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  • What alcohol has low calories?

    What alcohol has low calories?

    We like to drink…This is clear. Sometimes when we have a bad time , or a bad day, we like to enjoy one glass of red wine, just to be more relaxed and forget all the bad stuff. Sometimes is just enjoying a nice evening with your friends. You laugh, you eat a good meal, you drink with your friends. Nothing can be more pleasant than this feeling. Having a good time.

    But how many calories are really hidden in the alcohol? Sometimes you choose just a salad, and not french fries with steak , but don’t forget to count the alcohol also!

    Unfortunately one glass of whine counts a lot. Almost 200 calories at one glass. The champagne doesn’t count that much only 60 calories at one glass. That’s why the models drink it to the party. They are some skinny drinks but not available in Europe, most of them are made in United States.

    Let’s just be honest with ourselves; there is no healthy way to drink alcohol. Drinking alcohol while trying to lose weight and stay fit is all about damage control; determining which alcoholic beverage will hurt your diet the least, and drinking the lesser of two evils.

    Light beer it is also a choice, has 120 calories one bottle. If you find it on the market.

    Bloody Mary has also low colories. One glass has 150 calories.

    Mohito is a refreshing option , but also one glass has 220 calories. With low sugar is even better.

    Vodca soda has between 100-300 calories. In general distilled alcohol (like Gin, Vodka, Rum, Tequila,Whiskey)   has between 100-250 calories.

    The best type of booze to drink if you want the most alcohol for your calories is hard liquor. Hard liquors are not the lowest calorie alcohol, but they have the best alcohol to calorie ratio. Which means that if your aim is to just get drunk, straight shots of vodka is the way to go.

    Tonic water has between 40-100 calories for one glass.

    Aperol Spritz 220 calories, Proseco, Sekt – 120 calories,  Hugo 180 calories.







    What alcohol has low calories?
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