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  • Why the women must say i do?

    Why the women must say i do?

    It is very weird why in our society today, the man have to propose the marriage? And the women have to say i Do, or Yes.

    Its clear that things are very different , and women are the one who want to get married first, not the man..

    The man is the one who want to to stall it as long as possible, and have many doubts not the women…He is the part who think maybe is the right one.
    The women just have to keep quite, and hope in secret he will finally pop the question. Most of the time she get frustrated, they are some fights in the couple, but this most of the time from the tension, he pretend they dont date for such a long time, and she ask herself what is taking him so long?

    Sometimes but very rarely it is the women Who pop the question, only the brave one, but has still buy the judge society, and THEY think this is unnatural. Reality is different than movies ,music and love books. The girl wants to get married in the moment she realized she love that man. From this point she just have to wait and hope… Not fair right? And in the end he ask the question because he feel pressured , because too much time has past, not because he feels he should do that. Many marriage proposal are because of duty, because of shame, to meet other people expectation.

    I think the women should ask the question, will make things much easier. Because she is all the time sure, she say i do anyway,,,,that’s why she live with him…



    Why the women must say i do?
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