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    Safari Fall 2015

    Safari Fall 2015

    Safari style suggests freedom of movement and desire of adventure. Lightness combined with clothing pieces in earth tones, khaki, green and gold jewelry, to create a sophisticated look but also extremely comfortable.

    Trench coat beige

    Short green pants safari style

    Skirt leather H&M

     Safari braun bag

     Safari outfit white shirt and suede skirt

    Safari look for this month! - Safari Fall 2015

    Suede jacket safari

    Safari green dress

    Safari jacke sophisticated

    Safari outlook jumpsuit

    Safari outlook

    Safari short pants beige

    Safari dress

     Safari long suede shirt

    Safari outfit short pants and shirt

    Another safari look

    Safari green dress

    Safari chiffon green dress

    Safari suede jacket

    Safari green jumpsuit

    Safari green dress

    Safari beige brown dress

    Safari brown shirt
















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    White jacket, the piece de resistance for a fresh look & trendy

    White jacket, the piece de resistance for a fresh look & trendy
    You look at photos of street fashion style during the week and see characters like Emmanuelle Alt, editor in chief of Vogue Paris, showing flawless, relaxed and very stylish. Among the building blocks that we see in fashion style are specialists and white jacket. Yes, you read correctly, white, not black jacket classic. And that is always present in any dressing inspired, but who really knows his style and choose different pieces.

    Sometimes created in masculine style, sometimes in the form of Blaser or tunic, white jacket has the power to transform even the most banal and dull outfit into a refined and clean image.

    The famous combination of colors, black and white, now get a much fresher and more relaxed, sometimes with sport influences.



    Urban style almost always involves integrating pieces of denim jeans and especially in everyday outfits. A successful combination is between boyfriend jeans, white shirts and bags with an message writted. Sneakers or ballerinas are the most practical and summer shoes cool and cold days oxford shoes or boots are recommended without heels.

    For work or an evening out, heels are mandatory and skinny jeans fit very many silhouettes.

    Color combinations that bring best value a white jacket are reminiscent of summer: shades of blue, grays and pastels.

    Often have you heard of the female tuxedo as an alternative cool for a black tie attire. White jacket with satin lapels and cut in very elegant and highlights you differentiate yourself in a sea of black dresses.

    Wool or linen fabrics or thin fabrics or textures, are the one that accentuate the main features of this piece: freshness, comfort and elegance.

    Rely on the power of contrast when you combine a white jacket with a mini jumpsuit, black or a very sexy dress. Chromatic minimalist design and simplicity are advantages in building a balanced look, timeless, yet cool.


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    Jewels minimalist

    Jewels minimalist

    They say less is more. Even so it is! In today’s world of abundance, personality and individuality are highlighted by simplistic  jewelry. I mean those necklaces impeccable, simple, minimalist.

    The passion that you have for spiritual and pure form, contributes to the birth of jewelry that can be worn not only admired. The minimalist design means jewellery created by hand, with heart and soul, most of the time in limited edition, that evidence in subtle way the personality of the owner. The essence and symbolism minimalist style features characterize these jewelery.

     Jewelry trends 2016

    Next year we can talk about a mixture of styles, colors and materials, but the emphasis is on fine jewelry that complements the discreet outfits and gives a touch of nonconformity. A new element will be joining with geometric shapes in an organic whole.

     How to wear them

    Some basic rules of aesthetics and good taste we would suggest not to overstate, not try to maintain the same line and same style forever. This is the benefit of jewelry, fashion is always changing, and you never get bored of them.

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    Issey Miyake

    Issey Miyake

    The Japanese designer imagined a style fusion between East and West for which he invented new methods of pleating and draping. With a conceptual approach of fashion design, he experimented with unusual materials such as plastic, paper or rope always analysing the relationship the wearers’ bodies developed with his clothes.

    Dai Fujiwara joined the Issey Miyake Design Studio in 1994, after graduating from Tokyo Tama Art University in textile design. As part of Miyake collection staff, he collaborated with Miyake on the A-POC project, which wowed the editors, journalist ans buyers alike when 23 models appeared on the Paris catwalk in 1998 connected by one tube of fabric.

