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    Why the women must say i do?

    Why the women must say i do?

    It is very weird why in our society today, the man have to propose the marriage? And the women have to say i Do, or Yes.

    Its clear that things are very different , and women are the one who want to get married first, not the man..

    The man is the one who want to to stall it as long as possible, and have many doubts not the women…He is the part who think maybe is the right one.
    The women just have to keep quite, and hope in secret he will finally pop the question. Most of the time she get frustrated, they are some fights in the couple, but this most of the time from the tension, he pretend they dont date for such a long time, and she ask herself what is taking him so long?

    Sometimes but very rarely it is the women Who pop the question, only the brave one, but has still buy the judge society, and THEY think this is unnatural. Reality is different than movies ,music and love books. The girl wants to get married in the moment she realized she love that man. From this point she just have to wait and hope… Not fair right? And in the end he ask the question because he feel pressured , because too much time has past, not because he feels he should do that. Many marriage proposal are because of duty, because of shame, to meet other people expectation.

    I think the women should ask the question, will make things much easier. Because she is all the time sure, she say i do anyway,,,,that’s why she live with him…



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    What alcohol has low calories?

    What alcohol has low calories?

    We like to drink…This is clear. Sometimes when we have a bad time , or a bad day, we like to enjoy one glass of red wine, just to be more relaxed and forget all the bad stuff. Sometimes is just enjoying a nice evening with your friends. You laugh, you eat a good meal, you drink with your friends. Nothing can be more pleasant than this feeling. Having a good time.

    But how many calories are really hidden in the alcohol? Sometimes you choose just a salad, and not french fries with steak , but don’t forget to count the alcohol also!

    Unfortunately one glass of whine counts a lot. Almost 200 calories at one glass. The champagne doesn’t count that much only 60 calories at one glass. That’s why the models drink it to the party. They are some skinny drinks but not available in Europe, most of them are made in United States.

    Let’s just be honest with ourselves; there is no healthy way to drink alcohol. Drinking alcohol while trying to lose weight and stay fit is all about damage control; determining which alcoholic beverage will hurt your diet the least, and drinking the lesser of two evils.

    Light beer it is also a choice, has 120 calories one bottle. If you find it on the market.

    Bloody Mary has also low colories. One glass has 150 calories.

    Mohito is a refreshing option , but also one glass has 220 calories. With low sugar is even better.

    Vodca soda has between 100-300 calories. In general distilled alcohol (like Gin, Vodka, Rum, Tequila,Whiskey)   has between 100-250 calories.

    The best type of booze to drink if you want the most alcohol for your calories is hard liquor. Hard liquors are not the lowest calorie alcohol, but they have the best alcohol to calorie ratio. Which means that if your aim is to just get drunk, straight shots of vodka is the way to go.

    Tonic water has between 40-100 calories for one glass.

    Aperol Spritz 220 calories, Proseco, Sekt – 120 calories,  Hugo 180 calories.







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    Jun Takahashi – Undercover

    Jun Takahashi – Undercover

    Founded by Japanese designer Jun Takahashi in 1994, the Undercover label now includes some  seriously discerning types among its fanbase, not least Rei Kawakubo, who in 2004 had Takahashi design a selection of blouses to sell in the Comme des Garcons store in Tokyo.

    Born in Kiryu in 1969, and a graduate of the Bunka Academy, Takahashi began making clothes while studying to wear himself, frustrated at nor being able to find anything he liked in shops. His confidence and individuality sets him apart from many young Japanese designers, who are happy to rely on easily digestible, graphic led T-shirts and slogans. Takahashi approach is more complex and  distinctive, and has been variously described as trift shop chic or subversive couture. Considering his belief that life is as much about pain as is about beauty, it is not surprising that the resulting Undercover aesthetic makes for an anarchic collision of the violent (slashed ripped and restitched fabrics) and the poetic (chiffon , lace and faded floral prints).

    Further clues to the designer minset are found in his fondness for defiant English punk bands – while still a student, he was a member of the Tokyo Sex Pistols. Having won the prestigious Mainichi Fashion Grand Prize ub 2001 and made his Paris catwalk debut with his Sring-Summer 2003 collection, Takahashi today continues to up the ante.

    Undercover is now split in five lines – Undercover, Undercoverism, Undakovit, Undakovrist and Undakovr, all of which are sold through a flagship store in Tokyo ‘s fashionable Omotesando district. Further Undercover stores have opened in Paris and Milan, while global stocklist continue to grow (in tandem with appreciative converts to the label).

