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    Mary Frances

    Mary Frances – The beautiful universe of her bags…

    Mary Frances artful handbags and accessories are characterized by fun and luxurious fabrics, beadwork, trims and stones. The unique and bold look of a Mary Frances bag design has inspired many to collect these radiant pieces. Each bag is designed by Mary using the finest fabrics, leathers, semi-precious beads, stones, and crystals.

    Fans of the Mary Frances collections are as varies as her handbags. These treasures are showing up on the arms of entertainers, artists, fashionistas, and renowned celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Aniston… and the list goes on. Mary Frances’ whimsical designs famed for their collaboration between fabric, texture, unique materials, and colors have fueled her soaring popularity.  “Life’s too short to not be inspired by your own look!!” Mary Frances exclaims  with a big smile! Mary Frances’ passion is to provide objects of artistic beauty  at accessible prices. Each design is unique and as full of life as she is.

    Mary Frances was acknowledged as “star of the show” during Paris fashion week for two consecutive years, and has received the prestigious Best Design award in Milan for her 2013 and 2014 collections.








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    Fashion lexicon – how to measure clothes

    All the time problems when you order clothes on internet, how to measure clothes ? It is even too small or to big the clothes you order online?

    Than you better learn how to measure you and your body. In this way you can order safely proper clothes for you, that will fit you.

    More and more people buy clothes online, from different reasons. It is more convenient, normally you spend saturday in some shops about five hours when you one to shop, on internet you can surf hours looking for clothes you like, you have more time to compare prices, to see new collections. Another reason can be that you live in more an isolated area, with not that many clothes shop around. And you have to travel a lot to get in a zone with many stores, with many options.Other reason can be your work program. If you are getting out from your job at 6 -7 in the evening almost all the shops are clothes… there is not that much time for shopping. Therefore it is more convenient to order online and ship it at your home, at at our office.

    Whatever are your reason buying on internet it is not maybe such bad idea, you just have to don’t forget choosing the size only watching the cm or inch. Because the measures are all the time different, only the cm and inch are the same everywhere..to every brand and every country. Most of the buyers forget the most important thing, to look to the real measures. They look only for standard measures like XS, S, M, L, Xl, XXL, or 34, 36, 38,40, 42, 44. But it is not enough… you should look also for measurement in cm or in inch. Especially when S it is not the same in Italy, as in Germany as in England. When you check your correctly the measures everything will go smoothly and the clothes will all the time fit you ! So… don’t forget to measure yourself!


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    A topic about corsets…

    Long time ago, it was not acceptable an outfit without corset. Than in beginning of 19 century a new dimension of fashion came…change all the lines, tradition and customs. We lost all the extra textile, the uncomfortable corset, the women want free comfortable clothes, easy to move in and to wear it. Lately we just noticed that more and more designer use corsets in their collections…a small steps for a come back….

    What we know for sure it’s that it’s that corsets are the most sexy item a women can have. Not another piece of clothes more the body more sensual and more sexy. Pushing the breast up, decreasing the waist creating a perfect hourglass silhouette.

    First they were used for dessous and intim lingerie, but today you can wear it as a top or incorporate in a dress with no problems. Can be from lace, satin, or embroidered with stones, pearls, printed, with cord up, or metal buttons, corsets are in trend.

    We love corsets especially the special one with many accessories, be bold and wear them.








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    How can you have fun after 35-40 years old?

    Make your usually grill more interesting….

    Your dinner with friends with a thematic. India, China, greece…sushi night… russian night..etc, halloween , summer days, grill, just because.

    Make special decoration for tabels, make nice upero, everyone will enjoy it and will remember for a long time and will talk about it. It,s a way to have fun with your friends.

    In 20 ts everybody make party , drink a lot and flirt alot but in 30 things are different…You can not just go out so much, you like more the comfy filling from your home… or you already have kids which is make it more complicated to go out.

    So than How can you have fun after 35-40 years old?

