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    One day detoxification cure


    One day detoxification cure based on eating natural juice is beneficial in at least two reasons. First you release the body of toxins that may cause you some inconvenience and secondly, although this diet can detoxify your day tired and give you headaches, as the body loses sugars or coefina will be a day dedicated to just you, a day of relaxation and rejuvenation .

    Try that one day detoxification cure would not establish anything done if you want to make the move, avoid strenuous exercise. Do what feels good – read, relax or simply rest. There are no fixed rules for this detox diet simply spend the day caring for you.

    8:00 AM – drink a glass of warm water with lemon juice, in order to clean kidney;

    8:30 AM – prepare a citrus fruit juice, apple, pineapple or melon, for revival and to begin the process of cleaning;

    9:00 AM – put your blood move with a massage dry skin, in order to stimulate circulatory and lymphatic systems. Start with your legs and climb slowly; use a brush gritty with natural hair. Finish with a hot shower, and if you are feeling brave, with a jet of cold water! Clear and hydrated your skin thoroughly.

    9:30 AM – drink a glass of water or herb tea that will help the process of detox.

    10:00 AM – easy hiking, swimming, etc. movement counteracts theu npleasant effects of detox;

    11:30 AM – drink again a glass of water to a cup of tea;

    12:30 PM – at noon choose a highly nutritious natural juice to his hunger; try a combination of root vegetables and green leaves;

    1:00 PM – Still a glass of water or tea; it is good lemon tea, help detoxifere;

    1:30 PM – The process of detox”, by which the body eliminates toxins accumulated in time, can be tiring. Take a nap, read or listen to music relaxing.

    2:30 PM – drink a glass of water or a cup of tea.

    3:30 PM – though he probably has fallen slightly, so prepare yourself a natural juice from fruit, as well as blueberries, strawberries, cranberries, oranges and mangos. After a day relatively devoid of food, will have a taste, slightly acidic, but he will play energy lost.

    5:00 PM – it’s important to drink at least eight glasses of water daily, so it’s time for one of them.

    7:30 PM – perhaps you will not have problems with sleep today, but you can prepare a juice with bananas, lettuce or apples to help you relax and to fight insomnia.

    9:30 PM – yet another glass of water and then a last herb tea, this time one moment, such as plague. Take a bath relaxing, using scented oils for aromatherapy, such as lavender, ylang ylang, rose or santal .

    10:00 PM – time for bed. His insides will be relatively empty until tomorrow morning, so I start the day gradually, with fresh fruit and yogurt or whole-wheat bread toast and honey. At noon take a salad easy, possibly vegetables cooked in the steam, and rice for dinner, of course add fresh juices nutrients.

    One day detoxification cure is perfect for one day of vacation . Obviously, you can choose the day you want; may be on weekends or in any day when you can take free and know that you have something else to do. Take care of you and happy dieting!

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    New swimsuit collection 2014

    New swimsuit collection 2014

    Gloria Agostina have for every women that want to have a great style in the summer that comes a hot and beautiful style at the beach or pool and for that , Gloria have for you the anew swimsuit collection 2014 with the latest trend in fashion .

    Here we have some examples for you :


    A full swimsuit with a pharaoh print , very stylish , exotic and sexy .


    Very sexy style and splendide swimwear


    If you wanna have a gorgeous retro style you can choose one like this .


    And if you wanna a marine sexy style you can have this gorgeous swimsuit .


    For more swimsuit , bathing suits and many surprises you can visit the swimwear category and find the swimsuit that you love to have , the prices are very good , quality is the best and you have a lot of swimwear to choose from new swimsuit collection 2014.


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    Shopping it’s a therapy

    Shopping it’s a therapy…but what about when you don’t have money?

    Every time when we are depressed, upset, or is just bad weather outside…after shopping we feel more relaxed or more happy… Somehow it works…I know sound like a cliché, but it works… for women at list…  During shopping you switch your thoughts in something also, and you enjoy what you see.

    What do you do than…Here are a few suggestions what to do in case you don’t have enough money… You can still enjoy shopping ;) These are some tricks I learned myself … when I didn’t have enough money…

    First of all you are looking for sales in stores…but not every time its sales season… so maybe it’s too expensive… and maybe you don’t want to wait a few months… for the next sales… you can also look all the time on internet… there are thousands of web stores, most of them on sales. You can also look in other country stores… these days everybody sends abroad packages, so you can also buy from a boutique to all over the planet…for sure you will find something very cheap….

    What else ? You can go to second hand stores… some of them they keep brand clothes in very good conditions… impressive they look like they never been warn… The chance to find something are small…because most of them they are out of fashion…but this days vintage is cool… so with a little bit imagination you can make cool outfits from it….

