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    Fashion According to sign

    Clothing suggestions for each sign

    Fashion According to sign

    Trends are not the only thing that dictates how we dress, the stars are critical to our clothing choices. Here’s what you characterize items depending on sign and are our suggestions shooping:


    Features: Optimistic, independent, generous

    Lucky Colour: Red

    Style: Let’s face it, the aries is a bossy sign, but when it comes to clothing, choices are helping you a lot. So you always know what suits you and you do not bear the thought of wearing something that is not well tailored to you.

    Recommended piece: shirt, a piece of clothing that is easy to mix and go perfectly with trousers, perfect piece for a woman sure of herself, like aries.


    Taurus Characteristics: Reliable, loyal, patient

    Lucky Colour: Emerald Green

    Style: Because you’re an earth sign you like to wear basic pieces, comfortable and timeless.

    Recommended piece:  Scarf, because you like to put your neck out to get attention, so choose creative or warm scarves.


    Characteristics: Intelligent, witty, adaptable

    Lucky Colour: Yellow

    Style: Because you double sign of the zodiac, seem to have a split personality. In fact you are far too intelligent to get more focused on one thing only. The versatile pieces suit you best.

    Recommended pieceLeather jacket or backpack practical and must-have this season


    Characteristics: Loving, receptive, protective

    Lucky Colour: White

    Style: Because you’re an emotional, memorable and easily attach of all, even a certain piece of clothing. Also,you like the comfort, but hate tacky clothes.

    Recommended piece: A classy dress, because you like to be always elegant and feminine


    Characteristics: Confident, ambitious, a lot of fun

    Lucky Colour: Gold

    Style: You are a person with a wild side and have a extrovert part, always put the flirt. When a lion enters the room not only attract attention by personality, and the way it is dressed, choosing clothing items that stand out.

    Recommended piece:  An accessory eye catchy, and a band extravaganza for the world to admire


    Characteristics: analytical, helpful, reliable

    Lucky Colour: blue

    Stylel: You are a serious person that fits classy style. You always arrange every detail of dress in place. Do you like classic pieces that are easy to match.

    Recommended piece: A jacket in a neutral color, easy to mix, and very classy


    CharacteristicsGraceful, diplomatic, attractive

    Lucky Colour:  pastel green

    Styel: You like things that are truly beautiful, and this is true for clothes. Wear the latest trends with the greatest ease, so do not keep wearing even the crazy parts launched by designers.

    Recommended pieceA bold dress with a creative print, a challenge trendy


    Characteristics:Passionate, dynamic spirit of observation

    Lucky Colour: Purple

    Style: Because you are one of the most sensual signs of the zodiac, you like clothes that make you look irresistible in front of everyone watching you. You can take a pin-up style outfit with a bustier cut and a pair of high-waisted pants. Also, your clothing choices reflect your mood at the time.

    Recommended piece: The bodice is sensual, and suggests a dominant and confident personality like yours.


    Characteristics: Independent intellectual Direct

    Lucky Colour: turquoise

    Style: Because you thinking open environment easily adopt to you, you’re confident, intelligent and curious and this is reflected in your clothing choices. And because you’re one of the most dynamic signs of the zodiac, you like things new and casual and accept any challenge that gives you fashion.

    Recommended piece: Prewashed jeans are bold, comfortable and casual with an option for a casual shirt


    Characteristicswith sense of humor, disciplined, reserved

    Characteristics: Nude

    Style: u are the worker sign of the zodiac, so that you occupied most of the time during the day and be sure to arrive on time for every meeting, you need a look that is in tune with the latest trends, but also while it is easy. Also, you like outfits that are well developed.

    Recommended pieceWatch, not only is the classic option, but is also a practical one for the program maniac as your sign


    Characteristics: Intelligent, witty, a great philanthropist

    Lucky Colour: Blue sky

    Style: Because you like to live in each moment and maximum intensity are indepent, your style dress is one as libertine and easy. Do you like boho-chic style, cuttings atypical and eccentric and original pieces.

    Recommended piece: An original and funny sweatshirt with attention, showing you libertine spirit and maverick.


    CharacteristicsIntuitive, compassionate, down to earth

    Characteristics: green blue

    Style: You have a spirit-free fun and dreamy, so choose clothing items that fit with the attributes of your personality. Do you like art and original accessories and the clothes romantic and feminine, perfect for a night out on the town.

    Recommended piece: A lace dress, very femininity and romantic


    Perfect pair of sunglasses

    Sun-glasses are the oldest and first method of protection against the sun’s rays to help us not injure your eyes, and now they have a much more substantial role in appearance and jewelry . Their lenses are colored , polarized or closed depending on what we want . Sun-glasses have emerged from the most ancient times and over time they have developed various shapes, sizes and colors.