    Try to don’t get old fashioned, you have plenty of time to be later old…and tired, and without energy. Listened some pop energetic music to feel more motivated and try to find some ways…

    For example travelling ? We know, we travel more at 40 than we traveled when we had 20 something ….Maybe because of the money, may be because of the time….or because of our curiosity, we see things more deeply, but the appetite especially for far away destination it is open. Meet new culture , new tradition, be absorbed in other society, you will have all the time greats story to tell later for your friends , or your kids.

    Start dancing lessons, of course does not have to be hip hop, but with classic easy styles you can have new feelings, you will enjoy it…

    Go to some concerts, all the time it is something going on in the big cities, famous Singers are coming. You will enjoy the celebration atmosphere and the happy ambiance.

    A movie marathon, go in many cinemas and watch in the same day, all the movies you wanna it for a long time to watch it… Take a lot of popcorn, and beverages and don’t leave the cinema :)



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    Kurven zeigen im Meerjungfrauen Kleid

    Weibliche Rundungen lassen sich am besten in einem Meerjungfrauen -Kleid präsentieren. Zeigen Sie Ihre verführerische Sanduhr -Figur!

    Kurven zeigen im Meerjungfrauen Kleid

    Um sexy Rundungen an den Hüften vorteilhaft zu inszenieren, können Accessoires wie eine Schleife oder eine spezielle Struktur im Stoff viel beitragen.

    Meerjungfrauen kleid





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    Fashion According to sign

    Clothing suggestions for each sign

    Fashion According to sign

    Trends are not the only thing that dictates how we dress, the stars are critical to our clothing choices. Here’s what you characterize items depending on sign and are our suggestions shooping:


    Features: Optimistic, independent, generous

    Lucky Colour: Red

    Style: Let’s face it, the aries is a bossy sign, but when it comes to clothing, choices are helping you a lot. So you always know what suits you and you do not bear the thought of wearing something that is not well tailored to you.

    Recommended piece: shirt, a piece of clothing that is easy to mix and go perfectly with trousers, perfect piece for a woman sure of herself, like aries.


    Taurus Characteristics: Reliable, loyal, patient

    Lucky Colour: Emerald Green

    Style: Because you’re an earth sign you like to wear basic pieces, comfortable and timeless.

    Recommended piece:  Scarf, because you like to put your neck out to get attention, so choose creative or warm scarves.


    Characteristics: Intelligent, witty, adaptable

    Lucky Colour: Yellow

    Style: Because you double sign of the zodiac, seem to have a split personality. In fact you are far too intelligent to get more focused on one thing only. The versatile pieces suit you best.

    Recommended pieceLeather jacket or backpack practical and must-have this season


    Characteristics: Loving, receptive, protective

    Lucky Colour: White

    Style: Because you’re an emotional, memorable and easily attach of all, even a certain piece of clothing. Also,you like the comfort, but hate tacky clothes.

    Recommended piece: A classy dress, because you like to be always elegant and feminine


    Characteristics: Confident, ambitious, a lot of fun

    Lucky Colour: Gold

    Style: You are a person with a wild side and have a extrovert part, always put the flirt. When a lion enters the room not only attract attention by personality, and the way it is dressed, choosing clothing items that stand out.

    Recommended piece:  An accessory eye catchy, and a band extravaganza for the world to admire


    Characteristics: analytical, helpful, reliable

    Lucky Colour: blue

    Stylel: You are a serious person that fits classy style. You always arrange every detail of dress in place. Do you like classic pieces that are easy to match.

    Recommended piece: A jacket in a neutral color, easy to mix, and very classy


    CharacteristicsGraceful, diplomatic, attractive

    Lucky Colour:  pastel green

    Styel: You like things that are truly beautiful, and this is true for clothes. Wear the latest trends with the greatest ease, so do not keep wearing even the crazy parts launched by designers.

    Recommended pieceA bold dress with a creative print, a challenge trendy


    Characteristics:Passionate, dynamic spirit of observation

    Lucky Colour: Purple

    Style: Because you are one of the most sensual signs of the zodiac, you like clothes that make you look irresistible in front of everyone watching you. You can take a pin-up style outfit with a bustier cut and a pair of high-waisted pants. Also, your clothing choices reflect your mood at the time.

    Recommended piece: The bodice is sensual, and suggests a dominant and confident personality like yours.