    You can also go to a special warehouse where people send the old stuff they don’t need….

    Or look from some store who are in liquidation or they close for good the store…  than they try sell everything to a very short time….with very cheap prices…

    Flea Market also its a nice way to find special items, sometimes vintage but precious, to a very good price.

    In Europe it’s also 1 Euro stores where everything cost only 1 Euro!!!, they are just small stuff , but it is still shopping ! ;) You can buy books, or pencils, or hair clips or other small stuff!

    So, As you see they are many ways you can shop with a small budget!

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    Tips for hair and make-up

    Tips for hair and make-up are welcome after a very hard winter as the hair and skin have suffered from low temperatures, wind and other environmental factors.

    Hair in a hair changing

    Suffered much during this period, being trapped, cramped as scarves or hats of greatness that it electrifies, moving from poor to high temperatures in a short span. In these circumstances, it is no wonder that your dissatisfaction reaches high when worn open, it no longer sits in any way. For this cause was lacking vitaminte hair, light and protection to land and hairdressing added in excess.

    Specialists suggest using the right hair care products that tell us that after we wash with shampoo rinse us well, let us wipe the hair with a towel to remove excess water and then apply conditioner. Also they advise you not to use mask and conditioner in the same washing, but also they alternam . When we apply mask , so we can have more visible results, it is appropriate to infasuram hair in a damp towel with very hot water, then we’re just five minutes at the end, wash our with lukewarm water to cold. Natural masks are a variant of hair fortifiere spring

    A new season brings change makeup kit

    At the beginning of the season cleaning is not only the cabinets, but also cosmetic kit. If, during the winter, did not use a foundation with SPF, now is the right time for you to choose one of this category. Facial skin must be protected at all times unpleasant effects of sunlight.

    With respect to color, choose, if possible, in natural light, by comparing it with skin tone from the bottom jaw. In vain fits hue of your hand, the criterion most frequently encountered in the choice of fund complexion, so that your hands are not the same color as before. Season in spring or summer of this year, it is absolutely flawless complexion, so you very careful about choices you do.

    Are you sure you will find nuance that you would oppose his lips in the most beautiful way possible. Eyeliner write on our eyes and this year, the key is a bit, a bit, a bit! And I am convinced that the result will be to match .  As the colors of make-up, to start the bidding fun! Choose colors fresh, fresh, matte or pearl for added color and freshness.

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    Radiant Orchid



    Radiant orchid  is a combination of purple, fuchsia pink and ring tones, which has been determined to color of the year 2014 by Pantone and give tone in fashion world as well as in the case of interior decoration , architecture, packaging and many other industries in a way we didn’t even think about.

    If you like to be trendy or just adore this radiant Orchid color and think it suits your complexion, dare to enter in your wardrobe!


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    Fast pizza

    We all want to have a quick and delicious meal, that’s why I chose to put a simple and quick recipe, fast pizza. I found it, I liked and I said an I share with other lovers of Italian cuisine.

    After several years, I’ve tried a recipe of pizza whose result was discouraged. The problem was the countertop: crunchy, 100% 0% fluffy. This has led to limitez at Easter, when it came to Italian cuisine. The situation has changed but unexpectedly last week. The other day I captured the attention a photo with five simple ingredients, accompanied by the words ‘ pizza dough. It’s ready in six minutes. And so I found myself with big plans that night!

    The ingredients of this dough are: 300 grams of flour, 200 ml of warm water, 1 tablespoon olive oil, 1 teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon of dry yeast. Mix the ingredients and knead mixture about 5 minutes. A very cool thing that you really need to leave the dough obtained from yeast. I’ve not left, and if you use it all once you can keep in the freezer for another occasion.

    We have the dough remains to us we conceive your own pizza or you can follow the classic ingredients. Usually I am trying to create something new with what I have in the fridge, so giving a special note of each pizza.

    I have created a pizza where the base was a delicious sauce of tomatoes . Then I added some salt, pepper, oregano, basil, chopped green garlic finely chopped and a bit of Cayenne. Then I cut some mozzarella slices, cherry tomatoes in two and we’ve added on them. Over all this I added corn and chorizo sausages. I put it in the oven and in 15 minutes I’ve enjoyed a rapid and tasty pizza. The Result: Delicious. The countertop: desired combination crispy and fluffy.



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    Occasion dresses

    Occasion dresses

    The magic of beautiful special occasion dresses will never dissipate! Every woman dreams of a perfect dress, which would define the style, personality and highlight the shapes. Dress to make you feel unique and special. In this regard, we have made a selection of the most beautiful and elegant dresses on models Gloria Agostina can offer you.