    In the following lines we’ll try to see how we choose perfect pair of sunglasses . Many times we feel outfitul is not complete and missing something , you many times need a pair of glasses to protect you from the sun and to complete your look. An important thing in choosing perfect pair of sunglasses is to choose depending on your face shape.

    Aviator style glasses fit for tall with long face shape much more than people with round face. While you are buying reflective sunglasses, take time to try different shapes and see the right colours of optical coatings. Black and brown colors look good in almost any person, but the colored ones do not really apply to the same thing.

    Various forms a valuable and most glasses are glasses have rounded shapes to fit most girls. The square or rectangular faces are sharp and fit people with well proportioned .

    Retro style glasses fit very well with skirts or dresses with floral prints and also looks great with capris, flip flops and bright coloured tees and other clothing items.

    I hope all the things that I told them to help somewhat in the perfect pair of sunglasses you choose to complete your outfit or come as simply choosing a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun outside.


    Pencil Skirts

    Pencil skirts are usually worn or as a separate item of clothing or as part of a costume. It has a slim, narrow and usually there is a slit in the front or back, sometimes on one side for ease of movement.

    Most people find that pencil skirts are part of the category that you wear skirts only and only at work. Luckily it’s an idea outdated as pencil skirts are just for work. Although we know that these skirts are long, now they live a period of glory.

    Well as in trends this season not to mention the old pencil skirts, simple and outmoded, the focus is on the colored versions of the skirts, pencil skirt printed version. The skirt must be chosen with care according to the line of your body, so that the pencil skirt to blame as they should be.

    Regarding how assorted pencil skirts in our outfit, we have countless options. Can be presume and associate with top colorast or a t-shirt or a shirt printed denim. We can also go with a sporty sweatshirt. But if you want to stay in the area classic, you can choose a simple top color or white blouse.

    Be careful there is a conflict between color top and skirt, the best way to do this is to stay in the same color family.


    Style mistakes that make us look old and fattens

    Style mistakes can cost you dearly, even the smallest details of clothing we can add or drop some years . Improper hair color, uninspired length of the skirt or dress, a set of goggles that standings and not wake up with a few years and all the extra kilos, only apparent but which affects our image. In continuation of the article I’ll present some style mistakes that make us look old and fattens.

    Too much black

    We know that black is the color of elegance in most occasions but with the passage of years, they do not help us. Our skin becomes white and black hair and dark clothes not favor at all, quite the contrary we highlight various defects. To win few years, change hair color from black to a brown, and if you’re still a fan of black dresses and skirts choose colorful accessories.

    You are hiding

    We dress to cover your naked body, but you don’t have to buy clothes only to hide under them. Very often we buy ill-fitting clothes sizes. If we have a more classic style, even to our size does not choose 2 numbers higher. Straight coats are also at a disadvantage, you should opt for a cut to follow the line of the body, even if you think you have a few extra pounds.

    Wear skirts too long

    Even if we skirt a certain age should not be as long, you should beware of indefinite length. Skirt to mid-calf or longer until the earth not even favor a model, so they give up a skirt to mid knee stronger than the one you favor wide.

    Choose well the person with you make shopping

    A fringed dress addressed to young girl, will not look the same and you . He’s trying to style introduces vestimetar with your age . It is very good for you to be aware of the latest trends but need not necessarily be adapted to your own age. You can choose accessorie fashionable among young people and they used to kind of embed it tinutelor yours for a fresh look.

    Beware stubby shoes

    Deck plates are still in fashion, but do not necessarily represent a good choice for you, if you’ve passed 30 years ago and 60 kilograms … kind of shoes butucanosi added many years and many kilos. Choose variants more slim for your shoes and will not show look older.

    Among many other tips and tricks, these mistakes That style make us look old and fattenssunt some pretty good that I’m sure will bring more your style and maybe that will rejuvenate with 5 or 10 years, attracting the eyes of men on the street.



    This season autumn-winter in the extreme foreground: ultra feminine lines to look masculine-inspired clothes, posing for inspiration, like retro-glam to a futuristic design, however, giving birth to a spectacular universe, and the most difficult part is choosing your favorite pieces .

    In these dramatic trends, make their appearance accessory that drew all eyes in presentations this season namely feathers.

    Until now I was accustomed we find them very much in row creation haute couture, during the season of autumn/winter we are pleased to find that they are in the price-a-porter, as a symbol of luxury and elegance.

    In this season of ostrich feathers with light texture and pleasant to the touch, give the unique charm creations must have this season. They are destimate ladies with a particular fashion taste, especially the artistic side to dramatic.