    Characteristics: Independent intellectual Direct

    Lucky Colour: turquoise

    Style: Because you thinking open environment easily adopt to you, you’re confident, intelligent and curious and this is reflected in your clothing choices. And because you’re one of the most dynamic signs of the zodiac, you like things new and casual and accept any challenge that gives you fashion.

    Recommended piece: Prewashed jeans are bold, comfortable and casual with an option for a casual shirt


    Characteristicswith sense of humor, disciplined, reserved

    Characteristics: Nude

    Style: u are the worker sign of the zodiac, so that you occupied most of the time during the day and be sure to arrive on time for every meeting, you need a look that is in tune with the latest trends, but also while it is easy. Also, you like outfits that are well developed.

    Recommended pieceWatch, not only is the classic option, but is also a practical one for the program maniac as your sign


    Characteristics: Intelligent, witty, a great philanthropist

    Lucky Colour: Blue sky

    Style: Because you like to live in each moment and maximum intensity are indepent, your style dress is one as libertine and easy. Do you like boho-chic style, cuttings atypical and eccentric and original pieces.

    Recommended piece: An original and funny sweatshirt with attention, showing you libertine spirit and maverick.


    CharacteristicsIntuitive, compassionate, down to earth

    Characteristics: green blue

    Style: You have a spirit-free fun and dreamy, so choose clothing items that fit with the attributes of your personality. Do you like art and original accessories and the clothes romantic and feminine, perfect for a night out on the town.

    Recommended piece: A lace dress, very femininity and romantic

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    Walter Van Beirendonck

    If Walter Van Beirendonck were in a band, it would play a fusion of punk, folk, trash, pop, techno and chamber music.

    One of Belgium’s most prolific fashion designers, Walter Van Beirendonck places his sense of humour to the fore of his creations in an approach that humanises the sexuality that is often woven into his garments as patterns and graphics. Safe sex is a common thematic thread, as are literary, cinematic and folkloric references. Knitwear also plays a large part in Walter Van Beirendonck repertoire, but no prim twinsets or crew necks for him, his jumpers are likely to come with matching balaclavas garish cartoon faces, bold messages of sexual motifs.

    Born in Belgium in 1957, Walter Van Beirendonck studied at Antwerp’s Royal Academy. Part of the legendary Antwerp Six who brought Belgian fashion to greater public consciousness with their 1987 London show, Van Beirendonck along with Dirk Van Saene, Dries Van Noten, Marina Yee was responsible for moving fashion towards a new rationale. From 1193 to 1999, he created the cyberpunk label that was W&LT (Wild and Lethal Trash), after which he relaunched his eponymous line. A second line , Aestheticterrorists, was founded in 1999. He has taught at the Royal Academy since 1985 and has designed costumes for stage and film and for bands such as U2 and The Avalanches. He has curated exhibitions in the world’s top galleries and has illustrated books, created his own comic won numerous awards. In March 1998, the book Mutaliate was dedicated to Van Beirendonck first ten years in fashion, and in September 1998, he opened his own store, Walter in Antwerp. He could be described as the industry’s blue sky thinker, for both his visionary perspective, and his constantly optimistic outlook.




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    Glanz und Gloria

    Glanz und Gloria

    Sometimes everybody need a little bit a sparkle…. But when we should wear it?

    I have to be honest it is difficult to decide when to wear a little bit sparkle. Normally it’s for the evening outfits but sometimes… it is really nice also during the day to have some golden and silver shining accessory or clothes on you. It’s like you light your day, people around you will notice you, you feel radiating and alive. Maybe you are more conservative , and were just normal tunic and leggings, or jeans and t-shirt, regular casual clothes, but did you try really Gland and Gloria?

    Just try it one time… see how its goes …. maybe you will not like it but at least you try it…. No harm in that…. Or maybe you liked it, and next try when you want to get out from regularly days you will try a little bit of glitter.

    Women with personality all the time try new things, even if they are not there taste….It’s nothing more annoying than a stiff woman, inflexible who is scared of changes. Scared to try new things. So dare…dare to be bold, beautiful, alive.