    For his work on A-PAC, Fujiwara was awarded the Good Design Grand Prize in 2000 and was nominated for the Mainichi Design award in 2003. Three years later, his continued dedication to fabric research and development culminated in his appointment as creative director of Issey Miyake collections, with Fujiwara unleashing his debut collection ‘Rondo’ for autumn/winter 2007. Just like  Miyake, Fujiwara enjoys collaborating with artists and product designers across the globe.

    Spring/Summer 2008 saw him join forces with James Dyson – inventor of the dual cyclone vacuum cleaner – on an atmospheric wind stage set. For his Autumn/Winter 2008 collection, Apocalyptic Lovers the maverick designer took part in Finland’s 5th International Alvar Aalto Design Seminar ‘It’s a beautiful day’ , working closely with some of the world’s most renowned design companies to visualise and kit out the wedding of an ordinary Finnish couple.

    Always one to think outside the box, Fujiwara goes to great lengths to research the theme of his collection, flying a part a part of his design team to the Amazon rainforest to research ‘real color’ for his Spring/Summer 2009 collection Colour Hunting. Autumn/Winter 2009 saw the Japanese designer recruit Karate Kate master as models to accurately demonstrate the high-performance quality of his clothing.

    The Issey Miyake men’s collections continue to be shown in the Paris showroom in Place des Vosges twice yearly. August 2009 marked the much awaited launch of Issey Miyake new fragrance, a Scent. Housed in a slick glass bottle designed by Paris based designer Arik Levy , the fragrance arrived 17 years after the huge success of L’Eau D’Issey. Yoshiyuki Miyamae was appointed as head womenswear designer, following the departure of Fujiwara in February 2011.



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    Gucci – Frida Giannini

    Gucci – Frida Giannini

    In March 2005, Frida Giannini was charged with pushing Gucci, one of the most recognisable status label of the late 20th century, into a new era.

    She is responsible for its high profile accessories and women’s wear collections, which have become synonymous with figure hugging pencil skirts, glamorous and vixenish eveningwear, a look established by Gucci’s former designer, Tom Ford, during the 90s.

    Established in 1921 by Guccio Gucci as a saddlery shop in Florence, the company had been a traditional family-run Italian business until Guccio’s grandson Maurizio sold his final share of the brand in 1993. It was Guccio who first intertwined his initials to create the iconic logo.

    Yet until Tom Ford came along in the mid ’90s, the brand’s image was lackluster. In 2004, Ford exited Gucci, and new management filled his position not with single designer but with a team of three, all of whom were promoted internally: John Ray for menswear, Alessandra Facchinetti for womenswear and Frida Giannini for accessories.

    In March 2005 Facchinetti also left Gucci, and Gianni was then also made responsible for women’s clothing collections. Born in Rome in 1972, Gianni studied at the city’s Fashion Academy: in 1997, she landed a jos as ready to wear designer at Fendi, before first joining Gucci in 2002. Her Flora collection of flowery printed accessories was the commercial hit of 2004.

    By 2005, she was named creative director of Gucci women’S ready to wear. In 2006, she took named creative director of Gucci women’s ready to wear. In 2006, she took over menswear. Frida has since put her distinctive stamp on the label, celebrating the house’s inimitable üast and expertise in luxury craftsmanship, while adding youth, colour and a playful extravagance.

    Gianni has also been integral in bringing celebrities to the brand, and James Franco for fragrance, while working closely with Madonna and Rihanna on charitable initiatives.


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    Poncho warm and chic

    Poncho warm and chic

    Are you bored of eternal jacket and coat seems too old style? Choose to wear a cape, thick woolen cloth or knit and you have a trendy look, warm and very playful. The cut loose gives you freedom of movement that you so desperately need when you walk on icy streets and rolling amplitude thee of bitter cold.



    A cape in a neutral shade or a geometric print can blend in more combinations and will help you look stylish even in an ordinary outfit.