    In 2008, Takahashi and NIGO reconstructed their No Label store within Dover Street Market, London. The following year, Undercover was invited to present their collection in the famous Boboli Gardens in Florence during Pitti Image. Takahashi has recently been appointed as the new designer collaborator for Uniqlo, succeeding Jil Sander.


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    Mini Goat Cheese Leek & Potato Spring Galettes With Pistachio Crusts

    Mini Goat Cheese Leek & Potato Spring Galettes With Pistachio Crusts

     Goat cheese leek and potato galette with pistachio crust:

    These Mini Goat Cheese Leek & Potato Spring Galettes With Pistachio Crusts are the perfect vegetarian entree for winter or spring…


    • 1 bunch Dill
    • 2 Garlic cloves
    • 1 Leek, large
    • 2 Wax potatoes, very thin


    • 1 Egg


    • 1 Honey

    Baking & Spices

    • 2 1/2 cups All-purpose flour
    • 1 Peppercorn
    • 1 tsp Salt
    • 1 Salt / pepper
    • 1 tsp Sugar

    Nuts & Seeds

    • 1/2 cup Pistachios


    • 1/2 cup Ice water


    • 2 sticks Butter
    • 4 oz Goat cheese
    • 1 cup Yogurt, plain


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    Giambattista Valli

    Giambattista Valli

    In March 2005, Giambattista Valli showed his first eponymous collection in Paris.His debut emphasized polished pieces such as curvy tuxedos or tiny cocktail frocks in scarlet chiffonor black tulle. The Italian designer (born in Rome , 1966) already had an impressive CV by that time, however, with a role as artistic of Emanuel Ungaro’s ready to wear collections as his highest profile appointment to date. Valli, who grew up in Rome, cites quintessential glamorous movie icons such as Claudia Cardinale, Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth as early influences.

    His formal studies focus more squarely on fashion from 1980 when he studied at Rome’s School of Art, followed by fashion training at the European Design Institute (1986) and a illustration degree at Central Saint Martins London (1987). In 1988, Valli worked for seminal Roman designer Roberto Capucci, moving to Fendi as a senior designer of the Fendissime line in 1990; in 1995, he was appointed senior designer at Krizia. The following year, through a mutual friend, Valli met Emanuel Ungaro. The master couturier named Valli head designer of his ready to wear collections in 1997, eventually promoting him to the position of creative director of Ungaro ready to wear two years later.

    At Ungaro, Valli translated the established house codes of tumbling ruffles, tropical flower colours and elegantly draped ultra feminine gowns for a younger generation of jet-setting glamour girls. His own line Giambattista Valli, today attracts and international, glamours crowd, including Penelope Cruz, Sarah Jessica Parker , Natalie Portman, Tilda Swinton. Giambattista Valli has also become fashions go to label for head turning accesories (in particular show stopping high heels and bags).

    2008 saw Giambattista Valli sign a deal with top Italian fur manufacture Ciwi Furs o design his own line of fur coats and jackets, and another one with skiwear label Moncler. Today there are more than 220 Giambattista Valli selling points in 45 countries worldwide. In July 2011, the designer showed his very first haute couture collections in Paris, hailed by journalists as a significant achievement.


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    Donatella Versace

    Donatella Versace

    Image result for Versace

    Donatella Versace (born 1959) is a goddess of fashion. The female figure head of one of the few remaining family-run fashion houses, she presides over seven brands under the Versace name. Her flamboyant, oarty-girl image has become synonymous with Versace itself.

    Gianni( born in 1946) and Donatella grew up in Reggio Calabria, southern Italy. While her  much older brother moved to Milan to seek his fashion fortune, Donatella studied for a degree in languages at the University of Florence. While there, her brother careers took off. After working for Callaghan and Genny, he set up his solo label in 1978. Suggesting the familys love for bright colors, bodyhugging shapes and a large dose of glamour, it was a great success. The two worked together for much of the 80′s and 90′s, with Donatella concentrating on the sumptuous advertising images for which Versace is known to this day.

    She also set up the children’s line , Young Versace, in 1993 and worked as head designer on the diffusion label, Versus. When Gianni was tragically killed in 1997, his sister become chief designer. She met the challenge. Versace was brought into the 21st century by fusing Gianni’s very Italian glamour with Donatella’s own rock’n'roll instincts.

    Versace is continually in the public eye, not least beacuse of its – and Donaltella’s famous friends. Jon Bon Jovi, Courtney Love and Elisabeth Hurley are all devoted Versace fans. Madonna even posed as a sexy secretary in Versace’s Spring Summer 2005 ad campaign. Donataella is also responsible for extending the brand’s range, setting up both a cosmetics line and Palazzo Versace, the first six star Versace hotel, which opened in the Gold Coast of Australia in 2000.

