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  • Why i hate puffy wedding dresses!

    Girl let me tell you…. the princess wedding dress, puffy and heavy it’s out!
    Trust me…

    Don’t belive the old stores or designers who just want to sell the old collection that they have in stock! This days is in trend the slim meramid style, or the sheat style wedding dress. These are the tendency for the next years regarding wedding dress fashion. If you look to the runways you will see for yourself what it in style and what is not… But the stores ..and big brands for wedding dresses they still intoxicated with the old style…beacuse its logic….they want to sell the old staff that they have in stock!

    Today a bride should be sexy, slim like a fashionista (and let’s admitted all the brides are on diet before wedding !!!!) everybody try to loose weight and try to be as skiny as possible to the wedding.
    I was a wedding planner for many years…and trust when i tell you…ALL the brides are on diet! So then why to wear this heavy princess style dresses? You barely move…they are uncomfortable (i saw that myself during my wedding planning….) you sweat a lot, beacuse with so many layers…..you are like a engine in heat…not to mention all the emotions and things that happend around you… you are stressed..emotional…nervous…all together…and you want to add also a 7 kg dress? I don’t think so….. why not to choose a lighter fit and flare dress, mermaid or sheath style, comfortable, easy to wear…there is a lot of stuff thats going on around you…you don’t have to worry about your dress that slip down because it’s to heavy… and all the time pull it up .or other uncomfortable situation.

    Take a look to the new collection from Gloria Agostina of wedding dresses, you will se what is the real new style, and the trendy, wedding dresses in style!




    DON”T                                                                                                                                                         YES


    Why i hate puffy wedding dresses!
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