    In the creations of the  great designers feathers are appearing in spectacular dresses with bright colors, they gave them extra opulence that take our mind to the old divas of Hollywood , also the feathers appears in combinations with metallic textures and transparent inserts .

    In everyday life, we can integrate the clothes with feathers, as long as discrete items appeal to a cardigan in a neutral color or a necklace placed over a basic shirt, white are suitable alternatives.

    In special occasions we don’t have any restrictions and we have free hand in dramatic parts, opulent. Long evening dresses accessorized with feathers, sometimes with the same detail oversized surprise or even a skirt made of feathers missing.

    Feathers are unique and special accessory remains our duty to know how to use it better, for it we highlight the body as well.


    Reptile leather accessories

    Reptile leather accessories are the most popular and fashionable accessories in this moments, fashion experts are of the opinion that any woman who wants to be in tune with the latest trends should have at least one accessory of this kind. The fact that reptile leather accessories are a trend at the moment is given presentations major fashion designers.

    Being a reptile skin accessory demanding that the gate is not normal, you have to pay close attention to how you choose your outfit.

    The bag

    Reptile leather bag is an accessory reptile very important and match best with elegant dresses, usually best fits satin dresses, giving a stylish addition good taste .

    The belt

    This is a very important accessory that can radically change an outfit, and they have an enviable waist must necessarily take advantage of it and put in value by choosing an interesting pattern. The belt can wear the dress but the shirt, preferably white.

    The watch

    Time is precious and such an accessory makes all the money, being an accessory important , giving a plus of refinement. Watches can be simple or with dials jeweled spectacles pretiose being very well slips into the special mention.

    The shoes

    A pair of high heeled shoes fits perfectly with an elegant evening dress , but it would be a special outfit if they would be made of reptile skin. If you have the right outfit, you can say that will be modern and stylish elegance.

    How combinable reptile leather accessories :

    If you want to wear a leather bag of reptile, you can match it with a pair of shoes but if you want to add a belt or a watch of the same material, you risk to have an outfit charged not at all pleasant and eye.

    What should you know about reptile skin care :

    • Reptilian skin do not get wet , shall be wiped with a dry cloth or skin a deer and a little bit of cream on your body .

    • Keep the sun-leather accessories reptilian it has a negative effect and over time it will be no good .

    • Shoes must be cleaned after each wearing, dirt, dust shall be deposited on them , hardens and can lead to scratching the skin.


    The autumn dresses

    The autumn dresses are introduced once the change in the weather, so we’ll try to bet what dresses autumn bears this year.Outside weather worsens and loses the friendly tone, doesn’t mean you have to give up focus. We must refuse to wear pants and let’s start by wearing dresses from the fall. Tailoring, materials and colors that they choose and designers this season are very varied. f you want to find out what is in the new season, you can draw inspiration from the models we present on our site at the haute couture and dresses  category.

    Short dresses or mid , straight or clos are very wanted in this fall. The colors of the season are those deem inspired by nature and the calm, but the main color is black, still thanks to its elegance and versatility. For office attire, office dresses fall are best in classic colors black and beige .

    If you want to be edgy and stand out with a dress with bright accents. It is the right outfit for the day, but if you combine it with a pair of silver shoes and a matching bag, you can wear them at night when you go out. For an outfit that inspires youth can choose a casual dress in neutral colors with boat neckline. Dresses mid three-quarter sleeve with a flared cut a touch retro, you will be wellness.This an elegant and unique regardless of time of day I wear.

    Details are everything!

    The autumn dresses are introduced in a new accessories thanks to simple, but with a big effect. With regard to materials, you must necessarily lace or silk natural even when it comes to a casual outfit. Tube dresses, as well as those bell-mouthed are also in trend this autumn. Be that prayer for materials in a single color times for those with  inspired prints by fashion retro, you can’t fail by choosing our dresses.


    A wardrobe is an important thing for a woman

    A wardrobe is an important thing for a woman. This is done in time depending on the budget, and personality depending on the environment in which you live. You have to keep in mind a few rules regarding your wardrobe. In what follows I’ll point out a few rules that can help you.

    •  Every woman should have in her wardrobe, black dress is always in fashion and you can save in situations when you don’t know what to wear.
    • When you go shopping to buy what you are and you like. It is expensive to follow trends.
    • Buy modern equipment to give them a touch of cool outfit more classics.
    •  Try to control shopping addiction, if you so try to take precautions until London credit card.
    •  Always buy quality stuff. Invest in quality stuff to have resistance in time. Always buy quality not quantity.
    • Make your a style based on your tastes, a personal style.. Create a custom style to be appreciated and admired by others for well defined taste of your ideas.
    • Always keep an eye on discounts. Many may say that is not elegant but so you can put your hands on things that you want from the expensive brands.
    • If you found something that you like very much and you have money, don’t hesitate to buy it. There is no second chance to find it and buy it.
    •  Take care of your clothes in your wardrobe. Follow the instructions on their labels on washed, dried and ironed. They are seeking to longer buy yourself when better .
    •  Fashion returns from time to time and so she did not give up all your clothes

