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    Ways to wear shorts in winter

    Ways to wear shorts in winter

    With high heels, leggings or stocking short pants looks amazings! Especially from soft blend of wool with cuffs on the seam the look absolutely amazing. High heel long boots make you feel confident and sexy. You are stronger than the wetter outside you dear to wear short pants!

    In Winter everybody its covered up…so you can be sure you take all the attention everywhere….!I love shorts in winter has a flair of freshness and boldness that i like. If you have nice legs try to show it also in winter. Leather long boots, or riding boots looks great. Also in sparkle metallic colors shorts are perfect and sexy. You don’t need very tight shorts (because you can not put tights) or too short like in summer, you need a lil bit more long and from thick textile.

    Also don’t forget to wear it with long coats. If your coat is to short than you will freeze all the time. Enjoy your shorts!



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    Pasta with halloumi cheese and avocado

    Pasta with halloumi cheese and avocado

    This pasta is perfect when you’re in a hurry. I am not that into creamy sauces and complicated foods which makes this meal perfect in all it’s simplicity.

    You need:  farfalle pasta, halloumi cheese  frying, avocado, cherry tomatoes, olive oil, fresh basil, pepper.

    • The boiling time for the pasta is 10 minutes but I like it al dente so I let it boil for 8-9 minutes.
    • Cut the halloumi and avocado in cubes and tomatoes in halves.
    • Fry the cheese on a frying pan while the pasta is boiling.
    • Turn off the pan and add the tomatoes for about a minute.
    • Mix the pasta with avocado, oil and pepper and then add the cheese, tomatoes and basil. Enjoy!


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    Want more money? Look what you have to do!

    Want more money? Look what you have to do!

    How we spend money that we earn so that we reach for invoices, rates, clothes, food, fun? What’s waste without realizing it, reach the end of each month to exclaim: “I do not know where the money went!”  We prepared a special article dedicated to personal finance management with relevant advice from specialists. Here are some of their comments:

    “Savings can be made only if we intend this. There are two perceptions that are misleading in my opinion. The first is that if we had more money we make and savings. Then we see that consumption patterns will come standard, if we still believe that should be more that we save and the race goes on forever. The second perception is that savings are only meaningful if large amounts (not absolute, but relative to income each). We must recognize, however, that when we have an amount saved (regardless of its amount) is better than nothing. So it is absolutely mandatory to have a discipline to enter and use the monthly savings, regardless of the amount that we can afford to keep it. ”

     How can we reduce monthly expenses?

    Thomas Lander, Executive Director and Fincance Broker:

    “With a little attention, we can save significant amounts without giving up a certain standard of living. Solutions are multiple: the use of electronics and appliances economic to use proper accounts and bank cards. It is better to have wallet full of cards to choose one with the best cost and to use it mainly for payments to traders and not for cash withdrawals. Similarly, an internet banking application could halve costs money orders and bank transfers.”

    When we get salary, what we should do, after paying bills / rates?

    Billy Wayne , Director of Credit:

    “”Of course priorities are regular expenses like credit installments, rent, bills and utility services and seasonal (quarterly / half-yearly / annual) as compulsory insurance. In over 50% of householder,  income go to consumer spending represent majority of food, entertainment, clothing, medicines.”

    In addition, we propose as ideal a monthly savings for:

    - A reserve fund (ie. 2-5% of income) that it can allocate to need an unscheduled trip but necessary to solve a health problem, other unforeseen events (eg. The wedding of a friend )

    - Holiday fund.


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    Alexander Wang

    Since his debut on the New York fashion scenes in 2006, Alexander Wang has cemented his reputation as the go-to brand for cool, stylish clothes for cool, stylish girls. Born and raised in San Francisco, California, to a Chinese American family, Wang moved to New York at the age of 18 to study fashion at Parson School of Design. During this time, he undertook a number of internships, including placements at Marc Jacobs. Teen Vogue and Derek Lam, before deciding to drop out of university in 2006 and launch himself as a fully independent fashion designer. Wang debuted his eponymous womenswear collection of cashmere knits one year later to instant critical acclaim, and by his sophomore collection, for Autumn Winter 2007, the young designer had been touted as one of the most exciting designers of a new generation.

    Believing a T-shirt and jeans can be just as sexy as an evening gown, Wang has since cultivated a design signature of slouchy tees, layered dresses and trousers that perfectly merge his Californian upbringing with his current downtown New York living. His simple yet chic clothes are widely acknowledged as the garments of choice for supermodel off duty, and he counts many of the big name girls as his best friends. Wang continue to cultivate his grunge-meet-glamour aesthetic by launching a slick accessories line of high heels and bags, and a diffusion line of T-shirt called T by Alexander Wang.