    This luxury ostrich feathers fashion sexy short dress is a great choice and has a special price  .



    For a more sexy look you can wear a cutwork lace tutu skirt dress .



    If you wanna have a more stylish sequin modern style you can have a black modern fashion dress .




    One of the most gorgeous dress is this black long mermaid sequin dress , a dress that will put you into the spot lights area .


    Another occasion dress that we suggest is this super sexy bandage dress with a gorgeous blackless style .




    In the end another special dress is this short rainbow sequin dress .



    At the beginning of the year, we wish to make the most inspired choices and find the dress that you determine to shine at any special event in your life. Surely, one of these models will attract attention!

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    Prada Just think high fashion


    In 1971, Miuccia Prada entered the family business. Twenty years later, the higley traditional leather goods company had changed beyond all recognition. The innovation of something as simple as a nylon bag meant there was no looking back: Prada was on the way to redefining luxury, subtly and desirability in fashion.

    Prada the company – led by the designer and her husband Patrizio Bertelli, who started work with Prada in 1977 and is now CEO of the Prada Group – seems to have an uncanny ability to capture the cultural climate in fashion. This sensitivity has been unashamedly teamed with commercial savvy, which has made the brand influence over the past decade vast and its growth enormous.

    From bags and shoes to the first womenswear collection 1988, the Miu Miu for the younger customer 1993, meanwear 1994, Prada Sport 1997 and Prada beauty , all are directly overseen by Miuccia Prada’s aesthetic.

    Much of this may be down to her contradictory character. Born in Milan in 1950 , Miuccia Prada studied political science at the city’s university and was a member of Italy’s Communist Party, yet is said to have worn Yves Saint Laurent on the barricades. The designer, who has made The Wall Street Journal 30 Most powerful Women in Europe list, also spent a period studying to be a mime artist. These dualities have led to her expert ability in balancing the contrary forces of art and commerce within the superbrand, sometimes quite literally: Prada has his own art foundation and has collaborated with the architect Rem Koolhaas on stores in New York 2001, and Los Angeles 2004. From the late 90′s´, the Prada Group embarked upon a policy of rapid expansion, purchasing brands including Azzedine Alaia, Helmut Land and Church & Co. Every presentation of men’s women’s and Miu Miu collections continues to reflect the diverse cultural interests of Miuccia Prada. With associated projects, her collaboration with rem Koolhaas is a constant inspiration.





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    Eye makeup trends

    Eye makeup trends

    A brief rundown of trends in spring-summer 2014 makeup and a few details. The colors of the new season in vogue are the metal, especially copper and brown tones . It is very important that the eyelid makeup to be the center of maximum interest  and powerful eyes dug out to be part of a nude makeup, as natural as possible.

    Sensitive Eye makeup

    The cheek take maximum consideration that must be mat bright and perfect. Add a hint of neutral lipstick or lip marks only gloss metallic transparent.The colors must be worn as jewelry, no other details and no trace of black. The only detail pemis is a transparent mascara applied more sparingly.



    Smokey eyes

    Extends over the eyebrows and color so that they be part of the makeup. Shimmering loose powders are the best solution, and are the first recommendation. Get brilliant, deep gaze and an unparalleled freshness, and rejuvenates and brightens face.



    Correction of eye makeup

    Use for eyelids one color, any of those who fit into metal and copper brown shades, shades of honey, deer leather and gold glitz. You can try a combination of colors, but it should bring lightweight shadows that to sustain the natural contour and highlight the metallic brilliance and light eyes and are recommended especially for evening makeup, more complicated.


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    Nude shoes


    We all have , all kinds of pairs of shoes, a pair of black shoes, red, others of high heel shoes and shoes with no heel. But there’s in the wardrobe  a pair of nude shoes? If not, then you need to buy a pair because it is a very good and stylish investment and I recommend to do that. A few years ago it was unthinkable not to have black shoes in the wardrobe, now is intolerable to not have even a pair of nude shoes!

    Nude shoes are in a extremely wide range from cream to flavor peach. Also nude are the beige tones, coffee with milk, but the ones that stick in brown. The secret is to find a pair of nude shoes  that is in keeping with the tone of your skin, or pair of socks to match the tone of shoes. Continuity and uniformity of tones between the shoes and stockings and shoes and leather, is essential and this is the great secret.

    Nude shoes have a great advantage. You can wear it at any, in any combination at any time of the day, any occasion, be it night or day. The downside is that you impose an outfit perfectly elegance and go to anything  but only no to pants. Nude shoes can be worn on bare feet in this situation carefully as skin tone is not much lighter than the color of the shoes, because the effect is lost.




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