    A wardrobe is an important year for a woman thing, so we must be very careful about what we buy, how we take care of them and you give up in time.

    a wardrobe is an important thing for a woman

    White lace

    New trend: White lace

    We see lately with lace in many application and forms…it is already well known that lace its now in super trend….you can see it everywhere…from wedding dresses to skirts, tops, dresses, shoes and even bags…


    What is even crazier is that lately they use white lace for many casual outfits…and I think looks fantastic! Gloria Agostina has also a special edition with white lace… but now I will present you other items that are decorated in this innovative chic way.




    Could be embroidery, could be lace, cotton, chiffon, organza or tulle the white lace application its romantic, precious and trendy in the same time.



    Also many skirts looks very good in white lace, with ruffles, A-line, pencil skirt all the shape looks impressive in this wonderful textile.



    Let’s see now a few outfits with lovey white lace…. We can where just the white dress, with a skinny belt, and simple unicolor shoes. I will suggest beige or color of the skin.




    Leisure style on the bicycle

    Leisure style on the bicycle

    Lately bike transformed from a simple means of transport, in a true fashion accessory that can pull off any outfit from the crowd. Learn from your favorite stars what to wear on the bike. Since designers like Cynthia Rowley bicycles included in their presentations, celebrities and fashionistas around the world have chosen increasingly often to complete their outfits with such enhancement.

    If you were thinking that when riding a bike not have to wear pants, Katy Perry is an example that proves otherwise. She chose to wear a white dress airy and loose enough so as not to interfere with or restrict movement. Floral hair accessories, they complete the outfit and gave him an air of boho and chic.

    Classic version of outfit to be worn on the bike include shorts, casual shirts and sneakers or espadriles. However such a look and can be easily converted as long as you choose bold colors and chic accessories – a hat, sunglasses or an oversized necklace.

    Although they seem two complementary areas, bike and office outfits go perfectly. A pair of trousers and a light summer jacket will look great on the bike. If you choose a pair of moccasins and airy scarf you have a vintage look of the ads off the Champs-Élysées.

    For the more daring, bike can be “worn” even with evening dress. Heels should not be an impediment in this case, Princess Maxima itself is an example of elegance and grace that have no limits – even the bicycle.

    So this summer is the perfect time to pull your bike out of the garage and turn it into a chic accessory for your outfits!






    The new look Nude

    The new look Nude

    Nude, natural, beige, cream, whatever you say these shades you must know that it recovered strongly in the spring-summer season 2013. Nude outfits have collections throne as Victoria Beckham, Jill Stuart and Marc Jacobs and we must recognize that you will look spectacular on a hot day.

    Along with strong colors, many of them even neon, for the season knocking, designers and variants proposed natural pastels and nude. This subtle color can sometimes tend to brown or pink pastel, but for whatever you choose your look will be subtle, feminine and very sweet.

    Clothes in colors that “almost not” because it resembles the skin tone is a success this season even worn from head to toe. An elegant and ladylike alternative to the colors “boom” of the season, outfits can be broken sometimes nude accessories in other colors, even with some citron.

    Typically, spring-summer 2013 season marked the casual attire, loose, so nude shades, delicate, are perfect and works great even in combination with non-white. In fashion, the contrasts are key to success, and if you opt for an accent color, pure white can be an option.

    Many women avoid wearing look-s “all nude” and opt instead for accessories in this color because they think that they will not look good. However, the examples in the gallery below show just the opposite. If you still elements statement, opt for accessories metal, especially gold.

    As I said above, in Chapter accessories for a nude dress to stand out, opt for items close by in shade or tone. But if you want to bring out accessory, you can opt for shoes or sandals gold and silver suede, dark brown.


    Haider Ackermann

    Haider Ackermann

    One of the Antwerp’s brightest young stars, Haider Ackermann  has seen many more ports than the fronting the town in which he now lives and work. Born in Santa Fe de Bogota, Colombia in 1971, he was adopted by a French family. Due to his father’s business obligations, he spend his childhood moving around the globe. After living in Ethiopia, Chad, France, Algeria and the Netherlands, he decided fashion was his vocation.