    Today Alexander Wang sells to over 150 boutiques and retail stores worldwide with his first flagship store opening in March 2011 in Soho, New York, while his accolades include a nomination for the 2008 CFDA Swarovski Womenswear Designer of the Year Award, a place amongst the top ten finalists for the Vogue CFDA Fashion Fund and the prestigious Ecco Domani Emerging Designer Award. Long way his success continue.


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    Bottega Veneta

    Bottega Veneta pedigree in fine leather goods makes it a world leader in this field. Founded in Vicenza, Italy in 1966, the house quickly become the choice of the Studio 54 crowd, Andy Warhol bought his Christmas presents at the New York store. At the time, Bottega was a family company designed and run by hudband and wife team Viitorio and Laura Moltedo, and it was famed for its handmade, super-soft bags created from signature intrecciato woven leather.

    Following this heyday, Bottega looked like being consigned to fashion history until the intervention of two forces. One was the Gucci Group, which in 2001 spent 60 milion $ on acquiring two thirds of the company, giving in the financial clout to undergo an extensive relaunch. The other was the appointment of Tomas Maier as creative director, previously in the company’s recent history, British designer Giles Deacon had been head designer. Maier’s revamp has included BV’s Milan headquarters, its stationary, staff and uniforms. Collections, too, have returned to a more sophisticated aesthetic and have been extended to cover laptop cases, shoes in exotic leathers, cashmere knits and homewear ranges.

    The focus, Maier has stated, is to sick with accessories and niche products. Miami based; German borned 1958 Maier trained at the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture in Paris and has a long history as a luxury-goods designer including nine years as designer of womenswear for Hermes and, in 1998, the launch of his own collection – being tipped as a man to watch. The collection is now sold at over 100 stores in more than 30 countries around the world.


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    12 Types of coats – Which style you like most?

    12 Types of coats – Which style you like most?

    If you are to immediately grab attention, wear a coat. It’s the biggest statement-making apparel you can have. Coats are not just necessities, covering and making you warm, they also serve as a reflection of your inner style.

    There are many types that flatters your figure, pick your outer layer wisely. Fashion up your look with these stylish way to wear coats.  Before you go shop for your most stylish coat, it’s essential that you know all types of coats.

    1. Trench Coat

    Originally an optional item of dress in the British Army, trench coat has evolved into one of the most fashionable coats, dressing up the most stylish of women. This ten-buttoned, double-breasted raincoat now comes in both dark, sophisticated shades and light, feminine hues, such as red, peach and periwinkle. You can wear it  more in Fall or Spring.

    2. Parka Coat

    A puffy, often down-filled jacket, Parka can be challenging to style. This casual style ranges from cropped to below midcaff, with or with the absence of fur. When the temperature drops to -40C and the wind makes it feel like -60C, Parka can be your best friend beacuse its long.

    3. Pea Coat

    Originally worn by sailors and navies, this outer coat typically hits below the hip and is double-breasted. The female version of this classic style is often referred to as a Jackie O jacket.

    4. Wrap Coat

    This outer layer that’s somehow akin to a robe has an extra material that allows it to overlap in the front. It’s cinched by a belt.

    5. Chesterfield Coat

    A long, tailored overcoat with very little waist suppression, Chesterfield coat is the equivalent of the ‘sack suit’ for clothes. Chesterfiled is slim, with blazerlike lapels which sometimes comes in velvet. This is a mens-style single or double breasted coat.

    6. Military Coat

    A reinterpretation of traditional military coats, it is usually long, from below the knee to the ankle, and double breasted, most often with brass-button details.

    7. Cape Coat

    The cape was common in medieval Europe, often worn with a hood. A sleeveless style that can have armholes, it can be belted.

    8. Car Coat

    This above-the-knee coat typically features buttons running down the front but can also have a double-breasted closure. Car coat has a classic appeal.

    9. Cocoon Coat

    Often cut above the knee and has sleeves that aren’t full-length, this outercoat is roomy.

    10. Toggle Coat

    This coat has front toggle closure and often a hood. Usually cut from wool.

    11. Duffle Coat

    A coat made from duffle, a coarse, thick, woolen material. The name derives from Duffel, a town in the province of Antwerp in Belgium where the material originates

    The most common style of Duffle coat is British style. Made of genuine Duffel, lined with a woolly tartan pattern, a hood and button able neck strap, four front wooden or horn toggle-fastenings with four rope or leather loops to attach them to,  two large outside pockets with covering flaps. It’s with three-quarter length.

    12. Top Coat

    Tweight overcoat, this traditional button-front cut hangs from the shoulders and features a fold-over collar and side pockets.

