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    How do you transform leggings in a sophisticated look

    How do you transform leggings in a sophisticated look

    Controversy leggings (should be book for fitness sessions or is it ok to wear them on the street?) Has long been debated for several seasons now, since the piece of clothing began to be increasingly popular in urban setting.

    We believe that you can wear tights in the street without look like you’re on the way to aerobics hour, as long as you follow a few simple rules:

    >>Remember that despite the fact that in recent years, tights began to be made of high end materials, they remain a piece of clothing with casual look and is therefore unsuitable for business attire or interview, to name a few examples . No leather tights are no exception to the rule – a relaxed office attire, trying rather slim version-fit leather pants, whose silhouette makes it look more sophisticated.

    >>Although based on tights are a part of sports clothes if you wear them in public as casual attire, avoid pairing them with exclusive sports shoes (running sneakers, sneakers). Otherwise, your outfit will risk being confused with one walk to fitness course.

    >>Be very careful about material they are tailored. Avoid thin materials, which in certain light or after a few washes, risks becoming slightly transparent. Always check the label and make purchases exclusively from quality materials leggings.

    >>If you’re lucky possessor of slender legs, you’re free to try various patterns and prints, but otherwise, limit yourself to the monochromatic color tights, preferably in dark shades. Remember that ultra-tight nature of tights has a gift for any imperfection highlights and prints have broad power to optical surface on which it is located. If you have not perfect foots, but you still want to try a variation to print, go to the subtle patterns (striped thin and barely visible or graphic prints that will never be positioned at problem areas – for example, if you hide some very muscular legs, opt for prints until hips  choose for models of tights printed on the bottom.

    >>Oversized tunic-style tops and shirts make great pair of tights, buttocks and hips ensuring that are particularly vulnerable second-skin material type of leggings.

    For a casual look that retains the same time modern sophistication, choose for one of the options below:


    Classic black leggings

    It looks great mixed with an oversized white shirt (you can even borrow one of your boyfriend’s wardrobe – the effect will be more chic and nonchalant), a pair of shoes inspired by men, and a few delicate jewelry to sweeten the look.

    Graphic print leggings

    Can easily be switched from the register in the urban sport chic, edgy top is worn with a leather backpack and a minimalist set of bracelets.

    Printed Legwear

    Avoid too heavy look, matching the colors and monochrome pieces.

    Leather Legwear

    You can choose between the option of leather and imitation leather – in the case of the two, be sure to check material quality! Carry them with feminine pieces – heels and a silk blouse for a contrast effect.



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    Salad with melon, blackberries and feta cheese

    Salad with melon, blackberries and feta cheese

    Ingredients 2 servings:
    • 1/3 melon • 1 cup blackberries or blueberries • arugula with lamb’s lettuce • 80g feta cheese • 1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil
    Honey ginger sauce:
    • 2 tablespoons honey • 2 teaspoons grated ginger • pinch of salt and freshly ground black pepper • 1 teaspoon lime juice or lemon

    Preparation: Peel the melon and cut into cubes removing the pits. Mix the ingredients of the sauce. Spread on plates rinsed and dried arugula with corn salad, season with salt and pepper and drizzle with 1 teaspoon olive oil, gently mix. Put melon sauce, blackberries and crumbled feta cheese.

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    Velvet makes you feel valuable and elegant every day!

    Velvet makes you feel valuable and elegant every day!

    Winter is perhaps the most difficult and depressing moment in terms of fashion style for women. Textures cumbersome and often completely uncomfortable are so necessary in cold months! Try to balance your wardrobe using special items, precious that helps you feel feminine and sophisticated.

    The first and most important element that characterizes an outfit and your mood change, is material, it is made a piece of clothes. Velvet is one of the most ancient and precious textures always in fashion. Associated with royalty and richness, velvet  has kept until today these attributes.

    Even though you might think it is a material that exclusively targets evening outfits, designers have integrated pieces of velvet in the style of everyday for cool women.

    Perhaps the most courageous interpretation of velvet is as masculine suit, impeccably tailored and that is the most beautiful combination of masculine and feminine elements.

    And if you’re thinking ,when you say immediately, velvet most spectacular dress for a special occasion, you are not wrong at all. The way it drapes on the body material creates an optical illusion of a perfect figure. The texture of velvet gloss that helps to trick has extra inches we all fight.

    Just this glossy finish is best suited to a particular color palette. Gemstone shades bring the exact dose of sophistication that it wants every woman he wears a special dress.