    High school finished, he left home in 1994, and headed for Belgium to study at the fashion department of Antwerp’s Royal Academy. During his three years stay (he left the four-year course prematurely because of financial difficulties) , he also worked as an intern at John Galiano’s Paris office. Taking a job as an assistant to his former academy teacher Wim Neels in 1998, he worked on both men’s and womenwear collection of the Belgian designer. After saving money and taking encouragement from his friends and acquaintances -among them Raf Simons – Ackermann finally took the plunge and presented his first, self-financed women’s collection in Paris for Autumn/Winter 2002. His subtle, dignified and sensuous clothes immediately struck a chord with buyers and editors, as they did with Italian leather manufacturer Ruffo.

    Just two weeks after his debut show, Ackermann was hired as the head designer for Ruffo Research and commissioned to create two collections Spring/Summer 2003 and Autumn/Winter 2003. while continuing to produce his own line. Ackermann in now receiving even wider acclaim, not least in the form of the prestigious Swiss textiles awards at he 2004 grand fashion festival. These are modern clothes for strong women who love the subtle color palette that adds to Ackermann’s seasonal collection.

    I really admire his style , his layering, his tailoring. has unique vision about clothes, fluid style, but sometimes also stretchy perfect fitting. The textile are amazing sometimes the pallet color two down two earth (the colors of earth actually), but still i would like to see from him in the future more colors. I am wondering how it will look his tailoring, and his over layers of clothes with maxi belts, and many details on strong shiny colors?




    Fashion lexicon, last call for coats!

    Last call for coats!

    I don’t know how is the weather to you..but here just snowed again!

    It’s like spring is to stubborn to come…

    Soon you will wear thin jackets, not the down feather jackets…but still a cute coat from wool double breasted, not that thic…fits perfectly in spring and fall days!

    So i thought to give you some examples…you all the time look after some coats and you see different description..maybe you think what is this all about?  What is a trench coat? what is top coat? here are some pictures and name…in general way..of this coats. Also some time you see description like english type coat, or military style…I will try to explain a little bit here about the styles in Coats Fashion.

    For example Parka - It’s a casual coat and often comes with fur hood and long cut setter for protection against cold.


    Poncho/ Mantle - Its usually a piece of fabric more thick with a cut on the head. You can wear it very nice with straight pants. Fits perfectly!


    Iverness cape - It’s more an english type coat, with an extra textile on the shoulder like a cape. Fits perfect with long boots, or horse riding type boots.


    Overcoat - It’s a classic coat, usually in camel or beige color, straight cut and side oblique pockets


    Oilskins - It’s a straight cut jacket, with square pockets in front, usually have large buttons, sometimes decorations with leather, or other textile.


     Fur coat - This is an elegant coat, sometimes its also short, usually from natural fur


    Trenchcoat - A coat in trend all the time, for spring and fall this type of coat will never get out of fashion


    Duffle coat - A comfortable woolen coat with hood and toggle locks

    Topcoat -Usually has the length until the knee, has a straight cut, or A-line cut, and fits with all outfits


    Redingote coat - Has more a larger lap, it’s coming from olden times, and has a vintage flair


     Princess - The cut the tight on the waist, showing the waist better, and  goes down in A-shape


     Chesterfield - Has an elegant style, more business, straight cut, usually embellished on the collar , has a little bit a masculine touch.


    Raglan -For raglan the specific thing is the cut on the shoulder, and more large shorter arm, with short collar. This specific cut its has more a vintage flair

     Pea jacket - A short coat usually with more buttons in the front. The double-breasted jacket with wide lapels it was worn by sailors.

     Loden - Has down shoulders and short collar


    Kid coat - From chest down is becoming more and more large


    Military - The coat with details like  buttons and epaulets best fits a slim silhouette.




    Buttoned side coat - The closure is lateral way in a chic way



    Many types of coats:



    Here is a link where you can find many many styles of coats!




    Christopher Bailey – Burberry

    Christopher Bailey – Burberry

    Yorkshire born Christopher Bailey has become something of a household name, thanks to his sterling work as creative director of Burberry, the British company he joined back in 2001.

    Yet Bailey (born 1971) is far from an overnight sensation, having previously notched up impressive fashion credential. On completing a Master’s degree at the Royal College of Art in London (1994), Bailey worked in New York for Donna Karan from 1994 to 1996, before being hired by Tom Ford as a senior designer of womenswear at Gucci in Milan, from 1996 to 2001.

    At Burberry , Bailey is responsible for the direction of all products lines, as well as the definition of the company’s overall image and seasonal advertising concepts. his flagship collection contains the forward thinking Prorsum lines for men and women that are presented in Milan ro consistenly rave reviews and from which he has banished almost all trace of the hallmark Burberry check. An unerring eye for clear, bright colour and subtle innovations in tailoring have emerged as key to both menswear and womenswear collections.

    Developing his codes gradually, Bailey is concerned with longevity, rather than resting on the corporate laurels. Nonetheless, the designs he has produced respectfully acknowledge the Burberry heritage (the company was founded in 1856 ).