    So tell me Creative Fashionistas, which coat defines you the most?

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    Dresses under 50 $ or CHF

    Given that, currently, the fall is quite gentle with us and allows us to still wear dresses without suffering too cold for you today I did a little tour of the store to see which are the most interesting and accessible dresses of the season.

    Dresses under 50 $




















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    Want to feel like a star? Wear red!

    This year’s Emmy Awards held distinguished by elegant and refined, they remembered the glow of the early television, especially the predominant color was red.

    Wear red, is a rather risky choice because it can be confused with the traditional color of the carpet in such events was the preferred color and January Jones. We had all the time a fashionation for red color, it’s one of the post powerful, sexy color. Starting with red high heels which are like a invitation to a hot “night”, and ending with red accessory such as belt, earring, bag. You can choose your dessous also in red , the color of love.


    Such a stróng collar it’s always in attention, remarkable in any situation. Red the color of fire, of passion looks good not only on blondes girls but also on brunettes or red heads. Its the color of power, of provocative attitude, you have to be bold to wear it.



    In this season look hot the coats in red! Nothing stand more out than a red coat! Manufacturer from an elegant wool textile, it’s the perfection of elegance and style.









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    Anna Sui

    Anna Sui singularity lies in her ability to weave her own passions into her work. Her creations are intricate pastiches of vintage eras and knowing nods to music and popular culture -from #60s Portobello to downtown rockers and B-Boys. Her love for fashion began early. Growing up in a sleepy suburb of Detroit, Sui spent her days styling her dolls and collating her genius files, a source book of magazine clippings that she continues to reference today.

    In the 1970′s she began studying at Parsons School of Desi´gn in New York´, where she became a regular on the underground punk scene and where she met photographer Steven Meisel, a long time friend and collaborator. Sui spent the remainder of the ’70s designing for a string of sportwear companies. Then, in 1980, she presented a six piece collection at the Boutique Show, receiving an immediate order from Macy´’s. Sui made her runway debut proper in 1991, the collection was a critically aclaimed homage to her heroine, Coco Chanel. And by the early ’90s , her self-consciously maximalist look was helping to pave the way for designers like Marc Jacobs, sparking a revival in the New York fashion scene.

    In 1992, she won th CFDA Perry Ellis Award for Néw fashion Talent. Sui encapsulated the grunge spirit of the times, with Smashing Pumpkins guitarist James Iha  a close friend appearing in the Winter 1995 California Dreaming show, and Courtney Love famously adopting Sui’s classic baby-doll dresses. Sui now has stores in New York, LA, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shangai, Tokyo, Osaka, and has added denim, sportwear, shoes and accesories to her brand. Her kitsch cosmetics and best-selling fragrances, with distinctive rose-embossed packaging, have all helped to establish her as an important designer and shrewd businesswomen, with an eccentric spirit and limitless sense of fun. In 2006, a limited edition Anna Sui Boho Barbie was launched with mattel. In 2010 saw the launch of Sui’s first book, a retrospective chronicling the past 20 years of her runway, editorial and celebrity experiences.



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    Winter Wardrobe: 7 pieces that are must-have

    Winter Wardrobe

    Even though winter has not fully vested, specific wardrobe this season can not be postponed and fashionistas need to focus attention on the parts considered must-have this season.

    1. Poncho

    The specialists in fashion ranks countries ponchou-gentle tones that match anything. after the fashion company Burberry Prorsum autumn-winter season 2014-2015, the song became the first in the list of purchases of any lady or ladies who want to be trendy.

    2 . Short boots

    Boots  are the stars of this fall, however, to meet the latest trends must be like Timberland boots, only to have the holster. Short boots ”trekking” is offered in a wide variety, ranging from version “camping” and “safari” in the “urban” or luxury.

    3. Artificial fur short

    Short “yeti” Fur is versatile and can be matched to almost anywhere. Whether it is natural or artificial fur (preferably, if you want to get into conflict with animal lovers), it is one of the key pieces of the season.

    4. Bucket bag

    In terms of handbags, this autumn will be wearing the “bucket”. First to launch a Louis Vuitton is at the request of a client who wanted to transport a bottle of champagne to a picnic.

    5. Skater shoes

    Even if you make a note casual sport outfit from wardrobe must-have sneakers. “Skater shoes” are proposed in models and new materials such as velvet or sequins, and for special occasions the exotic black leather or imitation.

    6. Big jewellery

    In terms of jewelry, bet on statement pieces. It bears large rings, gold or silver, with or without stone. Or earrings covering the whole ear, oversized necklaces and bracelets giant.

    7. Headphones

    And because fashion keep up with technology, a proposal designers headphones. But they must be some original, funny, and, if possible, from a reputable company.





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