    As well as clothing, accessories, fragrance, jewellery and timepieces, there is a Versace home furnishing collection, as well as an interior design facility for private jets and helicopters, and even a limited edition Versace Lamborghini sports car. Donatella Versace is 20 per cent owner of Gianni Versace SpA and holds the position of creative director and vice-president of the board, while her daughter , Allegra , is 50 percent owner. Versace is teaming up with serial high street collaborators, H &M, with an exciting new launch, and with many other cheaper brands.


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    Alberta Ferretti

    Alberta Ferretti

    As a women famed for her fragile little dresses blown together from raw-edged chiffon, appliqued ribbon and intricate rivulets of beading. Alberta Ferretti is an unlikely player in the boardroom wars of worlds luxury goods groups. Yet Aeffe SpA, the company she founded in 1980 with her brother Massimo as chairman, now owns the controlling stake in Moschino and brokered production and distribution deals with Jean Paul Gaultier (1994) and Narciso Rodriguez (1997). As well as Alberta Ferretti and her successful diffusion line, Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti, Aeffe owns swimwear /lingerie label Velmar nad fashion label Pollini.

    Born in 1950 in Caattolica, Italy, Ferretti is the daughterof a dressmaker and was raised assisting in her mother’s atelier. Not for her are the sharp, tight and angular silhouettes of the male Parisian couturiers. Ferretti was inspired instead instead of lyrical femininity and fluidity as celebrated in the Fellini movies being made around Cattolica in the 1850. At the age of 18, ferretti opened a boutique in her hometown and in 1974 unveiled her own label.

    1980 saw Alberta and Massimo go into business together . Alberta Ferretti’s debut on the catwalk in Milan came in 1981 with sheer , ethereal chiffons and pin-tucked satin dresses. In 1994, Aeffe annexed the medieval village of Montegridolfo as its Italian headquarters. More than a decade later, her delicate, romantic but modern take on fashion is as relevant as it was when she started, with the label growing in size to include Alberta Ferretti Girls, a childrenswear line, a hugely successful diffusion line, Philosophy, a stylish eyewear range with conjunction with Elite  Group SpA, and most recently an Alberta Ferretti fragrance with Elisabeth Arden.

    Image result for Alberta Ferretti

     Image result for Alberta Ferretti

    Image result for Alberta Ferretti

    Image result for Alberta Ferretti

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    8 tricks that you look skinny

    8 tricks that you look skinny

    Image result for tricks to look skinny

    According to a poll conducted by Glamour magazine on a sample of 16,000 women, 40% of us are unhappy with our bodies. We would like to be skinnier (and shapes, if you can!), Higher, softer skin and perfect smile.

    To accept yourself as you are, to become a real challenge in a society that promotes by all means look ideal balance dream, healthy food, impeccable life … But the reality is that few of us may be “trimmed front of the magazine” any day – and we need to look better tricks.

    1. Wearing high heels!

    In any case, your heels will “chase” figure, making you seem skinny and will give you both an imposing air.
    However, you have to carefully choose shoes: say “no” sandals with ankle strap on if you want them to look not too thick and not wear heels higher than 10 cm, especially if you’re not used. Skinny looking will not compensate for the awkwardness and discomfort when you step :)

    Rely on the heels square or triangular base overturned (for special occasions) rather than the stiletto.

    2. Put your boobs out

    If you want to highlight your waist, do not forget when you approach sexy bra outfits. Besides that it will highlight the shape of their breasts and will “out in front” will soften the contours of your body, giving you much-coveted hourglass.

    Remember, it’s important to choose a suitable bra and shape of your breasts, especially one that has the ideal size.

    3.Choose the right size

    Just because you want to look skinny  in certain situations (ok, maybe more often than it should), it does not mean you have to wear clothes and smaller.

    Unsuitable jeans can make you look even fuller, and a blouse that you always play tricks and lift the hips will highlight precisely what you want to hide :)

    4. Wear corset … under clothing and not only :)

    Beautiful centuries past never goes out of the house without corset and relied on its irresistible effect: raising waist to suffocation, hips and breasts to put in value and posture always right.

    Today, the corset has exceeded his powers and can be seen often in unusual combinations with a skirt, leather pants or even a tutu. So, it’s an investment both for slim appearance, and for one extravagance.

    Do not forget: the corset tightened enough to allow you to breathe freely. Especially the first conversation, it might make you feel like you can not breathe.