    For example, he has made no secret of his admiration for their classic gabardine trench coat, which for Fall Winter he abbreviated into capes, for both men and women. Renowned for his hands on aproach to design and an enthusiasm for detail, he continues to propel the brand into the 21st century with his customery passion, enthusiasm and cheerful demeanour.

    In acknowledgement for his many successes, the Royal College of Art awarded Bailey an Honorary Fellowship in 2003. He was also twice awarded Menswear Designer of the Year by British Fashion Awards (2007 and 2008).

    In 2008, Bailey, set up The Burberry Foundation, committed to educating global resources to help young people realise their dreams and achieve their goals and potential through their creativity.



    Down without ankle pants

    Before we drag out here: The most beautiful season of the hot pants 7/8 and end just above the ankle! This ankle pants they are very feminine and attractive and goes perfectly with sandals.

    Is not it a shame for a wonderful summer accustomed to the Short and hide tanned legs back to have? Better, even a little original – with pants that expose at least the ankle. The length is called 7/8, and the pants ends exactly where the calf is narrow. This reminds of course to the Fifties, the capri pants, sun and sea. Elegance (and winterized) the 7/8 is now with creases and sitting high on the waist, to a silk blouse and a smart blazer. Acts of casual look, if the trousers loose at the hip, sits with a sweater combine calm and knit coarse. The color palette is autumnal, over moss green to midnight blue. Unusually good like the 7/8 pants in winter white to a dark Top Before driving to the weather, a sock drawer, absolutely still wear pointy heels with bare feet. Because it extends the summer feeling. And the legs incidentally.

    A few example of ankle pants colors and styles:

    There many types of 7/8 pants, ankle trousers, tide ones, large pants, printed pants, pants with cuffs, pants with stripes, rock pants, slimm pants, bottom pants, snake pattern print ankle pants.



    Bevor wir das hier in die Länge ziehen: Die schönsten Hosen der Saison heissen 7/8 und enden knapp über dem Knöchel

    Ist es nicht schade, nach einem herrlichen Sommer die an Short gewöhnten und gebräunten Beine wieder verstecken zu müssen? Lieber noch ein bisschen herzeigen – mit Hosen, die zumindest die Knöchel entblössen. Die Länge nennt sich 7/8, und die Hose endet genau dort, wo die Wade schmaler wird. Das erinnert natürlich an die Fifties, die Caprihose, Sonne und Meer. Eleganz (und wintertauglich) wird die 7/8 jetzt mit Bügelfalte und hoch auf der Taille sitzend, dazu eine Seidenbluse und ein smarter Blazer. Lässig wirkt der Look, wenn die Hose locker auf der Hüfte sitzt, mit einem Pullover kombiniert, ruhig auch grob gestrickt. Die Farbpalette ist herbstlich, von Laubrot über Moosgrün bis Nachtblau. Ungewöhnlich gut gefällt die 7/8 Hose in Winterweiss, dazu ein dunkles Top. Bevor das Wetter einen zur Sockenschublade treibt, unbedingt noch in spitzen Pumps mit nackten Füssen tragen. Weil es das Sommergefühl verlängert. Und die Beine nebenbei auch.


    Jackets like trousers

    Jackets like trousers

    We want the men really did not occur on the toes, but beautiful tie prints are now definitely in our wardrobe.

    It is time for the men to show a bit of appreciation. Finally we were allowed generous in recent years to serve their wardrobes. Boyfriend jeans, men’s shirts and brogues collected wandered over into our wardrobes. Now it is also his tie drawer to the collar. Patterns such as these were previously Ties Make a reservation for – and in such a small space actually given away. Rich color mixes such as nougat and silver, orange and rust red or turquoise and violet unfold its full glory only from head to toe! We like to see them in combination with other patterns, such as Paul Smith, Miu Miu and Hermès fool. What we can still see:  the mix are not shy. As a good guide is the main colors of the pattern coordinate. Particularly daring put the eye make-up even an accent on it. If the time for combining missing in the morning: A luxurious printed shirt and jeans to a skinny jeans also provides for compliments. Thanks, guys!

    Missoni tie pattern  outfits

    Prada jackets like trousers with tie pattern, man style.

