ll leave a trail that will disappear in time. The same thing happens when synthetic materials. Also, if your fingernail scratch their natural skin, you’ll remove surface fine particulates, while artificial skin will remain intact.

    9.     Get tested with a needle!

    Natural skin is much harder penetrated by a needle than artificial.

    10. Make the ultimate test – The Lighter!

    Obviously you can not do this test in the store, but if you want to test a product at home, choose an inconspicuous area and approaching a lighter flame from it. If crease or melts, definitely not leather.

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