    The trousers with a high waist and flared cut worn with a large cape will help you slim  your hight higher and more.


    Because you have your arms discovered, now it is the time to wear the most elegant long gloves, leather. You can find inspiration in iconic images of Audrey Hepburn who is the embodiment of refinement and femininity.

    The dresses that emphasize body line creates the exact dose of contrast you desire an elegant outfit for the office.

    The accessories are very visible when you are chosen for an outfit to marked the cape. Felt hats elegant flowing lines of matching cape and gives you an extra dose of mystery and style.


    Another big advantage is that it helps the cape to hide the extra pounds in a very cool and trendy.

    Ends from tassels have playful personalities fit and strong colors you can wear them only if you feel very comfortable when you’re in the spotlight.

    Another super hot accessory of the season, over the knee boots are the ideal length for a classic cape and together create a very chic outfit.

    Find your favorite model to fit and wear, a piece so uncommon as coping and enjoying a cool picture!


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    Famous dresses that have marked the history of cinema

     Famous dresses that have marked the history of cinema

    Have you seen them in  your adolescence marked picture of what is beautiful, elegant or sexy. Movie role is to make us dream of incredible stories and fascinating women through their image and projects the energy it to the big screen. There are several dresses that have managed to score the history of cinema and became representative image of actresses with important careers.

    The partnership between fashion and film is more constructive to see how a mix of catwalk trends and theme films. The strongest example we have linked to ‘Great Gatsby’ and current ’20s-inspired, very present in many important collections.

    Movies that are based on a book, have a big handicap: the image that they have to translate must translate everything imagined readers’ minds, over many years. This happened in the case of the film “Atonement” in that Keira Knightley wore a gorgeous emerald green dress, 40s style, made by Jacquelline Durrani. The combination of fragility and susceptibility character that embodied Keira, her very delicate and elegant silhouette dress created an iconic image for a story transposed into film.


    From elegant Keira Knightley we move on sex appeal of Marilyn Monroe in “The Seven Year Itch” in 1955. The famous white dress that is high current subway has given new meaning to the concept of sensuality and courage of those women years. In 2011 dress worn by Marilyn was bought at auction for a sum of 5.6 million dollars, which is the largest evidence of the impact it had in the imagination of all.

    It seems that white is the sexiest color, this time worn by Sharon Stone in “Basic Instinct”. The cut of the dress minimalist and androgynous easy micro is completely canceled length that allows the protagonist to create one of the most memorable scenes in cinema in recent years.

    A scenario worthy of “Cinderella” We have all seen in “Pretty Woman”, the film that made her famous Julia Roberts. The gorgeous red dress she wears to the opera,  witness as redheads can look spectacular in red. When such a dress is complemented by a diamond necklace, the image becomes a symbol for such a story.

    But perhaps the most emblematic image for the relationship between film and fashion is the collaboration between house Givenchy and Audrey Hepburn for her role in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” (1961). The black dress, simple, worn with pearls, long gloves, tiara and sunglasses is the embodiment of perfection on film.

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    5 tricks to look younger, but just as sure of yourself

    5 tricks to look younger, but just as sure of yourself
    Social Stereotypes determine how to dress women after passing a certain age. With each decade, the upper limit up to which a woman is young and growing, active lifestyle due to many becomes difficult to reconcile youthful style you prefer serious and predictable image that others expect from them.

    The solution also comes from fashion who understood the desires of women and created those parts which give a fresh and perfectly adapted look to your age.

    1. For each age there is a suitable pair of jeans. Choose a pair of medium size, in a dark shade of blue and pockets positioned to create the effect of lifting the bottom. Casual outfits will get a dose of fresh air, you feel more comfortable and figure modeling effect will enjoy the newly elected clothes.

    2. Considered by many as the first area that betrays the true age, neck and décolleté have always been a concern for women who want to look younger, and for this should avoid calling attention to this area. The two secret weapons are scarves and high neck blouses.  Scarves worn loose around the neck negligent hide problem areas, giving extra softness and looks like a  chic outfit. Fabric soft tops with matching high collar office, but they can also note the trunk shape for relaxation and perfect proportion.