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    Born in 1970 in Camden Town, London, Hannah MacGibbon in raising the heat at the house of Chloe. After Phoebe Philo`s departure in 2005, the company lost its magic touch in igniting the flames of desire amongst fashion critics and Chloe fans. Her Autumn/Winter  2009 collection of luxurious blanket coats and relaxed evening glamour showed that MacGibbon had her finger firmly on the pulse of Chloe.

    After graduating from Central Saint Martins, MacGibbon cut her teeth at Valentino before joining Chloe in 2001. Working closely with Philo, MacGibbon was integral to the ascendancy of Chloe in the early noughties. When Philo left Chloe, MacGibbon was offered the top job but she turned it down . she went on to art-direct special projects including the Eau de Parum launch. On 10 March 2008, was named creative director, taking over from Paolo Melim Andersson. In May 2011 MacGibbon announced that she leaving Chloe to pursue new projects. Clare Waight Keller, previously head designer of Pringle of Scotland for five years, was announced as her successor in June 2011.


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    The Italian fashion house Moschino owes to Rosella Jardini who, since the untimely death od its founder Franco Moschino in 1994, has succeaafully held the reins of a brand which today still puts the kook into kooky.

    Moschino, having burst onto the scene in 1983, has grown up since its logo-mania `80s heyday (remember the phrases like “Ready to Where” or This Is a Very Expensive Shirt splashed onto garments). But Jardini, as creative director of all Moschino product lines (sold through 22 shops worldwide), has steered this this label in a contemporary directions while retaining its traditional wit. Since the millennium, we have seen Jardini and her team continue to tease the market through parody and stereotype, both of which are central to the original philosophy of the house.

    Rompish catwalk parades featuring housewives in curlers and sleeping masks, demure `50s ladies a la Chanel (one of Jardini’s most important personal influences) over the top prints, trompe loeil and swishy petticoats have all provided gleeful style moments.

    Born in Bergamo, Italy in 1952, Jardini began her career selling clothes rather than designing them. Then in 1976, she met Nicola Trussardi and began assisting with the development of that company`s clothing and leather goods. Creating her own line in 1978 with two model friends,  she soon made the acquaintance of Franco Moschino and in 1981 began assisting him. A stint designing accessories for Bottega Veneta followed, but by 1984 she had settled into a permanent role at Moschino. Ten years later, before his tragically early death, Franco Moschino made it quite clear he wished Jardini to take over the helm. She has been there ever since.


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    Das ist unser Hochzeitstanz!

    Romantische Songideen für den ersten Tanz als Frau und Herr Traumpaar.

    Oft in Original wunderschön, odch Cover-Versionen sind auch nicht zu verachten.

    Das ist unser Hochzeitstanz!

    Heaven  – Bryan Adams

    No Ordinary – Sade

    The Way You Look Tonight – Michael Buble

    Only You – The Platters

    Always- Bon Jovi

    Three Times a Lady – Lionel Ritchie

    I can`t Stop Loving You -Ray Charles

    Everything I do – Brian Adams

    I Just Call To Say I love You – Stevie Wonder

    All of Me – John Legend

    Stand by Me- Ben E. King

    She’s The One – Robbie Williams

    1+1 – Beyonce

    After All- Cher

    Can`t Help Falling in Love – UB40

    One Moment in Time – Whitney Houston

    All 4 You – I Swear

    At Last- Beyonce

    I Belong To You – Anastacia

    Alicia Keys – Fallin

    Make You Feel My Love – Adele

    Easy – Commodores

    Have I Told You Lately – Rod Steward

    Perfect Day – Duran Duran

    Marvin Gaye- Let`s Get It On

    When a Man Loves a Women – Michael Bolton

    Can`t get Enough of Your Love – Barry White

    Is This Love – Corinne Bailey Rae

    Just The Way You Are – Billy Joel

    I Want to Spend My Lifetime Loving You – Marc Anthony and Tina Arena

    These Arms of Mine – Otis Redding

    To Be With You- Mr. Big

    When You Say Nothing At All- Ronan Keating

    Wild Horses- The Sundays

    Across the Universe – Rufus Wainwright

    Endless Love – Diana Ross and Lionel Richie


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