    Ruby red, emerald green and sapphire blue are some of the most common shades of velvet, favorite designers and fashionistas, also.

    If you do not have the guts to wear an outfit made entirely of velvet, then you should not miss on your list of purchases of the new season a velvet jacket. Very arched, shoulders and lapels marked dressed in satin jacket this model will remain for many years a piece de resistance of your style.

    The combination of textures that fit best with the high degree of sophistication that brings velvet are some equally precious. Lace, leather or silk mix on velvet luster and superb shiny.

    Charming velvet apricot dress

     Purplish red velvet sexy dress

    Sparkle grey cut out velvet dress


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    Hussein Chalayan

    Hussein Chalayan

    What can you say about this designer? Crazy…absolutely crazy….

    The turkish designer has started his activity in 1993.The Tangent Flows was his first collection.  In 1194 , he prepare a ready to wear collection with his name. In his fashion designs he integrates human body and clothing with technology, science and architecture, playing with the narratives constructed around culture and anthropology.

    His artistic influential in his clothes its huge, also very innovative with the structure of the textile, using sometimes, plastic, wood, paper,metal or other word structures. He combines his artistic fashion work with installations music and cinema.

    In his shows  the conceptual and theoretical inspirations behind his garments are played out across the body. In 1995  he win a prise in London. Also in 1995 Chalayan worked with avant-garde star Björk.

    Hussein Chalayan collection Lands Without for Spring/Summer 1997 featured several “Kite” dresses.  which were notable because of the way in which he directed the relationship between his garments and the body, and his use of architectural proportions to amplify their interplay with their surroundings.

    In 1998 came out with another collection  wearing black chadors of varying lengths and nothing else, alluding to fashion’s continual shift of erogenous zones around the female body arising in response to changing ideals.The first wore a chador, which covered most of her body and allowed a gap just for her eyes. Each veil became shorter and shorter until, finally, the last one was nude apart from a mask covering her face. According to Chalayan this piece was about defining cultural territory.

    For his Echoform collection for Autumn/Winter 1999 Chalayan created leather dresses inspired by car interiors to represent externalizing speed. Despite this attention and recognition for his work Chalayan struggled with sponsorship and funding, often receiving it from various other companies and his own country.

    TSE’s decision not to renew his contract caused further financial difficulties as the designer amounted 250,000 pounds in debt and was forced to go into voluntary liquidation.Subsequently, he restructured his company and staged comeback collection in 2001 without a catwalk presentation, and designed for high-street label to make ends meet.

    In early 2008, he designed a series of laser LED dresses in collaboration with luxury label Swarovski, showcased in Tokyo. On February 13, 2011, he and Nicola Formichetti collaborated with Lady Gaga at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards.


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    Trendmuster 70er

    Trendmuster 70er

    Gimme , gimme, gimme a Seventies Fashion Flashback. Grafische Muster und fröhliche Farben laden zu einer stylishen Zeitreise ein.


    Louis Vuitton 70 s Kleid

    Chiffon maxi dress


    Stars von 70s.

    Diese Stars waren echte Trendvorreiter. Zurück in die Zukunft, oder andersum? Die poppigen Prints waren und bleiben ein Reisenhit.

    Romy Schneider

    Bildhübsch und wahnsinnig erfolgreich. Als Sissi erlangte die gebürtige Wienerin weltweiten Ruhm und wurde zum modischen Vorbild unzähliger Frauen. Ihr Style Rezept: feminine Eleganz mit einer Prise Extravaganz einfach perfeckt.

    Catherine Deneuve

    Schon im Alter von 13 Jahren war Catherine auf der Leinwand zu sehen. Ihr Charme und ihre selbstbewusste Art machten sie zur französischen Fashion Ikone der 70er Jahre.

    Diana Ross

    Die stilsichere Soul Diva gilt als eine der erfolgreichesten amerikanischen Sängerinnen und konnte mit ihrer Hitsingle Upside Down auch in den deutschen Charts punkten. Schillernde Outfits und crazy Styles waren ihr Markenzeichnen.

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    Trendfarbe Grau

    Trendfarbe Grau

    Stein auf Stein – der Look, der wird bald fertig sein. Die kühlen It-Nuancen verbinden sich zu edlen Casual-Styles.

     Silver silk chic dress

     Silber Seide schickes Kleid


    Pulover clasic negru sau maro?