    4. classic shirt and jacket combination tends to grow and create an aura of severity. To relax your image and seem younger, replaces a jacket with asymmetric draped Blaser. Fluid lines will hide your problem areas, you will look more relaxed and younger in the end. Choose light shades, mix white shirt and beige Blaser is always in fashion and combine well with jeans or classic trousers.

    5. Accessories are details that should never forget. A pair of large earrings has the advantage of drawing attention to the face and eyes. An important tip is not to combine styling without volume with oversized earrings. The earrings “Creole” is suitable for all physiognomies and proves an inspired investment in time.


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    Little black dress. It said everything about it?

    Little black dress. It said everything about it?

    Yes, for sure.

    Since 1920, when it was invented before, stories and stories about it were written with all utensils possible, was approached from all angles, with all eyes, was blamed and praised but, above all, worn .

    If you’re a fan of them, and you certainly have your secrets with this dress. You need to have it. Think of all the events, occasions when you joined and brought you joy.

    I remember a recent event, at which It was quite fancy, with enough beautiful dresses that make me a top of preferences. I’m not lying when I say my favorite dress (and was not just mine) was a little black one. It was perfect for the person who wore it. They were perfect together. Why? The dress, as I said, was a black, simple enough as to not ever go out, after the body line, ends below the knee and have the sexy camisole. In turn, we, the women of the event in question, we came over to Ms. little dress and black perfect and we brought both of our offerings verbal modern as can be “wow, wow, wow.”

    Review: The little black dress recently turned 100 years of history, some file being written by the most famous personalities in the fashion world: Coco Chanel, Hubert de Givenchy, Audrey Hepburn, Lady Diana. Dresses theirs were auctioned over time fabulous amounts approaching one million dollars and are now museum exhibits.

    The little black dress is, as the name says, simple dress, black with a classic, not trendy, sometimes shorter, but not necessarily, evening or cocktail versatile when it accessorize according to the occasion on which you can use. The little black dress or LBD is a very short piece every woman must have in your wardrobe and get magical powers when it has a story. Yes, a black dress is iconic little black dress it has history. Wear it, live it!


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    Balenciaga – Nicolas Ghesquiere

    When the great Cristobal Balenciaga closed the doors of his coutoure house in 1968, he lamented. There is no one left worth dressing. For decades, the house lay dormant, until 26 year old Frenchman Nicolas Ghesquiere was appointed creative director of Balenciaga in 1997 after the departure pf Josephus Thimister.

    Since 1995, Ghesquiere had quietly freelanced for Balenciaga’s licences. Three year later, Ghesquiere won the Vogue VH1 Avant Garde tribune called him the most intriguing and original designer of his generation. Through relatively unknown when he was appointed to Balenciaga,  his a life in fashion. He won work placements at Agnes B. and Corinne Cobson while still at school in London, central france.

    At 19, he become an assistant designer to Gaultier and then Mugler, before a brief tenure as head designer at Trussardi. But his great achievement has been his revival of Balenciaga. His green silk crop combat pants for Spring/Summer 2002 were the most copied garment of the season and Neoprene mini skirts and dresses for spring summer 2003 kept Balenciaga on the edge, creatively and commercially. In 2002, a menswear line was launched, a year after the house of Balenciaga was bought by the Gucci group.

    For Autumn/Winter 2005, he showed A-line leather dresses trimmed with pale ostrich feathers and sleek tailoring fitted with chrome fastening. He was elected as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World by Time magazine in 2006, and awarded the prestigious Insigne de Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres for his continued creativity in 2008. Under his influence, Balenciaga today includes seven extremely lusted-after diffusion lines.

    Balenciaga Edition, a collection of items inspired by Cristobal Balenciaga haute couture archives Balenciaga Denim, Black Dress and Silk. Former Gucci CEO Domenico de Sole has said: Balenciaga has one fantastic asset. He’s called Nicolas Ghesquiere.

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