    Etro colored pants


    Jacke wie Hose

    Wir wollen den Herren wirklich nicht auf den Schlips treten, aber prächtige Krawatten-Prints gehören jetzt definitiv in unsere Garderobe

    Es wird Zeit, den Männern ein bisschen Anerkennung zu zeigen. Schliesslich durften wir uns in den vergangenen Jahren grosszügig an ihren Kleiderschränken bedienen. Boyfriend-Jeans, Herrenhemden und Brogues wanderten gesammelt rüber in unsere Garderoben. Jetzt geht es auch seiner Krawattenschublade an den Kragen. Muster wie diese waren bislang für Schlipse reservier – und auf so kleinem Raum eigentlich verschenkt. Reiche Farbmischungen wie Nougat und Silber, Orange und Rostrot oder Türkis und Violett entfalten ihre ganze Pracht erst von Kopf bis Fuss! Gerne sieht man sie in Kombination mit anderen Muster, wie Paul Smith, Miu Miu und Hermès es vormachen. Was machen sich noch abschauen kann: beim Mixen keine Scheu haben. Als guter Leitfaden gilt, die Hauptfarben der Muster aufeinander abzustimmen. Besonders Wagemutige legen beim Augen-Make-up sogar noch einen Akzent drauf. Sollte die Zeit zum Kombinieren morgens fehlen: Eine luxuriöse bedruckte Jeans zum Hemd und zu einer schmalen Jeans sorgt ebenfalls für Komplimente. Danke, Jungs!


    How to dress trendy at your office

    A day at the office into a colorful and trendyoutfit will start more cheerful. We propose three outfits bold-colored accents and classy & feminine cuts.

    Outfit 1

    The first outfit is a chic & colorful choice for a day at the office optimistic. Along with classic non-color black, opt for a shade stronger to get you out from the crowd.

    Outfit 2

    The second choice is a casual & cool outfit with British influences, ideal for a day at the office busy.

    Outfit 3

    We propose you a feminine outfit that will highlight the silhouette. For added creativity, mixing pieces with geometric prints with artistic or mono-items.



    How to wear shorts in winter

    You have in your wardrobe a pair of shorts that you love, but you’ve left out because it’s cold outside? Find out how to wear them in winter and be stylish like Hollywood stars.

    You want to create a chic outfit with unusual garment for the winter? We propose to take your favorite pair of shorts and wear them now when it’s cold outside! Here’s how you do it!

    Mix blue jeans shorts with some black tights mati, maxi knitting a sweater, a khaki parka, a gold metal belt and a pair of black boots. Here’s a look at Olivia Palermo, perfect for a day in February!

    If you want a more elegant look, suitable for office, then choose a pair of cloth shorts with checkered print that blends them with opaque black tights, a Peter Pan collar blouse, a blazer and heeled boots . Stylish!

    For the club, go to option leather shorts, combined with tops or shiny shirts  necessarily fluid and stunning heels.

    Here are some pictures with celebrities wearing shorts:


    Leather gloves, the perfect accessory for cold days

    Leather gloves, the perfect accessory for cold days

    If you want to be a true lady, and your hands do not suffer from the cold, then buy yourself a pair of leather gloves. Here’s how they match my stars! Gloria Agostina will come with a new collection of fashion leather gloves, in special colors and texture.

    Gloves from Sheepskin rockstyle – 80 CHF

    From Michelle Obama to Sarah Jessica Parker and Lucy Liu all ladies from overseas especially for this winter leather gloves. Are a must have accessory in 2013, especially as we speak not only of classic brown and black colors, but shades gloves countries, vibrant and royal purple or red.

    They go perfectly matched with cutting female coats, are always present when wearing dress and combination leather-gloves, leather jacket is sublime!

    You can choose short models, and 3 quarters, you can refine them with and precious details, and if you want to be in trend really can wear massive rings on top, as did Jessica Alba.

    If you want to be a true fashionista then wear leather gloves pink, red, purple, coral, nude lipstick shade blends them!




    How to transform an office outfit in a date outfit

    How to transform an office outfit in a date outfit

    If you always stay long in office and do not know exactly what time you leave or if you have time to go before you change an appointment, we have a rebound. We propose three outfits that can serve both outfit post office, and as a challenging, perfect to impress your partner.

     First tip

    Body’s are some of the hottest options for dates. Choose one from Gloria Agostina, or a stylish corset, really “that fits perfectly under a jacket office. At the meeting, give the jacket and the skirt body, with a pair of sexy heels and a colorful clutch will serve as a very provocative outfit!


    Second tip

    Wild office print? Yes you can, as long as you do not let too much out of sight. Thus, opt for a blazer and your dress will resemble animal print skirt and top you can cover with a black collar and chain. Data can replace the pair of comfortable boots office with a pair of hot shoes and choose sexy neck accessory. You get an outfit in wild notes.

    The third tip

    Assorted costumes are a must of the season and you can wear them at work, as long as they cut material and pertinent. Evening, giving up jacket and let it see better a sexy top, which you highlight the neckline.


    Fashion in 2013 – Sequined dresses still in trend!

    Learn how to properly accessorize the sequins dress.

    Sequined dresses still on the rise, this year can be found also in the collections of major designers. Are glamorous as they are, the more attention should be paid to how to accessorize.