    Gestrickte Pailletten Bolero

    Spezielle Bolero aus dicker Baumwolle, verziert mit silbernen Pailletten. Ein ganz besonderes Bolero.

    G from Gloria Agostina

     Lace embroidered special dress


     Elegant office grey dress


    Elegantes Büro grauen Kleid

    Diesen weichen Baumwollschal können Sie auf viele verschiedene Arten tragen! Haben Sie Spaß und finden Sie Ihren eigenen Stil!

    Cotton soft scarf

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    Trendmaterial Leder

    Trendmaterial Leder

    Nicht nur rockig, sondern auch richtig edel. Die VIP, Ladys lieben hauchdünnes Leder in coolen Herbstfarben.

    Lederdress Balenciaga


    Supersexy Jennifer Lopez in sonnengelben Kleid von The 2nd Skin Co.

    Wildleder hose mit Abnähern vorn.

    Black leather corset

    Schwarzes elegantes Leder Korsett

    Luxus Wildleder Hose


    Luxury suede leather pants

    Die Sängerin Rhianna trägt zur Cargohose ein rafiniertes Top, beides aud Leder und beides von Balmain.

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    Flower Power für den Herbst 2016

    Flower Power für den Herbst 2016

    Die neue Kollektion von Gloria Agostina 2016 bietet lauter schöne Gründe, sich auf den Herbst zu freuen: weiche Materialien, blumige Muster, kreative Kombis und coole Accessories. Grün zählt zu den Trendfarben , die sich mit leuchtendem Geld eindrucksvoll pimpen lassen.

    Go for grün

    Grüner Mode Mantel

    Green fashion coat

     Hooded army green wool coat


    Mode Kleid Qualität

     Yellow fashion women coat

    Gelb und Grün machen gemeinsame Sache und sorgen so für einen regelrechten Style-Rausch. Also schnell zugreifen…

    Mode Kleid Qualität

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    Luxury fashion in difficulty

    Luxury brand vs cheap brands. - Luxury fashion in difficulty


    The last 10 years marked a revolution in fashion. One that never achieved this limit. Before was very clear, even you buy ordinary clothes, from the local market boutique or store ,that normally include basic colors basic cots, normal textile cotton or jeans in general. Or you buy luxury clothes , the one who are more colored, special prints (you can see it from the distance).People recognise very fast that you wear expensive clothes without looking for the label on you. The textiles was special, different techniques and styles. It was really so abvioust in the moment you see it catch yout eye.

    Now it is not like that anymore. People admire a piece a clothes and you say…oh no was cheap from H&M for example…for sure it is not what they expect to hear.

    What remain for the luxury brand than?

    They have to buy more and more commercial a^that lately doesnt bring the profit back….or place the largest logo on the clothes to be obvious from the distance, (sometimes to big lately) ,in order for the other to recognise the status. to client to show, look i have money i didn’t buy from cheap stores…

    But reality is, lately it’s harder and harder to make the difference.The mergure from last years change the face of Fashion forever. In the cheap store you dont find only clothes that you wear in the house or to gym, but also clothes you go out to party with.

    It a revolution. And its changing more and more. I am wondering what is to come for the luxury brand, many like Versace, D&G, they had financial problems,. The struggle to survive to keep the head up, but backstage its a chaos. Problem is this days that nothing brings the money like in the old days. Its not like you make a TV campaign and thousands of people fight second day to buy the product. People have today more choices, it is hard to convince them.

    We see fusion only between luxury brands, it will not be a wonder of later, we hear that H&M buyed Dior, or another brand :) With the cars already happened , why not with the fashion also ? :)



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    Fall outfit ideas to copy right now

    Fall outfit ideas to copy right now

    I love Fall colors! And what i love the most is playing with colors on our clothes. From a scarf to bag, to boots, to your coat. It is not a better time than now. So just use your imagination, and were the colors of the trees in this time.Yellow, brown, red, bronze, brick color all these in your outfit will look amazing.

    Here i choose some outfits that i like, and that i wear normally,but you can wear whatever you like. No other season it’s more perfect for comfy cosy clothes, from wool or soft textiles, and gorgeous color matching perfect. You feel like you need only your hot tea next to you.

    What i love is to wear oversized sweaters, thinner or thicker from wool, mohair,or cashmere or from viscose,or cotton. All these give me worm, makes me feel comfortable but also they are very comfortable on the skin. Add an oversized scarf and you feel already like in your bed,warm and cosy. Also some good warm boots and you are ready to go for the next season!





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