    5. Be the “little black princess”

    Black is always in trend! Color (or, some would say, noncolor :) ) magic can make you look skinny in almost any situation. However, do not believe that if you wear black clothes extra pounds will disappear like magic: texture, tone black clothing style and choice are equally important.

    It is also essential to not abuse black clothes, for obvious reasons. Even if you opt for a little black dress or a suit deux pieces, Accessorize with colorful earrings or a necklace.

    6. Choose your ideal angle

    Did you know that at one time Mariah Carey demanded to be photographed only from the right of certain angles? Singer motivated claim with some principles of feng shui staff (yes, I know, it sounds ridiculous :) ), but photographs have quickly realized that he wanted to actually look skinny.

    Follow his example and practicing in the mirror posts that catch you best. Try to stay as straight, cross your legs if you do not want to seem too thick, posing with one hand on hip (Cosmopolitan style) to emphasize the waist and “help” little arms full.

    7. Try underwear “slimming”

    Do not think of something that will make you lose kilos :) So-called excessive sweating slimming corsets are not only your “embrace” forms, reducing their size.

    Unlike traditional corsets, they include the buttocks, abdomen, hips and thighs, giving your body a new shape, slim and compact. Slim corsets are usually made of 100% cotton with lycra and nylon very least a silky texture.

    8. Tan yourself!

    It showed the admiring glances of men on the beach: tan makes you brighter, and more supple! As black manages to envelop forms’re still not happy, you will wear tan skin texture into a new, more attractive and slim.

    Do not overdo assuming that a tan is excessive saving diet and fitness! Summer is a good time to treat yourself to sunlight, but also to your body toning.

    If all sit in the sun, try every day 15-20 minutes of stretching and light exercise. It never hurts if you think about it as putting your muscles moving’ll have fewer things to hide.





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    Fashion Street in New York

    Fashion Street in New York

    Image result for how is fashion street in new york

    New York city residents are known for their fast way of life, always on the run and that know exactly what they want and dress style is no exception to this rule.

    Trends in New York are launched on the street more than the catwalk. No other city does embrace extravagance as this busy and alert rhythm and the atmosphere encourages you to experiment, to come out and assert your individuality. It is a city that understands that clothes separates you from the crowd and as a result women and relies on an eccentric personal style.

    Like any other metropolis, meet two types defined – the woman who prefers clothes from brands luxury, always elegant and bright, and on the other hand, with a style more comfortable and relaxed are young girls bearing held consisting of combinations of vintage and original pieces from mass-market stores.

    Contrary Paris girls in New York you will rarely see someone dressed in black from head to toe. They prefer bright colors and have not the slightest problem in a bright red suit with a leopard print dress for a day.

    They said New York to be dress for success either to impress or to express yourself. Dare to wear unusual combinations of clothing as Carrie Bradshaw character in the TV series Sex and the City, famous for extravagant style, or take a look elegant and fashion icon Olivia Palermo. Do not hesitate to match it different textures or materials and two types of prints in the same outfit.

    No matter what style you prefer, confident attitude you should not miss.

    For an elegant look, choose a pencil skirt and a shirt in white polka dots. Accessories are very important here, dotted shoes, gold bracelets and clutches complement the white clothing carefully.


    If you want a casual look for spring, I recommend a shirt with a logo, a pair of skinny jeans and a khaki parka jacket. To complete the outfit, try a large bag in a bright color.



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    5 bags that you can wear at any party

    5 bags that you can wear at any party

    Image result for bags that you wear to parties

    What handbags are wearing the party this is the question that bothers us now, when there is less and the season starts end of year parties!

    Ever wonder if your envelope of patent leather longer suitable for a special evening out? Here are five models of party bags that you could replace:

    1. Vintage

    Simply adore patterns that remind us be loved by us or behind us at least a quarter century or visualize big screen divas at the time when elegance was synonymous with glamour and sheer beauty.

    2. Box

    It has a metal frame, durable, small and is very versatile. If it can turn into very small clutch accessory that holds.

    3. Fantasy

    Does shapes, colors and sizes of the wildest and unusual. If there is embroidered and encrusted stones, flowers or beads, then it’s metal, wood, bamboo or any material that may create a fancy handbag.

    4. Clutch

    Small size, easy to handle, shiny and glamorous, clutches won the hearts of ladies handbag in love with this little jewel.

    5. Envelope bag

    From her I turned to her and all I got. It’s hard to ignore this stylish handbag, which can use in as many ways: they can hold it in your hand, underarm, shoulder, is spacious and elegant.


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