    “When we opt for a sequined dress, we must be aware that the choice is in itself sufficient. Shine sequins, even if it is the classic and unusual chameleonic and vibrant prevent large fireworks. A woman with the sequins kept sufficiently mysterious and it is good to stay in that area without spoiling went through an accessory shoe or a wrong accessory. Personally, I would opt for a single enhancement, respectively, or earrings or bracelet, or a ring. Accessories can be massive stones of good quality and well matched with the dress color (or color of clothing, or one neutral).

    Accessorize sequined gowns are best with sandals or shoes very fine, classic. Being an evening dress, footwear must be returned to this area. In any case not shoes with thick soles, platforms and leather accessories. Makeup diva should be adopted to take into account the physiognomy of the face, and to focus on the eyes, cheeks or lips.




    15 Winter outfits inspired by international bloggers

    Fashion bloggers have become real trend-setters. Not infrequently, young outfits that they post on their blogs to get fashion inspiration for dozens of people around the world.

    Some have turned this hobby into a profession and a source of income, others remained at the stage of “play”. But regardless of why they chose the “path”, the fact is that they managed to make watched by millions of people.

    So, I kept thinking to propose some winter you can try when you’re “breakdown” of ideas.

    From theblondesalad.com


    From Atlantic-Pacific

    From  wendyslookbook.com

    From thecherryblossomgirl.com

    From songofstyle.blogspot.ro



    Attractant – the red season

    Attractant – the red season

    Red and bordeaux. The red of the season is like radiant heat, so aroused new passion for statement color.

    Who wears red is striking. A small red item provides more talk than the same in black. And even a red lipstick is enough to set up any outfit with an exclamation mark!

    Irresistibly in trend the color is also in the current tone “ox blood”. Sounds dangerous, but now poses minimal risk. Because unlike classic reds radiates this heat shade, instead of “hot” to scream. It is like blondes and brunettes, exactly, redheads. And because the color goes well with cream, navy and black, you should find a place in your wardrobe immediately.

    Best buy for every day: a blazer or a pencil skirt. Best buy for the power-announcement: a calf-length coat. This red exudes so much confidence that you can do without great makeup. Yes, even on a lipstick.

    Here are some example of red oxblood from Gloria Agostina:



    Another type of shoes oxblood is this vintage red shoes , with comfortable heel from Gloria Agostina.


    Red warm coat from wool from Gloria Agostina, its look perfect on the street, you will get noticed fast…


    Red sexy style high heel boots also they look fantastic in this color!


    Purplish red velvet sexy dress looks hot everytime!


    French style dress, Chanel style from Gloria Agostina


    Baroque exquisite style Corset  from Gloria agostina


    Salvatore Ferragamo red outfit

    Lockstoff – German
    Das Rot der Saison strahl Wärme aus und entfacht damit neue Leidenschaft für die Statement-Farbe

    Wer Rot trägt, fällt auf. Ein kleines Rotes sorgt für mehr Gesprächsstoff als das Gleiche in schwarz. Und schon ein roter Lippenstift reicht, um jedem Outfit ein Ausrufezeichen aufzusetzen. Unwiderstehlich ist die Farbe auch im aktuellen Ton „Ochsenblut“. Klingt gefährlich, birgt aber nun minimales Risiko. Denn im Gegensatz zu kräfitgeren Rottönen strahlt diese Nuance Wärme aus, statt „heiss!“ zu schreien. Sie steht Brünetten wie Blondinen und, genau, Rothaarigen. Und da die Farbe gut zu Creme, Navy und Schwarz passt, sollte sie in jeder Garderobe sofort einen Platz finden. Bester Kauf für jeden Tag: ein Blazer oder ein Bleistiftrock. Bester Kauf für die Power-Ansage: ein wadenlanger Mantel. Dieses Rot strahlt so viel Selbstbewusstsein aus, dass man auf grosses Make-up verzichten kann. Ja, selbst auf einen Lippenstift.


    Insect inspire clothing

    Fashion it’s a crazy world…you can manifest your artistic style through many types of creations, texture and layers. From metal, to paper, from chocolate to wood, from plastic to flowers, everything was used to create clothes. As more sophisticated and crazy they are, as much they are an artistic manifest, an art that you can express yourself ion many ways.

    Today i will talk about Insect inspiring clothes. We found many types of inspirations for runaway collections, one which is more special is the one who take his muse from Insects.

    Insect inspired fashion

    Insect inspired fashion

    Sometimes the similarities are astonished… sometimes not…depends…but i will show you here a few who make a difference!  

    Insect inspire fashion

    Insect inspire fashion


    Insect inspire fashion

    Insect inspire fashion






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